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  1. Can't seem to find any MSI GFX cards around, but thats for the advice
  2. Amm 1. I Prefer Quad Core, as I'm replacing this system at a rate of 1 / 2-3 years. And i noticed that till now, my prediction as of what i will need for a good system in 2 years is accurate. (at least, until now). Besides, the 9450 should not cost that much, i mean, in the end, it just replaces the Q6600, which is very cheap right now. I'm thinking 'bout the x48/x38 Gigabyte DS5 as my main option now, and the money from the Asus will go into a GTS instead of a GT. As for a case, i think I'm canceling the CM Cosmos S, but maybe the regular. As for the antec900, its pretty cheap ( half the Cosmos ), but I'm not sure i like the way it looks, and i think i prefer a windowless chassis this time. But I'm definitely looking into it now... Any other suggestion are welcomed
  3. Heya, building a new PC, could use an outsiders opinion... CPU: Q9450 (If it won't be out this month, maybe the Q6600), or the 8400/8500 ( probably the Q though) MOBO: Asus maximum forumla Gigabyte's ( problem here ):X38/X48. Ill try the x48 if i can find it. At either of them, DS5/DQ6. I CANT!!! understand the real difference? I believe the DQ6 should have better components. [*]CPU Cooler: (have) Tuniq Tower [*]Memory: DDR2, 4GB, i believe i should try getting 1000 MHZ for the new CPUS, what ya reckon? if 1000, then probably OCZ's, Options: Reaper series (very cheap here right now) If 800, it can be corsair, cant seem to find anything else, and i dont want to try g.skill again. [*]HDD(s): (Have) WD: 200, 250 and 300 MAXTOR, i wanna kick the maxtor out ( already dead once, got back refurbished, damn them) and get a w.d. 500, maybe their raid edition for some better components. [*]GFX: Big dilemma again: 8800 GTS/GT 512MB. Probably Asus/BFS/Leadtek/Gigabyte ( i know, a lot to choose ) I found the BFG GTS512 OC for a pretty good price, so it will probably be it, or Asus's GT (maybe TOP), for the record i Prefer the dual slot cooler --> less noise. [*]Sound: (Have) X-Fi xtreme music [*]PSU: (Have)OCZ's gameXstream 600w [*]Case:Again, dilemma, not sure im getting, got Themletake xavir 3 ( which i dont like). wanna move to: Antec p182se CM stacker Cosmos / 831 Don't really want TT again, but the Kandalf VA9000BWS is an "price" option too. anything else in the range of the antec's price will be very appreciated. Thank you very much, Alon.
  4. it will be kinda hard finding it around here, im currently just using the normal screws of AMD, so i belive i can always unscrew them (they are for a screwdriver)... to be frank, this is really disappointing for a high end cooling, and i think its not sitting properly because of it. ill try the clip thingy krazy, thanks anywayz, and i hope it will be better Thanks again for the help
  5. amm, krazy, any chance for a small photo? i thought about that option, but didnt see how to make that happen Thanks again and im always only putting a dot in the middle and spreading it, im just afraid the contact with the HS isnt good enough
  6. sounds a bit weird to me, was expecting better temps... @ stock with orthos @ 45+ just doesnt sound right maybe ill remount it with a bit more AS5, this time i wont use their screws, but the regular ones that came with the AMD retention, they are for screwdrivers, i cant squeeze them a bit more : annoying
  7. Ok, i really need some help, i have never felt this stupid in my life. I have a dfi expert, and i just bought new mem, and the tuniq tower. happy happy me, i went and took off my old stock (my w.c. broke) HS, cleaned my CPU, put some of my old as5, and....... ammm, well, it looks pretty simple. This is what i did 1. took off the yellow dfi expert top HS holder, left the backplate. 2. took the monster (aka, tuniq), took out the fan, put the H plate, just into it's middle, the hole on the little... thingy to hold it. so far, everything is great, now comes the problem 3. put screws. ok, i put the spring on the screw and than, i put it on the H's plate, on the K8's hole. i take the second screw, do the same now...... i need to reach the holes i know i need to but i cant. two adult man together (yes, im weak, but im still an adult! ), one pusing the tuniq down, the other (me), trying to push the screws in enough, so it will screw in. we didnt manage to do it the only thing i managed to do is: 1. no springs 2. one spring, one no. The one yes, one no, didnt do good, as it didnt hold it symetrical, so i skipped it I'm currently without the springs, i can move the HS a bit with my hands if i want, which is kinda bad... Temps are ok, 30'th idle, 40-43 load (with coretemp), with my stock it was almost 50 @ load. Any chance the screws are just not long enough? Their length is exactly the same as my stock's ones, but that was doesnt use the screws, and even with it, it reaches the hole with it's last mm... Im kinda worried, help!??!!? Thanks in advance, yfital //edit im letting orthos running a bit, temps are getting higher, nothing critical, but still, 45'sh... this aint whats it suppose to be
  8. Well, i think i made up my mind on this kit: G.Skill - 400Mhz, 2Gb, 2-3-2-5 @ 2.6-2.75v Model - F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX Anyone got any more thoughts about this? from the forum i see no one complains about these chips, they look pretty nice for their price Thanks again, yfital
  9. Heh, thanks a lot, but the shipping to the US will be about the same $$ as the selling price, I think ill take the g-Skill, give it a try, if not, ill throw them at my dad or something Thanks again yfital.
  10. I thought that will be the answer. bummer. I don't believe i have a chance in selling these here in IL. and even so, it will be for pennies, maybe ill just go ahead and buy it, and give it a go, do you really believe that memtesting and prime will not be suffice to being sure the system is stable? that hdd stuff you said, well, after losing a 300gb hdd lately, im a bit afraid for my info : Thanks for the reply
  11. Heya, im running the expert board, currently with my Gold VX extreme mem, these are bh-5 if i recall currectly. Now, i recently moved to vista, and the 1 GB is a bit tight for me, more than that, i don't see myself upgrading my mobo + cpu any time soon so I'm "stuck" on ddr1. Now, ddr1 prices are at the lowest point i ever saw them here (in IL), and I'm afraid that waiting any longer will mean i will not be able to find "normal, branded" memory, and to be frank, I'm a student, so I'm cheap I was thinking about getting another 2*512 of the same kind, but i cant find it anywhere, so ill probably buy a 2*1024 kit, thing is, this wont only be mem mixing, but it will be chip kind mixing + speed mixing cause there is no chance in hell ill find BH-5 chips. meaning, ill probably buy TCCD or something, with ratings of 2-3-2-5 or something like that, so the question is: Considering i will not OC ( i can live without it, as it is my water cooling exploded, so i need a break hh ), and that i do not mind working at the "slowest" memory speed ( 2.5-3-2-5, more or less ), Do you believe i can work with all 4 chips? running 3gb? I know i can just throw these away, but its a shame, they are good chips, and it is an extra GB, So, what ya people think? Looking currently at: Cheapest: OCZ ddr, 2048, 400 CL, 2.5-4-4-8 (OCZ4002048V3DC-K) Looks nice: OCZ ddr, 2048, 400 EL Platinum, 2-3-2-8 (OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K) Mushkin HP 2048, 400, 2-3-2-6 (991434) G.Skill 400, 2048, 2-3-2-5 (F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX) G.Skill 400, 2048, 2.5-3-3-6 (F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS) Almost all of these chips are on the same price tag, 140-170$$$, And to be frank, as i wont be OCing, ddr3200 is more than enough, and timings, well, it just needs to be close to what i have.... So, What do you think + What kit should i Get? Thanks in advance, yfital
  12. amm, usually the fan is louder when it needs to cool more, but you dont have a very power demanding machine, so its a bit weird, try seeing if your air circulation in the case is bad (though again, the antec is gr8), maybe a lot of hot air is concentrating on the psu? if not, maybe faulty, try seeing if you can hear the 600/700 somewhere else, so you can compare (it aint totally silent, bu its pretty quite... at least for my taste)
  13. well, a 110$ for a SB is expensive, its more expensive then a x-fi now...
  14. yes, even with Raid0, its not connected, as long as you move it into another nvidia4 raid system, it will work, so dont worry mate, the data is there to keep
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