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  1. Hi! I have a DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert for sale! Reasonable offers please! (these are still £150 new) also an AMD x2 3800+ 2gb corsair value ram XFX 7950 gx2 (Brand new, never used, looking for £350) offers to [email protected] or respond 2 forum! thanks
  2. Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has had any joy getting the Silicon Image 3114 raid drivers to work on vista yet?? Been wanting to give vista a go for a while but can't without it supporting my RAID config. Thanks folks Leigh
  3. Come on guys!!! Someone out there must have at least an idea I can try?!
  4. Hi folks, I'm an experienced user with a decent setup dualbooting XP home & pro. I have my RAID 0 created as multiple partitions with home & pro installed on 2 of them. i am trying to install Mandriva Linux on another partion but am having some issues. Spefically: Setup begins by booting from floppy and gets going great. Go to install, choose nationality and accept EULA. Details on screen advise that it is trying to install the drivers for my hard disks. - - - - - - - - - - Machine freezes - - - - - - - - Thats it!!! Now obviously having two more than decent RAID configs in my machine I know that when installing windows you need to press F6 and supply the RAID drivers otherwise windows will not recognise the drives. Im thinking same situation here but don't know how to install the drivers before hand... Im an advanced windows user with technical & programming experience but I've just never used linux before and am hoping someone out there can help! Please!?!?!? Ideas?!
  5. I've already gone through several different power supplies from different manufacturers and same issue occurs. Nice idea - but tried already... Any other ideas?
  6. Cmon guys? Any suggestions at all??? Only thing I can think of is dead board.... ideas>?
  7. Hey guys, Im real stuck on this one and hope someone can help!! I have a NF4 Expert board and its great! - My whole system runs PERFECTLY except for one thing... If my machine is left turned off for a while then it wont boot into Windows when it is next turned on. It can take up to 4050 restarts to get it back in. I have a Saitek X52 Flight Control System that is covered in backlit buttons along with a LCD Display. I also have a Saitek Eclipse keyboard with backlit keys. I've monitored my system as closely as possible and here are my observations: Machine follows one of two processes: PROCESS ONE * Power turned on, Lights on keyboard and flight control light up - but not LCD. machine progresses through POST and RAID load fine. * Windows load icon comes up with blue scrolling bar, bar scrolls. * Keyboard backlights go off. * 3-4 seconds later windows load scroll bar stops and machine hangs. PROCESS TWO * Power turned on, Lights on keyboard and flight control light up - but not LCD. machine progresses through POST and RAID load fine. * Windows load icon comes up with blue scrolling bar, bar scrolls. * Keyboard backlights go off. * 5-6 seconds later keyboard lights come back on, LCD on Flight Control also turns on * Machine hangs on dark screen immediately before desktop should load. Now the LCD display on the flight control reads information from windows like time etc - so when the lcd turns on indicates that a feed from windows is being recieved.... But why no vid output???? The machine always boots up in any safe mode but never any other way (ie like last known config). I cant see any correlation of when it boots. Very rarely - every now and again it will boot in fine! to reiterate - it only ever happens on a cold boot. If the machine has been running for awhile it restarts fine. Guys please help! Since this issue started I have replaced the PSU (twice!), tried different vid cards, removed all other cards. The Saitek keyboard and Flight Control have been added after issue began so they can be ruled out of the equation... ANY IDEAS AT ALL?!!?!? Thanks in hope!
  8. Hey dude. I also migrated a set of two WD Raptors on RAID0 from a Asus A8N-SLI to the DFI SLI-DR Expert. I used the silicon image on both as I found it to be more reliable. The downside is when you install windows using SILIM as a raid controller then Windows requires you to install the raid drivers before installing windows (by pressing F6 at the very start of win setup and inserting floppy disk.) So in short: * Clear all settings everywhere! * Restart PC and disable NV raid in bios * Restart again and press F10 to enter Silicon Image RAID controller just after POST * Set up RAID0 in here following instructions in manual if needed * Restart again and begin the windows load ensuring you followed steps above ********** That should be it**************** Gotta say though - blue BSOD's scream out hardware issues to me. Theres not much config to get wrong with RAIDS - ie if it detects then it works!!!! If it detects but causes BSOD's then I would be concerned - may be worth using PC CHECK to check the drives. Hope this helps! Let us know how you get on.
  9. Hey folks. I notice that my DFI Expert appears to have a bios setting that allows the changing of a MAC address - Specifically allows user input?? Why is this? As far as I was aware MAC addresses were hardcoded into the NIC cards using a naming convention.... Further more - changing macs would mean criminals could change their pc's identity.... Any help, contributions or info?????? Thanks folks!
  10. Dude - those are some real nice system specs... Good scores too. Comparible to mine and i got 2x7800gtx EE'S..... nicely done....
  11. I guess I'm probably expecting too much.. I need to swap my ram as thats the weakest link (Using corsair valueram @ the moment as i cant get my experts to work...) Going to get some Geil stuff later today and see how far i can push that... I really want to hit 12500pts.... surely its not that hard!!!!
  12. I agree. Sorry dude - its gonna be tough getting it back...
  13. I gotta say, im a little disapointed. I seem to be topping out @ 2.25ghz. I've hit 11434 in 05 and 7163 in 06. Can't seem to get better. I was hoping for 12500 personally... Is this unreasonable?
  14. my temps are v.low considering. my cpu runs at 28d tops at the moment, chipset gets to about 38 and pwm hits 36tops. sli is definately enabled as i get the balancing bar.
  15. Just removed the overclocking on my vid cards, 3dmarks run without flashing now. just thought id let you know Please let me know your thoughts on the scores though clocked at 2.2ghz im now running at 11410pts
  16. Ok, im up to 11320 points in 05. And about 7300points in 06. In 05 it looks great but in 06 i am noticing slight white flashes on the firefly test and the snow storm test. When i say flashes, i mean like a few leaves or a small section of tree trunk turn bright white for a split second. 05 is perfect though! Suggestions?
  17. Didnt say what i was gettin with 3dMark 05 :Im getting 11167 with 05 :-p Thanks again
  18. Hey folks Just finished finalising my system new rig - just converted from ASUS to DFI! Gotta say, DFI's doin me proud so far! Im getting Im getting 7094pts on 3dMark06 what do you think? is this a reasonable score for my spec below? Any suggestions or ideas to tweak it further. I havn't started oc'ing much yet - just what i can get at stock. That begins when i get it running optimum... :-) Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas.
  19. ensure that you are using the latest drivers. And if your old board and new board both have more than one raid controller (like the Nf4 sli-dr experts use Nvidia and silicon) ensure that you are using the same type as your last board.
  20. Hey, I also have 2x Raptors as raid 0. Mine are the 38gbs so i get 70gb total after MBR. Your only seeing a 9gb drive because you said "I set the partition at 9550 mb .........." You set it to 9gb dude.... That means that the rest of the drive hasn't been allocated to anywhere.. For a RAID 0 config, your going to have to reload and set the partition to either 100% or a manual config. If you choose a manual config make sure you set it higher than 9gb this time!
  21. Hey folks, i'll try and make this as simple as possible as its been going on awhile now!! I have installed a DFI nf4 Expert and reloaded windows, all was going well until I enable SLI in Windows. When I do this Windows fails to load. It hangs on the point where there is a windows logo and a blue scrolling bar. I sometimes have issues where the machine wont turn on at all - i press the power button and it fires, the fans spin, lights go etc but then everything dies a split second later. If I unplug the power cable from the unit for 30 seconds and then try - it ALWAYS fires up..... Although this issue seems to have stopped, thought it worth mentioning.I have tried all of the suggestions I could find in the forum with no joy: IE: 1)removing cards, driver cleaning, restart & set up bios, enter windows and install drivers. 2)Clean install 3)Removing SLI bridge 4) Ensured THREE power plugs are in mainboard 5) Bios is setup correctly 6) A few other things too. It was suggested that my Thermaltake PurePower 680w PSU had issues with these boards so I went out and swapped it for a Enermax Libery 620w(680w peak) which is on the DFI best compatible list and it made no difference I've used the components in another machine with an ASUS A8N-Sli Premium board and have no issues whatsoever. Folks - please help! I'm tearing my hair out here and don't know what to do next. Thank you!!
  22. Hi guys - Im day187's friend he was talking about! Erm, well i got past the nasties in bios and into windows, but whenever i install the vid drivers the machine fails to load into windows. im running xp media center 2005 and have tried the 81.95's the 81.98's and the specific xp media center drivers. I know there is not an incompatibility with MCE and SLI because i ran it perfectly on my ASUS a8n-sli last week with the same equipment. the only change is the asus board.... Any ideas? P.S. immediately after installing the drivers and before restarting i can enable sli and run 3dmark. it returns a score of 9500. which is 1000 less than my asus board on stock....
  23. Ok. Last one I promise. Found this link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...+pure+power+680 One of the guys in this thread is using a ThermalTake PurePower 680w with an almost identical rig as me and his is sweet as.. Surely it cant be PSU?
  24. I know the score is a little low. My mem is only running @ 200mhz as i've also been having probs getting it to run @ 400mhz as it should!! But i intended to cross that bridge after solving SLI....
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