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  1. Hey all, After a pretty easy installation last night and a bit stability testing (Prime95 & 3Dmark) and then a bit of oc'ing got it up to 2.2Ghz /w Ram @ 2 2 2 8 (160Mhz)... I boot up this morning to find that the ram is not being detected (2 LEDS). This did happen a couple times last night, but pushing the ram around solved it. But this morning no amount of moving, reseating, switch ram (OCZ PC 3200 EB), etc would get it to boot. :sad: So, the board goes back .. and the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe comes in ... sorry DFI, but i didn't pay almost $250 for mobo that has trouble detecting ram . I let everyone know how it goes with the Asus.
  2. All the parts are here For anyone who wanted to see a Thermalright IS-120 on a SLI-DR .. here's your chance.
  3. SLI-DR with Evercool VR-RE .. took me about 20 min to take off the old DFI HS and put on the Evercool. The Evercool is a tight fit, but it does go on.
  4. Hey, Heres a pic and measurements .. best i can do .. lmk if you need more.
  5. Depends if your a pack rat I got about 75GB of TV, 32GB of divx movies, 50GB of "games" and who knows how many dang mp3s.... Also guess you havn't found out about bittorrent yet
  6. I would go with a Panaflo "High" (103.8CFM) going to be pretty loud, but matched with an IS-120 or other exotic HS should be more than enough. You might also want to buy a Zalman fanmate so you can turn down the fan later when you realize its too damn loud
  7. I wouldn't waste money on another one of those drives, it's 2 generations old and just not worth it. If you really want to get some speed by two 74GB Raptors ($, yes .. but worth it if you really wanna go fast). See here for full review on the difference. (http://www.overclockers.com/articles1297/) But really one 74GB raptor would just kill your current HD no problem. Though not sure of your current specs so not sure if a computer upgrade is worth more to then just upgrading HDs. It all comes down to .. speed cost money .. how fast u wanna go
  8. I would think the 4400+ is better cuase it has the extra cache (1MB over 512kb for the 4200+). This helps in games for sure .. and the extra speed won't hurt anything. Also I would expect the Expert to be fine with the 4400+.
  9. Personally you might wanna switch to an OCZ power supply .. really good warrenty and quiet also. I would also say get bigger hard drive(s). A 320GB drive only cost $165CND so in the US should be even cheaper Other than that looks good to me.
  10. Hey, Just building a new system myself... First I would go with a faster hard drive for sure, if can afford it, a 74GB Raptor as your main system drive (cut it in 2, 1/2 for windows & 1/2 for games) will really be a big difference over your 80GB. The ram, I would check the recommended list to see if it's there, if not I would swing toward getting some OCZ, or other recommended ram. Lastly as far as I know the X2 will work on the mobo no problem, though you might need to dl patchs/hotfixs for windows to work with the dual core cpu (not sure, as I haven't gotten that far )
  11. Personally i like a heatsink (HS) that you can change the fan on if want to later on. Also if the fan dies then you can just replace it and the not both. Good heatsinks ... Any fan (can choose quiet (Nexus, Yateloon) or loud (Delta, Panaflow H) depends how how much noise you want to listen to. Thermalright - XP90C (90mm fan) Thermalright - IS-120 / XP-120 (older) (120mm fan) Thermaltake - Big Typhoon (comes with quiet 120mm fan) There are other more exotic ones, but these are the easier to find (personally). Fixed Fans Zalman CNPS 9500 Artic Cool - Freezer 7 Pro Good reviews of lots of heatsinks: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/
  12. Hey all, First post here, but I been reading for about a week and a bit. Below is a picture of a system in waiting ... last think to show up is the heat sink, Purolator guy is slow today i guess . I'd also like to say how happy I am that i found this forum and have pretty much followed the recommend parts, so hopefully it will be a quick and speedy build. I should be able to get this up and running soon. Enjoy the pic
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