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  1. Yeah, I contacted the shop about an RMA, they started telling me how I needed to prove this and that. I decided that flashing their BIOS was the least I could do for them If you know what I mean, lol And it worked! www.fe-lep.com/FIXED Thanks for all you help mate
  2. Yeah, I had a look at it but because I have just purchased the board from a store with a 7day cooling off period I didnt want to flash the bios incase it effects my ability to return it. I may goto the nf4 version instead. Thanks for the help mate, I may well give it a go as a last resort. I will let ya know here how it all goes.
  3. Yeah it does, but thats on the ports 5 - 8, To run ports 1-4 it uses the sb450 and thats on 3112. Its actually has Four Serial ATA ports supported by the ATI SB450 chip - SATA speed up to 1.5Gb/s - RAID 0 and RAID 1 (This is 1-4) Four Serial ATA ports supported by the Silicon Image Sil 3114 chip - SATA speed up to 1.5Gb/s - RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5 (This is 5-8) The sil3114 is slower than the sb450 in a host of reviews, although I have tried both setups. Neither with any great deal of success. Max Read write never crossed 70 on the 3114 and the bootup in windows is so slow as to be untrue, map loading times in BF2 etc had also seriously increased. So im trying to get teh SB450 to work to see if I can get higher performance than the 3114 as experienced by multiple reviewers.
  4. Yeah, I am. I think the drivers on the website are wrong. They are the drivers for the controller on ports 5-8. I dunno where to get the drivers for the 3112 (SB450Chipset)
  5. The settings im using for the raid in bios are: In genie bios: Pci Device control Onboard Sata Controller set to Sata 1/2 Controller Onboard Sata Controller set to Raid controller and sil3114 S-ATA Raid Controller set to Disabled When I do the install, I am using the drivers from HERE when I reach the part about adding third party drivers. The thing is when the install is done, I goto device manager and there is no raid/scsi controller listed with drivers etc but there is an unknown raid controller that does not requie drivers according to windows. Any one have any ideas what im doing wrong, Or where I can get a full set of the drivers that will be compatable with the SB450 chipset?
  6. http://www.fe-lep.com/SATA Thats the timings. As ya can see they are running slow.
  7. I have tried all the settings for running SATA RAID 0 with my new board, including 4 formats this weekend using SATA connections 1 and 2 and 5 and 6, both chipsets in other words and all the bios settings correct. The speeds that windows boots is still equal to a 7200 IDE. I have tested transfer speeds and they are showing 110 meg but my interest is more in the bootup. When windows begins to start there is the small coloured bar that goes across the screen. When Raid 0 on raptors is working correctly on a fresh install you will see that little bar appear and it will get to go one third across its path and then it moves on. With a slow hard drive on fresh install I would see it go across 4/5 times. At the minute with my raptors on Raid 0 im seeing it 4/5 times and up to 7/8 times. This is not a very technical way of judging performance, unless you have raptors yourself and know what I mean. But is is definitely an indicator of a problem with the setup. Another thing I have noticed is very slow map loading times in battlefield 2 etc. Just wondering had anyone else had the same problems with raptors and this board. The disk that I was supplied with for the raid with the motherboard was faulty and im using the version from the main dfi website.
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