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  1. I do not know how to disable checksuming. I see checksum offload in the advanced LAn properties in the device manager. In fact there are a ton of settings in that field I have no idea what they are or what they should be set to. I just leave em at default. Flow control IEEE 802.1p Support Jumbo frame Payload size ETC................
  2. New rig, see signature. I have issues with the Nvidia Nic. I have seen alot on these boards but none exactly like mine. I loaded Windows Media center and accidently put on nvidia firewall. I deleted it immediatly but I am not sure if it is all gone. After a week the nF4 Nic quit on me during downloading a large file using Bittornado. No connectivety to my DSL modem (wirespeed dual connect). BUT the nic was still seen by Windows as working and as connected and firewalled. I switched to the Marvel and it worked. On the Nf4 Nic. I changed cat5e cables, I reset the modem, I tried reinstalling the nvidia ethernet drivers. I tried detect settings automatically, but it kept grinding and coming up with the same ip, , subnet mask. I tried the ping and it came back as unable to send or receive. I gave the NIC a static ip address to the modem, given me by my ISP. EVERY time I did anything in the LAN properties the computer would freeze and I would have to hotkey. Finally, it took and the nic worked again (with static modem ip). I switched back to automatically and it worked..... Two days later it died again. I tried everything again but it was totally broken. I RMAed the MOBO. I replaced it with the same board. I did not reinstall windows. One week later the same thing happens. Getting the I forced the static and it came back after about 2 hours of trying. I went back to detect automatically. It works now but for how long? What would you do? I want to use the NIcs on the MOBO. I also have seen other posts that even seperate Nics have this creep up. What is RGMII and pin strap in the bios settings? A google search has not shead any light on it for me. I do not think the MAC address is the problem either, since my nic is seen by windows.
  3. I am getting 11,200 - 11,500. But I have oced cpu and a new x1900xtx.
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