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  1. "My New Helper! First Day & Already Sleepin On The Job! " You Trained him well Congrats, even though its a little late....... Metal
  2. Man..... don't i wish you posted this last week..... i'd hop all over that tdx....Bump for you though
  3. I read some of that thread, and for the most part i saw that it droped temps by 5C but he didn't finish the artical as to what went on with his improved waterblock...... thanks for the link, it was some good reading, but i will have to read more. BUT i guess we should go back to the topic befor this WTB thread gets moved into "COOLING"
  4. Yep thats what i am looking to do, i migh step up to a bigger pelli if needed, but i figured start small, that way i don't cool below the dew point.....if the 80 watt isn't effective enough, then i might bigger, but i figure better safe than crispy..... thanks for the info.
  5. Yea...hers is almost better than mine...... as she gets all the old parts...... btw, i need to update sig as upgrades have been made....... check again.... Hrm......in seeing that chipset block i am guessing i need to edit first post......CRAPOLA"
  6. I will pm ya back in a couple days.... gotta wait for the pay check thing...... but i was hoping around $25 Metal
  7. EDITED, CAUSE I AM ......yea well...... I am looking for a cheap water block for a custom project that i want to try. There are only three requirements for this block. 1. NO LEAKS...... well ok so you guys knew that....... 2. 1/2" barbs. wouldn't want to change a bunch of stuff for an experiment 3. CHEAP. Any water block will do,that will house a 40mm pelli... could be vid, chipset, or something that you made in shop class.... I will be starting this project in a couple of weeks, so i figured i would toss this out now and maybe i get some hits, I also need about a week from 4/5/07 for the funds transfer to paypal. And as always, Thanks for the help guys in advance, Metal
  8. Hello, I bought a 185 CCB1E 0550VPMW from the egg about a month ago. I know its a hit or miss, BUT i was very impressed when i opened the and got an older good steppin.... so i guess as a last resort, you could try them..... Metal
  9. picts, heat, payment method desired??? btw you have a pm!!!!!
  10. Hey i got one for $10 shipped. Its a Black LandParty one. Pm me if you wish. Metal
  11. Are you willing to part out some of that Harvest Chedder Chip??? If so I would be instread in the Upper Left Hand Corner, as I hear that part of those chips OC real well when cooled with French Onion Dip.... Bump for some good stuff.... Seriously IF you part out the rig, i am instread in know more about the ram, maily price. Thanks Metal
  12. Thanks for the updated info, bump for a good board.
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