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  1. Ok guy's thanks a lot for your help. I am going now to make all your comment working together to make it right. Thanks again
  2. Hi Kingfisher, Thanks.... But can you tell me more about the Nvidia NVIDIA Raid Software (NVIDIA Nforce) because when the installation is done, I can’t find the NVIDIA Raid Management utility! Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Praz, That is the point.... When I set up a proliant (HP) server for my compagny with RAID 0 my 2 disk become one (2 x 70Go on raid 0 = 70Go), so why when I choose Striped array on my NF4 ultra D I can see one disk but with an extend size (2 X 160 on Raid 0 = 320Go) !! I am sure there is something wrong but I have download the DFI manuel about raid configuration and there is nothing about this kind of problem. The only way to see my 2 seagate HDD becoming one with the size of one disk is when I set up the bios array to make a mirroring raid, but I am looking for RAID 1 :mad: Thanks for your help
  4. Hello everyone, I have read some post about the raid options but I am sure you will be able to help me on this … To build a RAID 0 with 2 Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA – 160, I set up the Bios and build the array by choosing to create a striped array and bootable Raid option, and then I installed the Raid Drivers and a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2. Then from Windows I set up the NVIDIA Raid Software (NVIDIA Nforce) but when it’s done I can’t find the NVIDIA Raid Management utility! So here are my questions: Where Can I find this stupid NVIDIA Raid Management utility? What about your own experience ? If the NVIDIA Raid Management utility doesn’t works with NVIDIA IDE Drivers, can I choose to do not install them? Or do I really need to install the NVIDIA IDE Drivers or can I keep the default windows drivers? How can check to see if the raid 0 is really working has it should be? Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello guys, Just wondering if you could help me to upgarde my CPU on my DFI NF4 Ultra D, as I sold my old one. Would you recommand, for playing games..most of the time...well, let say everytime, to use an AMD Opteron 165 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ , and why....well best OC wanted ?? Thanks in advance for you help, as always. Nice to be around Actually I was using an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ THX
  6. Dear all, I am facing a strange thing as sometimes when I rebbot my PC the bios start normally, loads but before I could see "pool dmi update" or something the PC reboot again and then everythings load fine. I never notice such problem since I have update my BIOS from 3.10 to NF4LDB14 when I upgrade my CPU from 3000+ to X2 4200. The BIOS battery is good, the settings seems fine, is there a bug or someting !? Thanks for your help.
  7. @sQuid: what I am going to tell you is not really funny so please don't tell anyone. When I installed my X2 I decided to update my Bios version from 310 to the new release NF4LDB14 and I forgot that some settings would have been modified. The bios was unable interpret and build my old settings and gave me blank screen each time I was trying to boot with.... I know I can really be a duck head sometimes :shake: I have deleted all my old settings and restart from fresh values :drool: About my RAM I am looking for fastest frequency more than aggressive timing. In another hand I did try to find the max CPU frequency but I was limited so far by the CPU temp but I am still tweaking this.... ration between volt and temp is the key in air cooling, I am too lasy I guess for liquid but I am thinking about a try with CO² ice. Thanks for your comment; it's nice to know you care. I can post my complete settings next time if you want. Talk to You later. CYA
  8. Hello guy's, thanks for all your replies and here is the result. I was able to make my X2 4200 running @ 2.7 but I guess it wont be able to handle 60°C and a VCore at 1.50 too long on air cooling so I had to change some settings . Now your all my guest and I hope you could tell me what your think about my OC. FSB250 @2.5Ghz X4 16 X10 CPU VID 1.10 CPU VID Control 1.35 CPU VID Special control above 110% DRAM 200 1:1 @ 3-4-4-8 so what do you think. Did i missed something or is there a wrong value ? By the way on air cooling what is the min/max volt value for a X2 4200+ ? , the temp max ? Memtest 14hours no error Super PI 8 hours no error thx for your help
  9. Dear MODO, my system is runnig fine at stock speed (AUTO value) but with my old one core setting (AMD 3000+) 250 FSB Ratio X4 Bus Transfert 16 C&Q Disable CPU VID Startup value : 1.425 CPU VID Control : 1.425 VID Special control 110% DRam Volt 2.80 @ 2.5-4-4-8 I am only getting black screen with this settings and I can't figured why and how to solved this ? THX
  10. Hello Guy's thx for your quick replies but if I may could you give me some CPU basic stable settings ? I will try to adjust my memory to work on his way but it seems that for sure the one core settings can't work on X2. THX for your support
  11. Hello Guy's, I am wondering if anyone can help me on this .... well I guess you are the man. I've just got a new processor AMD X2 4200+. I heard that it is not the best for overclocking but I had no choice ...so I am wondering if you can help me on this as if I decided to improved the beast I am only getting black screen. I would be happy if you can help to make it horny. PS: I am on air cooling PSS: I browzed Google search and OC guide on site but I an still wondering a lots of details. THX
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