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  1. Hmmmm...


    I just posted about this very issue:



    I have the same motherboard, close to the same GPU, and a bigger Seasonic... and today, I woke up to a dead machine, when it had been working PERFECTLY for the past 5 months solid (not a single issue during use), including the night before.


    Same blinking amber LEDS... same dead issue... however I managed to hotwire boot it... so I think its more of the DFI board is crap, not my PSU, because when all of it is finally booted and running, all lines tested with a MM are stable and solid.


    I love how this post is such BS pointing the blame game:



    Fact remains, the Seasonic works great with everything BUT a DFI... (wish I knew that when I was spec'ing this rig out 5 months ago) so I would lean more towards the DFI board is out of spec, not the Seasonic.


    So.... do I buy a new motherboard that wont be a pissy twit? Or do I buy some other PSU that may work with this DFI for another 5 months and then give out when nothing is wrong with it as well? Decisions decisions....

  2. Welp (hate responding to myself ... but oh well), I tried one last idea. One that goes against every fiber of my being, but since I figure this rig is toast, I can't hurt it further...


    When I take out all ram, it wont blink when I give it juice. So, I test the lines a bit more with the MM, and the purple line (board standby power), it is a rock solid 5.12v. Now, I turn off the power, and stick any ram into the top orange slot. I give it power, and its blinking.


    I probe it again, all lines are ok EXCEPT the purple wire. Its jumping like MADD all over the place from .1 to 4.0.


    Thats jacked, no ?


    So... the thing I did that goes against my better judgement... I shut off power. Took out the ram. Turned on power, got the steady amber leds. NOW I stuffed the ram into the slots. *ahem* ... I don't suggest this to anyone btw... thats my disclaimer.


    After doing that, the LEDs were still solid. The purple line was still solid 5v. So, I hit the power button, and wammy... its booting up perfectly fine. Went to bios, cleared settings, manually reset them all, deleted out all cmos reloaded. Saved a new slot. Restarted.


    Its now running through Memtest for a bit, to see if I damaged (or if they were already) the RAM.


    Crazy thing.

    It looks like now, if I ever lose power to the machine, I will never be able to boot up again. That is just WRONG.... and why it has all of a sudden decided to do this ?! I dont know! Everything by the book suggests nothing should be wrong with this thing. But for some reason, its crappin out. I've never had a machine only last 5 months.

  3. Found a couple slightly related issue threads... neither have any solutions that appear to help.





    (yes turns out its LED1, amber, not the first red LED of the diagnostic bank)


    Man this is crazy... I did a much longer dead sit. Put one stick in top orange slot, turned on power... got a steady light. So I booted to BIOS, set to optimized defaults, restarted. Seemed fine so far, so I set more settings in BIOS (I use RAID, so I need that ENABLED to boot to windows), restarted to windows. Windows gripes about wanting nvata.sys from SRCDATA. Guh, so I reinstall nforce drivers, and reboot. That goes away.


    Ok. So I have windows up. But running seriously hindered with just 1gb ram. Dare I shut down to put that in?


    So, shut down... before putting in the stick of ram, I turn the power off for a minute, then back on (not touching a single thing or cord). BLINKING DAMNED LIGHT!


    I didnt even tough anything... gads. I'm really getting frustrated now. I MM the battery, solid 2.99V, I MM the input power, and its solid on 12v and 5v and 3v rails.


    I'm running out of ideas. :confused:

  4. I take the power cord out, let it sit for a few minutes. Put it back in... nothing.

    I also pulled the cmos jumper, and battery... didn't help


    (my PSU has a power switch on it, btw)


    I tried yanking a stick. The lights were solid on poweron.

    So I shut off power.

    I tried the other stick just by itself. The lights were solid.

    So I shut off power again.

    I put both back in, turn on power, and the lights start blinking again.


    So, I take out the one I took out first, turn on power, and blinking lights.


    So, I swap the two, poweron, blinking lights.


    So, I take both out, poweron, and lights are solid! BAH!

    But of course it wont boot that way!


    So I stick one in the yellow slot on the top (4). Lights are solid!

    So this time I boot with that. I get to bios, save and restart, and the machine beeps loudly, then slowly posts, but missing characters here and there. I try to get to bios, but it wont.


    So, I clear CMOS once again. Poweron, BLINKING LIGHTS !%@#

    Ok... thats it.

    I go grab some old cheapy kingmax ram (512mb). Stick them in.


    I take one out, and stick it in slot 1. Solid lights.


    At this point I give up.


    Is it my ram ? (ALL OF THEM)... or is the motherboard hosed? Or is it something else? And wtf ... this machine had been running rock solid for 5 months.


    Everything is plugged in correctly.

    The machine is about 5 months old.

    Used sparingly as a game machine.

    Never runs 24/7, shutdown after each use, not used every day.

    All software up to date (god I'm sick of people asking if all my drivers are up to date).

    I'm not a novice user who simply got his hands on a DFI. If that helps the tone of anyone who wishes to help.


    We may have had a 'brown out' last night... because my speaker system was powered down. YET my Mac was still running fine (which is always on 24/7 because osx has a great sleep function).


    Anymore ideas?

  5. Yesterday I was using my computer fine... like normal, playing a simple game, then quitting for the night. Shutting down like normal.


    This morning I wake up... to a dead machine. !!!!!????


    I take the power cord out, let it sit for a few minutes. Put it back in... nothing.


    I open up the case and take a look, and the LED6 (by the dimms) and the Diagnostic LED 1 (down by the last pci slot), are 'blinking'. ? I have NEVER seen that before!


    What does this mean??? Please... help... I can't get this machine to even beep, bootup, or do anything but sit blinking. I don't understand what could have happened in 8 hours of idle that could do this!


    I also pulled the cmos jumper, and battery... didn't help :( :(

  6. A whole lot of this talk is going on in this thread:



    Some have come close to figuring out the problem... but from what it looks like, it is still a really bum situation. No one really coming to an answer other than "RMA"... which imo, sucks because you waste more money each time you send it back, and then are stuck without a card for a week at LEAST.


    I have had no troubles with mine, but then I have not touched it (even literally! I handled it with vinyl gloves LOL!). No OC, no mods, etc, all stock. I fear doing anything to it really, because I don't want to have to be without a card for two weeks because of a return.

  7. I was wondering, would there be a demand for a chart project on timings around or below stock speeds? For the G.Skill HZ/UCCC in particular. For instance if someone isn't wanting to OC the clock on them, but rather a reference chart of stable tight timings people have reached at certain speeds?


    For instance, since I am stuck with a max of 255mhz... I am going through now and finding all the lowest (or highest, depending on which is better) settings for this ram.

  8. I have just spent the last hour looking for a danged download link for the 6/23-1 BIOS for a NF4 Ultra-D. DFI's website doesn't have it. I cant find any stickies that regard them... I think I found a post, dated a YEAR ago, but I have no idea how valid the link is to the bios it mentions. Or if it's even safe to use with my motherboard...




    So, wouldn't it make sense, and be beneficial to all, to have a fairly up-to-date (and kept up-to-date) sticky on various (official) BIOS download links?


    I guess if the DFI website actually listed them all, this would be a moot point, but they don't, as I can not find 623-1 anywhere.

  9. BlackDragon24:

    I noticed in their screen shots, their cpu-z reported the SPD as 3-4-4-8. Many users report theirs are showing 3-5-5-10, and its those users who are usually having issues with the ram.


    Also, I really fecken hate that A64 tweaker being used in screenshots. Its so not matching the BIOS it aint funny. Sorry, just a personal gripe... didn't mean to vent here about it, but damnit!

  10. I was pointed to this thread from another... because I have a s12, and apparently I encounted a few 'cold boots' when I was trying to OC my ram.


    Personally, the machine runs fine if I DON'T OC my (crappy) G.Skill ram above 255. So I do not know if my cold boots are a cause of the PSU, or just something with the ram *shrug*.


    Basically, I have never had to leave it off for 24 hours to get it to boot again. Whenever the machine would black out on restart after a RAM timings/settings adjustment, I just clear CMOS and everything would come back. I had been using this machine at stock for a week before I took it all apart to do some case modding, and then put it all back together and begun the CPU OCing. During CPU OCing the only problems I encountered were non-windows-boot issues, and super pi BSODs. Upping the vcore fixed those problems.


    So, personally I do not believe my PSU is really 'bad'... however I still bring up the question: Should I be considering RMA'ing this because I HAVE had cold boots during OCing the RAM?


    My PSU is: Rev A2, bought on Feb 11th from newegg.

  11. If I actually knew what the definition of a cold boot problem is, I may know if I have had it, and overcome it or not :D LOL!


    I do know I have had a lot of times where the machine remains black... beeps long, then does nothing. usually this requires me to clear cmos, because yanking power for a minute or two doesnt appear to help. Is this what a cold boot problem is? Or do you mean, its too 'cold' literally... lol, which I find to be pretty hard to understand why tempurature has anything to do with it.

  12. deeselcyde:

    45 minutes into prime?

    An hour of prime and you are stable?


    That doesn't say much... hehehe.


    I would get prime errors sometimes around 3 hours. Once at 5 hours. Usually I wouldn't get to prime, if memtest test5 failed within at least 10 passes.


    You are prime stable after 10 hours.

    Memtest stable after 25 passes of test 5 and 5 passes of all tests.


    Then again, you could be stable at those... what's your ram date and SPD info? You may have gotten some good sticks.



    I tried pulling the power plug once, didn't help... so I just figured everytime it boot blank, I would have to clear the cmos. Which was often, hehe.

  13. I'm with Melcar on that one. Same reasons, same expectations, same goals. See my sig where I ended up at.


    On the issue of cold boots: what is that actually ? I mean... what is the definition of a cold boot? Is that when the machine stays black (the monitor), maybe blinks its power light once... maybe makes a long beep... what? Just curious.


    During my futzing with settings, I had many instances of almost every type of problem :D ... many required a clear of cmos... usually after a ton of errors occurred in memtest and I hit "ESC" to restart the machine. Wouldn't come back, just hang there.

  14. Have a lookie in this thread about the subject:




    The duct I used was the Thermaltake CPU HS Ducting Mod. Turns out I took it off just now, and see ABSOLUTELY no difference in temps. In fact... it may just be a colder day ... but it seems like its running cooler without it.


    The duct, if you are still interested is like this one:




    As for the fan, it blows about 35cfm. Which is pretty good. However you can get more powerful fans that force more air. Like the Vantec Tornado... which is seriously noisey, but pushes a crapload of air. I am trying to find something 40-60 cfm ish... having a hard time though at 80mm.

  15. LOL Slammin... oh too true!


    That G.Skill I got dropped $40 a week after I bought mine. Then, I find through a week of trial and all errors, they suck big horny toads.


    I will say this:

    G.Skill *bleepity* *bleep* *beep* you *bleeping* *bleeps*! I will _NEVER_ buy anything you produce, ever, EVER, again. I have blacklisted your *bleeparkin* company from the list I refer others too. *beeeeeeeep*!!!




    I feel a little better now.


    But seriously... I guess since I can get them stable at "4" whoppin mhz over stock... they arn't really "bad". They are just seriously overhyped and a total waste of money to anyone here.

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