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  1. I dont dare post the image so heres a link of what im using atm, but I usually use nature scenes. http://www.teachtrix.net/wall11.jpg
  2. Omega Drivers include CCC if you so choose
  3. Id start by either posting on XFX's forum or emailing there tech support, there may be some beta drivers that fix the issue, or they may be able to give you some information on how to resolve it. It's people that have problems like you are having that let others now that lead to them getting fixed.
  4. I lived in Las Vegas NM before I joined the Army.
  5. Forgot to add that the toothbrush was invented in Maine (its an old joke that if it was invented anyplace else it would have been called a teethbrush)
  6. Hmm, I actually live in Waterboro ME, nothing particularly famous here. Ive been to Stephen King's house, G. Bush has a home an hour or so from where I live. Ricky Craven (NASCAR WC Racer) is from ME. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born and raised in Portland ME. Victoria Rowell of diagnosis murder and The Young & the Restless. Of course lobster, Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy, and Anna Belknap of CSI:NY are also from ME. Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill named their child after Maine due to it being concieved here (big lol but it's true)
  7. Who needs terrorists, just dig another tunnel.
  8. I had my 2x1gb OCZ DDR500 running with my 2x512 GEIL Ultra Plats DDR533 (at DDR500) But both sets required the exact same timings, and the same vdimm worked for both.
  9. Im not jumping to conclusions, the RAM is most likely (like 98%) hosed. That is of course speaking from experience. And it isnt artifcacting.
  10. eYe your GPU's RAM is fubar'd. Sorry mate, buy another vid card. Ive had it happen to me twice, once with an X850, and once with a 7800GT. You may get lucky and be able to RMA it, worth a try. Good luck downclocking it, but its probably to late already
  11. I have to disagree. I own a shitload of Ryobi tools, after 2 years my charger went to hell for my 18v batt's, but they were replace dunder warrentee. I onw 1 1/2" drill, recip saw, 4.5" circular saw, a flashlight that cam with the drill (all 18v cordless). a 12" chop saw, and a few others. Dont get me wrong they arent what id call "profesional quality" but IMO they are worth the price for any average person, who afterall spend more money than contractors. As far as profesional working power tools I have a Milwaukee sawzall, a couple dewalt cordless drills, a dewallt corded drill, a Skil brand skil saw, a black and decker skill saw, a Husquavarna chain saw, a homelite chain saw, a porter cable pancake compressor, a husky 25gallon oilless compressor, some porter cable finish guns and brad nailers, and a bosch framing gun and a bosh roofing gun. Never liked paslode my self, but to each his own.
  12. The tiburon V6 is a vtec motor, just like nissans (might be toyota) has i-vtec. by design not by honda. Same as hemi not being a mopar specific head design.
  13. Sorry for the double post but I have a red Mistubishi 3000GT in the driveway for sale.
  14. Supercharged = belt driven turbine + instant power - Uses engine power to make power Turbocharged = exhaust driven turbine + Relativley cheap and effective, uses engine biproduct to create power - "turbo lag" a slight delay for the turbo to "spool up" Both have there advantages and disadvantages
  15. As long as you keep the aspect ratio 100% You can have it whatever size you want really, alot will depend on where you take it (quality wise) I have a friend that works for the regional company that does all the Hannaford signs etc, so anything I have printed is probably overkill. Personally I dont like the picture, to cluttered for my tastes, but aside from that you want to keep it big enough so you can see it all (alot going on it) but of a size that will actually fit somewhere. Something like that Id go no less than 3 feet wide, maybe 30 inches. 200-300 pixels per inch would make an awfully small picture dimension wise, I dont think the website was refering to dimensions.
  16. Anyway, just a tad over 77 inches wide by 17 inches tall, so say with border 80x20
  17. Getting a forbidden message.
  18. In case noones gone to look its only available with SLI 8800GTX's and 4gb of RAM. I dont care what anyone thinks of DELL personally, thats a fast machine period. (4g of RAM is overkill but nonetheless) My laptop is going to be a C2D DELL, and if I had 5grand laying around I didnt need Id own the QX6800 rig, and Im not ashamed to say it.
  19. Not sure if anyone has been paying attention to whats going on over at the DELL camp, and Im sure its related to the aqusition of Alien, but the are offering factory overclocked QX6800's @ 3.2ghz (2.66 stock) with WC lol, will set you back over 5 grand but I thought it was amusing (was browsing for a laptop, figured id check out the offerings)
  20. cuoficr


    Well, Im glad you found it lol, been using it since about 7 seconds after I posted, pretty neat and easy to set up.
  21. cuoficr


    Do you have any idea how much that looks like OSX?
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