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  1. Whenever I let my computer come out of standby the FSB speed is back at 200Mhz default instead of 250Mhz, when I change it back to 250Mhz with Clockgen and go to standby again it fails to resume from standby. Is there another way to get the system to resume from standby overclocked instead of default?
  2. Recently I bought 2Gb of OCZ gold XTC PC3200 but the SPD is 2.5-3-3-8 and the label on the sticks says 2-3-2-8 which is correct and should i use with the 704-2bta BIOS?
  3. Maybe your windows install got corrupted?
  4. Maybe the PSU has trouble delivering enough instant power to initialize every component?
  5. The highest I have seen my northbridge fan spin is ~5200rpm which is borderline annoying as it becomes the loudest part in my case, when not playing a game it drops to ~4100rpm But what is the max speed it can run at?
  6. Sure does, I get boot errors whenever I set my memory to a divider or whenever I set my CPU to a lower divider, all is well if I use 1:1 and the default multiplier.
  7. I got all kinds of strange things when I installed downloaded drivers after reinstalling Windows, in the end I uninstalled all drivers and used the drivers on the CD and that worked fine.
  8. I have no problems with my Audigy 2 ZS, I use the second PCI slot up from the bottom so if your card was in a different slot try that slot.
  9. Hello geeza :nod: As I said in the other place that sounds a lot like a dead PSU as my borked PSU did the same. Try the PSU with another mobo to rule that out.
  10. I get the same, my memory is fine up to 260Mhz with tight timings, but anything other than 1:1 gives me boot errors, just be glad you have memory that runs at 275Mhz
  11. Looks like one of your sticks is dead. I had the same, one of my sticks died after 15 months, I called Crucial, I had to send both sticks to them and they replaced both for new ones that are now running very well.
  12. Put memory in orange slots. Set timings to auto in the BIOS and if it still gives errors increase the VDimm to 2.7V
  13. A fluctuating VCore can also be caused by hot power regulators on the mobo. I have been researching a few PSU's that are silent and came up with these: - Seasonice S12-500 - Zalman ZM460-APS - Enermax Liberty EL500AWT (a bit louder but modular)
  14. What test produces errors in Memtest86+ ??
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