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  1. Anyone Know Why Service Pack 2 Would Cause My Comp To Crash. As Far As Background Info Goes On My Pc, I Have Yet To Flash By Bios Due To The Fact That I Am Unsure Which Bios To Use And Exactly How To Do It. Everyone Seems To Point Me To A Thread That Assumes I Know Something About This Stuff. I'm A Neewbie, I Admit It. I Do Not Want To Screw Up This Build. I Have No Floppy So I Cannot Use That, But I Can Use Cd. Also, My Startup Is So Fast That I Cannot Tell But, It Is F1 To Get Into Bios Settings Correct? Should I Do Memtest? What Does This Actually Do For Me Anyway? Is There Anything Else That I Can Do To Inprove The Stability Or Overall Efectiveness Of My Pc? Thoughts Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Can I Flash The Bios Even Though I Have All Of The Other Programs Installed? Will This Effect Anything That I Have Already Installed Or Will I Have To Start Over From Scratch.
  3. I Have Noticed That There Are Some Threads Regarding Memtest And Updating The Bios. Could Someone Please Provide Simple Directions For Both These Activities? I Am Rather New To This Whole Concept And I Don't Want To Screw Up My Pc. I Have Already Installed Windows Xp And Updated All Of The Drivers And Updates For All My Components. Will Updating The Bios Effect Any Of This? Will This Pose A Problem? How About Memtest? Is There Anything Else That I Should Do To Increase The Stability/quality Of My System? Again, Please Provide Simple Directions. Thanks For All The Help.
  4. New build that I just got up and running. However, when I was doing XP updates last night, the system crashed due to stability issues. I booted back to a safe point and re-ran the updates that didn't carry over. XP mentioned the stability issue again but did not crash. Any thoughts as to what the issue here was? Also, will this pose a problem at a later date? And lastly, how can I fix this issue? On a unrelated note, how can I speed up the boot and shut down times safely without overclocking. I will be OC-ing soon but would like to optimize first. Thoughts?
  5. I Just Wanted To Extend My Gratitude For Everyone's Help With The Problems That I Was Having. All Issues Have Been Resolved. Since I Am Used To The Pentium Boards, I Was Not Aware Of The 4 Power Connections On This Amd Motherboard. Oops. Well, All Power Is Connected And Everything Works Fine. I Have Formatted Both Hard Drives And Installed Windows. Thanks Again For All Your Help.
  6. I Have Spoken With The Tech Help From Dfi. It Would Turn Out, In A Moment Of Stupidity, That I Did Not Have All Four Power Connections Hooked Up. I Will Also Try Loading With Only 1 Stick Of Ram...thanks For The Suggestion. I Greatly Appreciate All Of The Info I Have Gotten Thus Far. I Will Post Back With What Happens With These Attempts. Thanks Again.
  7. At This Point, Due To Other Issues, I Cannot Get Into The Bios To Check. (read Above) I Have Checked The Jumper Settings As Well As Replaced The Drive, The Ide Cable, Everything. I Am Perplexed. Wondering If It Isn't The Motherboard. Thoughts?
  8. Since I Am At Work Right Now, I Cannot Try Your Solution But I Thank You Greatly For An Idea. What I Meant By The Drives Working/not Working Is That When I Push The Drive Button, The Drive Opens. When I Connect The Cd-r To The Ide, The Drive Bay No Longer Opens When The Button Is Pushed. Thoughts?
  9. Hello, I Am Having Multiple Issues And Hoping For Some Resolution Soon. I Am Newer To Build Pcs And Thus Am Not Overtly Technical. Here Are The Three Issues I Am Having Right Now: - First Issue Involves My Dvd-r And Cd-r Drives. I Have The Dvd Set As Master And The Cd As Slave. When I Connect Power To Both, They Work. When I Connect Ide To Both, The Cd-r Doesn't Work Anymore. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas Here? - Second Issue. Diagnostic Led Shows Four Lights All The Time. Does This Mean That My Proc Is Bad? - Third Issue. I Have My Gpu Plugged In But No Display On My Monitor. What Is Going On Here? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks.
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