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  1. Where in south texas are you? I own a mod shop in Mcallen..
  2. Silk Fz1

    3Dmark Scores?

    Nice scores guys.. Im stuck at 9304 in 3dmark 06 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=309607 My 3dmark 05 score is ok i guess.... 14,596 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=2028671 It took some work geting there.
  3. I got an opty 170 running at 2.7ghz and it will pass prime95 small ftt and inplace ftt tests for hours but fails after a minute on the blend test. What is this telling me? Is this indicateing a memory problem? Im at 2.6 vcore (MBM5 says 1.55) and memory is on a divider of 180 runing at 2.6 volts (MBM5 says 2.66) any hints as to what might be going on here.... HTT is 300 x 9.
  4. Ok, got my opty 170 and so far have managed to hit 2.7ghz at 1.55 Vcore. Its steping ccbwe 0551upmw. Not bad, at this speed 3dmark 05 gives me about 300 points over my 3700 at 2.88ghz. But heres the thing im finding kinda cool. Im one of those guys who watches the bench marks closely and I noticed that my FPS on 3dmark is not as high at its peek as the 3700 was BUT it dosent drop off as far either. So the end result is a higher AVERAGE fps. This basicly should translate to a SMOTHER gaming experence with a much more constant frame rate. Im geting ready to up the voltage on this thing and try 2.8 ghz stable. Im on water cooling so it should be safe at 1.6 vcore. Guess we will find out.
  5. Well my shiny new 170 shows up tomorrow. Thanks for all the input guys, made trying to figure this out alot easyer. 2 things finalized my choice. First, after i stoped to think about it, i realized that with the setup i have, I am in no way hurting for frame rates, even on BF2. But all this time i have been fighting for frames... that was a incorect aproch. What i REALY want was smothness even if it is at 60fps. I want the game to respond fluid and seamless and the dual core seems condusive to this. I figured out that it cant help beeing smother in games since there is an entire core to offload the operating system on. The second was Havok3d. Since there is no chance of me getinga PhysX card because there primarly designed for single player games, not multiplayer, I need the second core for future games that will be physics optimised using Havok3d not to mention the fact that future games WILL support multicore technology natively. Im looking foward to Operation Flashpoint 2 this summer and with a game like that, I cant imagine how a dual core could not help when used in conjution with my 7900gtx SLI. Huge sprawling landscapes, hundreds of units etc... Worst case senero, ill get a boost just by haveing an extra core to run the O.S. I'll post back here when the chip comes in and let you guys know what steping newegg is shiping right now in case anyone is interested... Thanks again.
  6. Got a new CPU ariving in a day or 2. Its a opty 170 to replace my 3700 san diego. Im wondering if I am actualy downgrading here thow. i have 12 hours to cancel my order from newegg and am thinking about it. My 3700 is at 2887mhz prime stable for 24 hours. The rest of my hardware is in my sig. So here are my questions 1. What kind of overclock can i expect form the opty 170? 2. All I do is game with this computer, Will I see ANY performace difrence. 3. HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO????
  7. So the concensus is not to bother with an upgrade unless im going with a dual core 165 opty or 170? Sounds like that kinda makes sence. Think we'll just build a second machine with the dual core opty and run these 2 systems head 2 head and see what happens...
  8. Thanks for the reply burky. How dose spending more money on a dual core improve my gaming is my question? Or are you sujesting this for future games? I think your right about the ram, if i can run it at that speed already, i think i found a couple of good sticks. I worried about geting a 165 as i dont think i can hit the same clock speed of my current chip effectively slowing me down, or am i mistaken about this. you see, i can "money shot" this thing at above 3000 now, but its not prime stable. heck even at 2940 its only sort of prime stable. This is why im thinking that with a 12x mulitiply designed chip on the same core I might be able to hit 3000 stable. Here is my bottom line. What im realy trying to do is break 15,000 in 3dmark 2005 and have it tranlate to real world performance. This is one of the reasons a dual core wont realy benifit me much as most games realy only use a single core but 3dmark can utlize a dual core. Right now im stuck at 14,248 with a money shot at 14,600. I dont know, I may just stick with my current setup insted of risking geting a flaky chip. Has anyone hit 3000mhz with a 4000+ running 250x12 ?
  9. Ok, I have a chance to sell my processor and ram for a bit over market price and im thinking of upgrading a little. Right now i have a 3700+ San Dieago core that im selling for about 200 bucks and a pair of Gskill that I can sell for 229. Its the good extreame stuff. Curently i have my processor clocked to 2940 at a 1/1 ram ratio runing at 10.5 by 280 fsb. I have no problem paying alittle more since im making a few hundred profit on compleate build. so heres my questions. 1. What processor can i buy that will clock better that what I have. Single core only since its a gaming only machine 2. Should I upgrade my ram? if so, then to what? I was concider just going with a 4000 san dieago core since I can run that at a lower FSB with a 12x multiplyer and hit 3000mhz. At 250 where my ram is rated i could run faster timings and still have a bit of room on the FSB for an even higher overclock. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for the advice and understanding that I have a time constraint in making this deal which is why i am asking this question outright insted of spending hours searching the forums.... What I have found here so far has been EXTREAMLY helpfull in my current overclock (couldnt have do it without you guys) thanks.
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