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  1. I was looking around here and find all these great stickies on things from overclocking, fixes for common problems, and even one about how to get rid of your inlaws... However none about one of the most important aspects of the motherboard... the BIOS. I'm not talking about how to overclock your memory (which that guide does have great insight into SOME of the elements of the BIOS). I mean an entire whitepaper on the Award BIOS themself. Not on how to just install them. SO, I decided to make up a thread of a bunch of links to various places on the web where you can find complete detailed documents on what is each and every aspect of the BIOS. More importantly, the official Award BIOS that ship with most all the DFI motherboards (because that is all we care about right? DFI boards? Right right??). Gosh danged! I couldn't come up with one viable link! Google failed me! I find lots of links with bits, very small bits, of snippet information. Like a ACPI SRAT? Ok, so it was added in a recent BIOS update... yeah, ok, but what IS IT? Anyhow, so, I thought maybe, maybe there is someone or a group of someones out there that have documents on the web that detail all these settings and items that are available in the various Award BIOS we so commonly use. Is that such a bad thing to request? I mean, someone had to make the BIOS, so someone has to know what those things are for, right? Well, why is it I cannot find that information? Is it privy? Proprietary? Are they on a need to know basis, but us computer geeks do not need to know? Am I missing something? Is the sky blue? Anyhow, I will keep looking. Maybe my Google-Fu is no good, or that sort of information just doesn't exist (naaaa). If I find anything, I will post it here. However I am growing tired of poor results and reading junk pages *sigh*. Oh, and for the love of pete, if this already exists here, and I was just friggen blind as a bat not to find it... please don't go all postal on me. Just slap the link here, and we will call it a stupid act on my part, ok?
  2. Pfft! one second too late by adding flippen BOLD tags... well... there you go!
  3. QUOTE: "Always better to start fresh- and install only what you want, rather than what they decide you want." Golly aint that the truth! MS just wants more money, and also want to 'push' people towards just buying Vista instead of paying for a new XP license. However, they snag people there, by now requiring service packs and update to be PAY FOR. Gah Sometimes, I just love to reach over and hug my MacOSX... well, ok, everytime I run into a problem with my blasid XP, I hug my MacOSX I do everything on the mac, except gaming.
  4. I had put the new SATA RAID driver on a floppy, and used F6 during XP install to use them. After XP was installed, I ran my SP1 installer. Then I installed the "nForce4_amd_6.70_winxp2k_english.exe". Installed all EXCEPT firewall/network manager. Then all was well. All until I tried to update to SP2. See... I own XP from day one... so I have all these blastid CD's of updates to run through. I am not smart enough to know how to make a "slipstream" of all the CDs.... and I am too cheap to go buy XP all over again when I already own it. Anyhow, thats another issue for another thread The IDE drivers.... I guess if you have issues with them, then don't install them. I installed them and didn't have issues. Catlady: you may want to update your BIOS though... you don't have too, but I have heard it helps to keep up to date with BIOS.
  5. Eh, I was only going by what I've heard. I'm no expert on the BIOS... I hope someone else may chime in on that one. I had read the 623-1 is for general use, any type of ram. 623-2 is for that odd ram, non TCCD/UCCC type. 623-3 is for the TCCD/UCCC type ram. G.Skill is UCCC (the kind you got/getting). Sorry if I confused you. I thought you had a Ultra-D mobo... the SLI-D mobos have different BIOS, so do NOT cross install BIOS from one board on another.
  6. Almost looks like my rig. As for guides, "the guide" in pdf format is good, along with this site: http://www.short-media.com/review.php?p=1&r=300 There really isn't a step by step for all the settings, as every machine is different, it would be mighty difficult to write such a guide. Here is some starter info: With the G.Skill, you would prolly be better off with BIOS 623-3. You would want to put the ram into the two "orange slots". Plug the SATA drives into ports 1&2 OR 3&4 ... either one, doesn't appear to be any difference. Make sure to "enable" those two ports in the BIOS, under the RAID subsection. The Ultra-D board needs extra power, so don't forget to plug in ALL POWER CORDS to all FOUR connectors on the board. Anymore help, you know where to find us!
  7. New BIOS "usually" mean good things. Especially if the BIOS update is 'official'... meaning, not some beta version of some hackneyed bios someone decided to come up with for their own rig, and decided to share with the world (no offense). As for BSOD... well... I havn't actually ever seen one. Thats to say, stay longer than a half blink of the monitor vsync before the machine restarts itself. So, I cannot actually say what is on the BSOD, other than it appears blue for that brief flick... hehe. Might be some new 'feature' in SP2... Microsoft thought it better just to restart the machine, then give the unholy BSOD?
  8. QUOTE: "but iirc, i read that the 623-3 was later made the official 623, so are they the same or not?" Good question All I know is, the bottom corner of the startup screen, does not reflect anything different either way. It simply only shows 23/6/2005. I love quality software... oh, I just love it.
  9. Yeah well... I wanted to be sure the mod was for THIS BOARD, not DFI in general, as some boards have a better placement of the chip not wanked by a GPU card. Plus, I don't know what it is, but whenever I put words in the search box, it returns about 10 pages of threads, and when I go into them, nothing is relevent. So basically, I am starting to give up on searches, and if I don't see it on page 1&2 of a forum it should be in, nor a sticky, then I go ahead and ask. PS: I tend to ignore posts that are eons old too. I like UP TO DATE information... not some bloit about something last year. PPS: Evercool VGA cooler, on a chipset. Huh... well... yeah, that kind of makes sense really! LOL.
  10. For what it's worth... after I setup my raid0 drives, and installed the OS... they no longer show up in BIOS. Each time I have had to 'wipe' the drives and start over, they show up once. They then promptly disappear from the bios listing of devices afterwards. Everything works fine for me though. They just don't show under BIOS if windows has been installed to them. *shrug* ...
  11. Title says it all. The silver hot noisy buzz saw that comes on the Ultra-D is well... just that. Due to the GPU covering it, is there any alternative solutions out there? Has anyone gotten a "close to home" alternative and modded it to fit with a big GPU in the way? Like a passive heat sink, and bending some of the fingers out of the way for the card to slide in? I'm just curious. I would like to replace this wee thing on my board with something better.
  12. I had bought my board and cpu from zipzoomyfly cause they were $10 cheaper each (including shipping). They arrived the same day as all my neweg parts, both ordered within 30 minutes of each other. You can always play the "well for only $xx more you can get XXXX"... but you need to stop yourself, blink, take a deep breath and ask yourself: Do I NEED it ?! If you do not see yourself doing SLI, then don't buy it. An NF4 Ultra is better than an NF4 chipset. Also, with the LP Ultra-D, you can still do the SLI mod if you really really wanna waste your money on two GPUs There is a lot of debate about SLI and is it really worth it. Two cards of a lower type, equate the same cost (sometimes cheaper) and speed as a single bigger card. So why not just buy the bigger single? With SLI you have to make sure you get the exact same make and model GPU. Otherwise wonky things can happen. So the other side of the argument is, you can buy one GPU now, then buy another later to get more oompf without having to buy a whole new single bigger GPU. Sure, but by that time, the bigger GPU of today is dirt cheap tomorrow because something even bigger and badder has come along. Plus, you can't get that new bigger badder thing to put in SLI with your OLD GPU. eVGA has a step up program too, to help with the cost difference. Just plan on doing that within 3 months of each other Thats a lot of information... its one of those things. People stand strong on both sides of the fence. If you want to do SLI now, ok, if not, save yourself the money and don't buy a SLI board unless it REALLY comes with a lot more features than a NON SLI board.
  13. I ran with AVG for two years on my old rig, and will run with it on this new DFI. I never had a single crash on my old rig. Well, never an unexpected reboot or blue screen of deth. Once or twice I'm sure I had a few drops to desktop... but I honestly don't recall many at all in that span. It was a very bug-bomb-bsod-free machine (luckily). Now, with this new DFI, I installed XP SP2, then Halo to just see how my new GPU and ram would run it (without any OCing). I would get a solid freeze within seconds/minutes of starting it up. Even the stubbs the zombie demo bombed on me in the lead-in! I didn't know what was going on... I blamed the hardware at first, because honestly, I had just been playing Halo for two years without a single crash, then this! So, after much hair loss, I wiped my drives and started over. Installed up to just SP1 this time. Halo ran long enough to where I was in the training level. Which was EONS longer than it had lasted before the clean wipe. It didn't crash, but I got impatient and quit out so I could go mess with other things. I will be installing up SP2 later and trying halo again. If it does the freeze, then I'll know something is up with SP2 and possibly a combination of the hardware (dual core issue maybe?). It aint the ram, as its been tested and running at very loose/low speeds for now. Like baaj, I am trying to get my software stable first before I go into OCworld. BTW, if you want "rock solid"... buy a mac (ooOoo I can feel the flames burning!)
  14. Searching is only as effective if those who have posted spell and use the same terminology as you do. Key point is spelling. However, even so, I have found the search function here to be greatly less then satisfactory in returned results. I usually end up going to google, and many times it returns links back to here As for his trouble, ah oh uhm... my XP (sp2) doesn't appear to have issues, and I simply installed it, with the latest nForce drivers from nVidias website.
  15. It could have been a loose connection on ports 1&2. Or, look at the pins real carefully on those ports, and make sure none are bent out of wack, or mussied up. Might need magnoglass to see. If the port was flaky, then the simple vibration of fans or drives themselves could have been making it go wonky. OR, you just got dumb luck!
  16. Viewsonic VX922: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824116375 2ms response. Don't know how good it is. As for an LCD being too bright... there are such things as brightness controllers.
  17. Does that NEC MultiSync 1970GX have a dedicated button on the front panel that lets you toggle between VGA and DVI input? Does it also have that little finger joystick for navigating its menus? I saw a NEC at Fry's that did this (it was a 17" silver though), and I was very impressed with that bit. See, I have a VGA Mac, and now a DVI PC... would be nice to not get a DVI-KVM with VGA to DVI dongle for the Mac, just to toggle the screen back n forth between my two computers. Toggling the USB is easy enough, and usually when I toggle my screen, I am not wanting to toggle my USB at that time either (quick glance, etc).
  18. 1) Make sure you have enabled the ports in the BIOS for RAID functionality. 2) Hit F10 a few times through startup before windows begins to boot... it should pop into the RAID configuration screen. At least... it SHOULD! 3) Switch ports while the machine is powered down. Just to be on the safe side. 4) Go into the forums "User CP" and click on "Edit Signature". That is where you can add your system specs to your profile. 5) Anything further, do what ~that guy~ just said, make a new thread :nod:
  19. So they eliminated that restriction with the NF4. Ok. Good to know.
  20. This PSU is amazing, TBH. I mean that. 1) Its powerful 2) Rails are stable, rock solid 3) Has lots of plugs (maybe too many LOL) 4) Extremely quiet 5) Fan pushes a lot of air (mine doesn't because my other case fans take care of the heat before it reaches the PSU... so the PSU is sitting twiddling its thumbs) 6) Comes with a Badge Sticker! 7) Has enough plugs for 4 SATA drives 8) Comes with a Molex to SATA power splitter, for two more SATA drives 9) The 12V Rail is more then enough Amperage for my rig 10) Might be overkill if you are only going to do single GPU, but overkill means future expansion without replacing your PSU!
  21. Some mainboards have only certain components ‘unlocked', like the DFI NF3 250GB mainboard. This mainboard requires you to use SATA ports 3 and 4 if you plan to overclock. Using ports 1 and 2 will limit your reference clock to about 240MHz before your hard drives start playing some funny games with you. This was found here: Massive A64 Guide - Short Media I thought it may be helpful for a few of you who have been having issues with their SATA RAID setup and OCing. It may be pertinent, but it may not. YMMV.
  22. You can find the revision number/code on a PCI-e slot. Its a sticker stuck to it. Fairly cryptic, but you should see a "R." followed by the number code.
  23. Not to throw some gasoline on smoldering wood... but... I came across this: "Some mainboards have only certain components ‘unlocked', like the DFI NF3 250GB mainboard. This mainboard requires you to use SATA ports 3 and 4 if you plan to overclock. Using ports 1 and 2 will limit your reference clock to about 240MHz before your hard drives start playing some funny games with you." This may very well not be an issue with the Ultra-D, but I thought it interesting information nonetheless. Someone elsewhere was having issues with their RAID on a NF3 250GB board... now if I can only find that post to give them this info!
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