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  1. hehehe, just 50$ and i buy . hmm ????
  2. i change memory hole- enable, but still show 2.8 gb memory in boot and windows
  3. "This remaps memory to above 4GB" How?
  4. i have on memory 2T , because 1T not running.
  5. hello i want to inform about a problem on my board DFI VENUS, when 4x1GB RAM in is used in all ram slot .DFI Venus show only 2,8GB .Why ? Couldnt i used 4 GB Ram ? RAM Kingstone value 1GB 400mhz cl3 3-3-3
  6. hi I wanna ask if one gpu asus 7950 gx2 will work with motherboard DFI Venus without the change(flash) of bios? Would not it cause a problem with detection or so? thanks
  7. on venus MB , kingston hyperx 2-2-2-5 at 225mhz in orange slot
  8. no1- dfi expert or venus no2- dfi ultra d
  9. hi I want for infra photos of MB DFI Venus . do you have such pictures?
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