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  1. Hello, Just recently installed new cooling and moved graphics to upper slot and installed latest WHQL Nvidia graphics driver. The funny thing is that the sound output works in all but the green slot. I had some trouble making the sound work at all, but after installing the old sound driver (from dfi.com) I tried having the pink and blue jacks as output, which evidently worked. Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this? Regards, Olle
  2. But does that chip generate alot of heat, or is it the chips with standard heatsinks and the R60 boxes?
  3. I put on some old ram heatsinks on the R60 boxes and tied a 60mm fan from an old socket A cpu block between the atx power cord and the mountings for the cpu block. Im running it at 50% which makes it practically noiseless. Ive been running prime95 for about 10 minutes and the temp hasnt been above 35C! Pretty good with a 50% drop in temps with some old parts laying around http://img139.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10005014vf.jpg
  4. Well, first of all I have the 2 tri cool fans at the top and back which cools the ram modules good enough, they are never over 30-35C (if I trust my hands anyway). Should I move a tri cool fan from the top and put it in the inlet on medium, and move the Adda 16dB to the top? That would probably be good enough for the GC colling, or? The ambient temp on the GC is idle 29, load 35 right now. As for the R60 boxes I didnt quite get what Mord said. I though the PWMICs are the small chips under the hetsinks, or aim I wrong? Overall the temp inside the case is very good, except for the PWMIC temp, however it doesnt feel warm inside the case even under full load.
  5. Question 1 I noticed that the tempdiode for measuring pwm is close to the R60 marked black box(whatever that is). My PWMIC temps are in the high 60s when running full and I wonder what kind of mod I can do to help these temps. Since I have a P180 I cant/wont put a fan in the 5.25" area. However, I have some left over zalman heatsinks from my graphics card. Can I put those on the R60 boxes, or doesnt those get warm/unnessesary? Question 2 One ram heatsink on my graphics card has fallen off and I wonder if thats anything to worry about. Theres not alot of air blowing on it as you can see here http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/1387/case2hi.jpg I would like to OC the gc, but I dont know if I can damage the rams if heatsinks are missing. /Olle
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