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  1. Just got this stuff put together for my first 939-based system, looking for a couple reccomendations from the more experienced people here on the board... - DFI SLI-DR Expert - Opteron 165 CCBBE 0610 DPMW - 2X 1GB OCZ Platinum 3200 EL R2 V1.0 TCCD - XFX 7900GT XXX 560/1650 Questions I have are: - Which RAM slots to use? - Which BIOS? - Which Chipset Drivers? - Which Forceware Drivers? Thanks all in advance for yer help!
  2. Uh-oh. I hope we're not going to get into the Senn vs Grado / supra vs circum -aural debate here Sennheiser HD 555 Cnet Review (7.3/10) Lowest Price $149.99 Grado SR80 Cnet Review (7.7/10) Lowest Price $95.00 My take - the Senns are a great set of cans - undoubtedly the more stylish (though Grados retro-look inspires me), they lack the tight bass and warmth of a really great set of headphones. Most will find the fit-around-your-ear cicrumaural design more comfortable than the Grados, but they are hotter to wear for extended periods and heavier. The Grado's have great warmth and better bass, are diminutively light and the supraaural design fits on-top-of your ear - this provides better "surround" so-to speak. However this design can also be annoying to some. The bottom line is if you like rich, deep sound, grab the Grados. If you like loud, defined and almost speakerlike sound, hit up the Senns. The real difference? The Grado's always score higher in reviews and are US$75 cheaper. If you want to compare apples to apples, try comparing the HD 555s to the Grado SR125s. The price is identical, but the Grados score 8.3 and earn an editors choice even from Cnet!
  3. I've had the Zalman 5.1s, and found them heavy and total overkill, to be honest - plus sound was muddy and I didn't really feel a true "surround" effect. I admit though that I hate over-the-head cans in general for gaming, especially circumaural style. I'm currently using the Logitech Precision PC headset and it's really nice - light, good sound, and the open-style supraaural design keeps my head and ears cool. If you can afford them, and don't need a microphone, then get a set of Grado SR60's or SR80's - bass is deep and smooth, and overall sound is just about perfect - they are probably the best cans I have ever owned.
  4. For best performance and bench scores, 85.96.For best image quality and still great performance, 91.31. For something in between, 87.25B (bear in mind you need to download and install the Nvidia release package first, then the 87.25B file I linked to. When it installs it will "tweakerize" your nvidia package.) For the 7900GT I would use the 91.31 with the classic control panel interface - you'll get all the cool new DVD enhancements and great video/3D quality without a huge hit in performance (maybe 2/3% over 85.96) due to the more powerful GPU. As always, try before you settle - try out a few different packages and see which you like the most. Just remember the proper install/uninstall procedure: 1. Uninstall nvidia graphics drivers from Control Panel 2. Reboot 3. Ignore (cancel) any Windows Installer pop-ups 4. Use Driver Cleaner Pro to clean nVidia graphics files (get it here) 5. Use a registry cleaner to remove invalid registry entries (optional, but reccomended) 6. Install Nvidia Drivers 7. Reboot 8. Run Benchmarks (if desired) 9. Return to step 1 and start again if you want to compare different packages. 10. Remember to donate (even a dollar helps!) to TRU for the great packages. Peace.
  5. On the cooler side, it's written sideways right beside the middle row of capacitors on the right hand side. Says "R02." I'm assuming this is PCB Revision... I'll post photos as soon as I can pull one of the cards so you can compare. I assume so - no boxes provided as this comp was pre-built. My boards are red, with the ugly-faced dude on the cooler and heatisnks around it. Is yours the same? Stock clocks were 425/1000 before overclocking. I may sound like a noob - but is there a chance Rivatuner is reporting incorrectly? Highly unlikely, I assume. No internet on other computer yet - will get screenshots soon.
  6. Rivatuner shows the following on the main page under "Target Adapter": 256-bit NV40 (A1,16x1,6VP) with 512MB DDR3 After the running the Rivatuner batch file unlock trick from Guru3d The board revision on both cards is R02, so I assume newer PCB revisions of this board are NV40? Will screenie for you when I get a chance.
  7. Yes, yes and probably! Differences between drivers are similar for all cards - the 85.96 are still the fastest, and would probably be the best bet with a GPU like the 6600. However also try 84.37v2 - this was what I was using when I used to have a BFG6600GTOC, and it worked great - though I assume the 85.96 is still faster. Peace
  8. Hey all, thought I would do some more posting as I'm stuck at work today and it is DULL. Wanted to share these driver links as they have proved AMAZING for me. JRd1st and GOZ over at TweaksRus have released some stellar Forceware packages, and these are a few of my favourites. I have tried literally everything out there, including tweaking my own drivers. These have consistently been the best overall. Fastest Xtreme-G 85.96 - These give the best speed of all drivers for me - and a literally have tried them ALL. I'm picky about quality too and these seem to provide the best balance. Prettiest X-Treme G 91.31 - I really like the DVD enhancements and quality on these 9-series drivers, but they're about 2-5% slower across all benchmarks than 85.96. This is the English "Select" release - allows you to choose the new or old control panel which will be active by default. Other Favourites Xtreme-G 84.37v2 - Still a favourite. Now eclipsed by 85.96, these still give great FPS and quality in most games. I have heard there are fewer issues with the equivalent nVidia release of this package compared to later releases. However if this translates to XG drivers I don't know - and I've never had a problem either way. This package is almost identical to Goz's XG84.43v2 and XG84.56v3B. Performance is very similar, as is quality. Xtreme-G 87.25B - This is a beta release, and this installer ONLY tweaks an existing, official install of 87.25. Quality was on par with 91.31, but it was faster - closer to 85.96. This is a great mid-point if you want to strike a balance between quality and performance. Try these and enjoy. As always make sure you uninstall and clean your old drivers off your system first (for me, this entails: uninstalling in Control Panel, Rebooting, Ignoring Windows Installer attempts, use Driver Cleaner Pro, use a Registry Cleaner, then install). EDIT: Almost forgot - if you try these and, like me, love them, then maybe find it in your heart to donate. I did, and it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  9. True enuff - I meant performance is pretty close to the X850XTPE. My oldoldold X800 overclocked to 475/1150 did 1258 in 3DMark06, and my oldold X850XTPE at 540/1175 did 1375 - about a 8.5% dif for way less money. The way you guys are bombing Iraqis these days, you'll be cross-border shopping in Canada in the not-too distant future. JK - but I just changed some US cash to Canadian for 9% - not bad considering it used to be like 22%! Might even make a nice card in a SLI/crossfire setup. Tho I don't know anything about ATI's SLI, so maybe not. Peace
  10. Not yet - this all went down yesterday and (late) last night. At work today and to the cottage this afternoon so won't have a chance to play any games until next week. I can't wait to rock some Half Life 2 @ 16x12 with full HDR and eyecandy! Peace
  11. OK, so I have to admit, this is my first foray into SLI, and I have always been a HUGE skeptic, but the results of this "experiment" are pretty compelling. I was recently in my favourite local computer store, and as always, asked my buddy who works there if he had any great deals / open box specials. As luck would have it, he had a semi-complete SLI computer which had been partially built for a customer who subsequently bailed. Being my buddy, he also let me in on the fact that they had already collected the non-refundable deposit (50%) and agreed to sell me it to me at cost minus 50%, plus another 15% off, which is their standard discount for open-box items. God bless the hook-up - this came to $304.73 after taxes (Canadian). Turns out this setup consisted of a DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert and 2 Gainward "Bliss" 6800GS 512MB PCI-E cards. The cards themselves are pretty slick - bright red, with a big, ugly cirque-de-soleil looking guy on the cooler housing and lots of heatsinks around it. And a DFI board is always good news Since this setup had already been pre-setup and tested for SLI functionality, I simply took it home, ripped out my 250GB and plugged this in with a borrowed Athlon 3700+ and let her rip. Managing this setup was actually pretty easy through the control panel - I thought it would be much more difficult. With a little help from the forums at Guru3d.com, I even managed to push the cards from their already overclocked state to 500/1475 and unlock the extra 4 pixel pipes using RivaTuner. Just for fun, I decided to run a full-out 3DMark06 test at 16x12 - HDR-R/SM3.0 Bench with AA4X and AF8X. After it completed, I sat back, literally at a loss for words. This setup scored 1422 - my old 6600GT scored in the low 200s and even my 7800GS doesn't break 1000, routinely getting high 900s. So this was nearly 700% faster than my 6600 and at least 25% faster than the 7800GS! All I can say is WOW. I admit I always an SLI skeptic, but this definitely changes my mind. Considering I paid $359 + tax for my 7800GS, SLI def has a price/performance advantage (even considering my sizeable discount). I have yet to install any games and start playing, but believe me, that is definitely on the horizon! However, these bastardos are LOUD, and my system temp has gone up 5 degrees after installing them. Ugh. No more silent PC, I guess. Peace!
  12. It's too bad you guys in the US don't have Purolator - here in Canada this is def the way to go. I work for a wireless + cellular business / industrial store, and we sell VERY VERY expensive cellular and wireless products - not to mention delicate. Like this $20,000 cellular repeater - which can't be jolted too much or it will need to be re-calibrated. Plus we send huge boxes of cell phones literally every day without issue. I've as yet not had one damaged box. It seems even with almost no packaging at all, Purolator always seems to get things to their destination on time, undamaged - and cheap. Tho unlike USPS, our postal service is actually pretty damn good. Fast and pretty cheap. Plus I think it's cool when the Purolator guy brings me coffee (his previous scheduled stop is right next to a Tim Horton's) and always remembers my name. I acutally saw him at a bar a week or so ago and he bought me a beer. That's cool. And that's the kind of company to takes pride in itself, it's employees and ultimately it's service. Head's up UPS.
  13. For those canucks in the crowd, Canada Computers has the X800XL 256MB PCI-E card on for $169.99 Canadian. Shipping is free in Canada, but there is a $10 flat handling charge. http://www.canadacomputers.com/index.php?d...594&cid=999.243 Order Online or pickup from one of their 7+ stores across Ontario. This is the 400/1000 Core/GDDR3 version, which many people have been reporting is able to overclock to 450/1120 - pretty close to X850XTPE speeds... Would make a nice base for an SLI rig for some!
  14. Believe it or not (probably not) I'm now "just" using two 2005FPWs for graphic design, and the 2405 is "relegated" to Xbox/Xbox360 use. I find the dual monitor thing ideal for tools/palettes and editing, and the widescreen means I can edit multipler layers/objects at once without moving things around. I use my computer mainly for work, so this makes way more sense, though I considered setting up the 2405 in the middle with the two 2005's flanking it. Pure geek-vana, but a bit excessive. So now the 2405 is in the bedroom and doubles as our nightime TV and my get-away-from-my-GF-to-play-xbox refuge. Yes, and don't think anyone here doesn't hate you for it I get to tax deduct my gear for business, but it's not quite the same. Still you need to have some balance, and it becomes hard to spend all your cash on bleeding-edge computer gear when you have a mortgage, utilities, insurance, gas, etc to pay for. True enuff. I never begrudge anyone their hobbies or vices. I'm a computer geek through and through, but I see a point in balance - I'm also a mad runner, windsurfer, snowboarder, mountain biker, whitewater kayaker, hiker, etc , etc. For all the 'indoor' interests I have, I also have at least an equal amount of outdoor hobbies - keeps me balanced, my skin a nice shade of not-white and reminds my lungs how to process real oxygen. Not to mention counteracting all the beer I drink
  15. Agreed - I used to play HL2 on my old BFG6600GTOC at 1024x768 and get ~60fps... which is lots enough for me. I'm currently using the Dell 24" Widescreen (1920x1200) - So I "upgraded" to the 7800GS - which is way too much memory card as it is, just so I could upscale 1280x1024 for the LCD. More than this for me would be overkill. However you hardcore junkies who play at 16x12++ with all the eyecandy enabled might just have good reason to buy that SLI rig. Though I question sometimes the time and money people spend on their computers (people = predominantly guys) - you might invest in something more practical maybe, like - a car? For the price of an SLI rig, I could probably get you a decent late model import. Might improve your dating prospects too - girls like guys with cars and tans, not pasty, malnourished guys who can clame the most frags in their Quake Clan. P.S. Yes, I was kidding about the last part. I have the most frags in my Quake Clan. Nah-Nah. But I also have a car.
  16. CRTs still have the best P2P speed and pitch, but LCDs are sharper, more consistent, have a longer lifetime and lower eye strain. I also find colours more uniform and consistent day-to-day than my old CRT (which was a 21" $1500 graphic design monstrosity). I had to adjust colour profiles as the monitor aged. Plus with the newest LCDs, there's very little ghosting during fast motion sequences. And since most gaming sessions tend to last an hour or more, I find the reduced eye strain quite pleasant to my ocular nerve
  17. Widescreen is the way to go - most games now have preset 16:10 profiles built in, however most screens will upconvert from a lower resolution (like 1280x1024). I use my Xbox360 on my Dell 2005FPW, and have it set to upconvert the 1280x1024 signal in aspect mode - this maintains the proper ratio (ie no stretching) and gives the biggest possible image. The bonus here is that you can run a slightly lower resolution (to improve FPS) and still get a big detailed image. On my screen, 1280x1024 looks almost as good as 1680x1050. Wish Micrososft would release a dashboard update to include 16:10 format for the 360 . Also, If you are in the market for a widescreen, I *highly* reccomend Dell - I do a bit of Graphic design on the side, and have very precise colour profiles that I need to match the colour palette of my printer - this means screen quality, trueness of colour, and consistency is critical so that the colour I see on screen is the colour that is going to print! My first monitor was an R03 Dell 2005FPW I got on one of Dell's huge 20% off sales (+ 5%) EPP, so when I went to purchase a second monitor I cheaped out and bought an Acer and then later a Viewsonic (both widescreen). This was a HUGE mistake! Side by side with the Dell, these panels were terrible - backlight bleed, banding, poor uniformity, excessive push and hotspotting were all evident to even the casual viewer. The Acer in particular had a lot of ghosting during fast motion. I sold these quickly, and went back to dell for a 2007FPW (R02). This too was a mistake - the newer panels, while having ood colour uniformity and rendition, have bad hotspotting, and a bit of banding, even on the R02 models. I managed to source an older R03 2005FPW and the colour matching is bang on - I now use these screens side by side, one for editing the other for tools and palettes. Based on my 2005 vs 2007 experience, I also got a 2405FPW off ebay, and it's truly spectacular. I now play Xbox360 on it, and it's a great experience! Though it's much smaller and not ideal for multiplayer games, the resolution and colour are far better than my big HP DLP HDTV. I find those big TVs great for movies, but the image is a little soft for gaming - it's still only 1920 x 1080. Peace.
  18. Four emails so far about BIOS settings and what I did, so here it is... All BIOS changes made using NiBiTor v2.9a All changes tested using 3DMark03/05/06 and Aquamark Yes, Original BIOS is supplied with card (R01), but I also include the newer BFG R02 on the CD as well as a backup copy of my current BIOS Stock Speed settings changed - 3D: 600 / 1175 - 2D: 300 / 1175 Core Voltage Changed - 3D: 1.5v - 2D: 1.3v (N/C) Fan/Temp Settings Changed - Core slowdown set to 70 degrees C - 6600GT Temp Monitor Trick Enabled - Fanspeed 100% 2D/3D Memory Latency Settings Changed - PFB_ registers altered for more memory overhead New BIOS settings represent the new 100% stable "baseline" after optimization. However this is not the maximum clock speed - for gaming, I overclock to 625/1200. This setting represents pretty much the max stable overclock, as is 100% 24/7 stable for benchmarking and gaming. Thanks
  19. Finally decided to part with this stellar card. As budget cards go, this thing rocks! BFG 6600GT OC AGP 128MB Owned: About 8 months Reason for Selling: Uhh, 7800GS? Condition: AS NEW - with personal modifications Included: Original Box, manual, cables, receipt (for $238 Canadian), Driver CD I will also include a bootable CD containing nVflash and the BFG BIOS R01 and R02, as well as my own custom BIOS. This CD also has Driver Cleaner Pro on it, plus 4 versions of forceware and the latest PureVideo decoder: - Forceware 84.37, by Xtreme-G - Forceware 91.28, by Xtreme-G - Forceware 91.31, by Xtreme-G - Forceware 91.33 (latest) - PureVideo decoder 1.02-223 (latest) I am currently using 84.37XG, as this gives the best results in all games and benchmarks, as well as offering the most tweakability. All 9X-series drivers use the new Control Panel...ugh. I have made a few modifications to this card: - Cooler removed and reapplied with Arctic Silver Ceramique - Copper Ramsinks added to RAM - Volt modded (with Multimeter!) - Flashed to new, custom BIOS (Fan always on high, RAM latency lowered... lots more) - Overclocked to 600/1175 (587) STABLE, no artifacts or drops in any games or benchmarks This card benches higher than some 6800GTs I've seen here on the Street - 68,000s in Aquamark and 24,000s in 3DMark01SE. I can provide further benchmarks to those interested (PM me). Looking for $175 +/- I am located in Ottawa, Ontario, and prefer a local pickup, but will ship in Canada and potentially to US if the price is right. You pay exact shipping - Paypal OK too. PM me if interested!
  20. LOL - as the world turns... nVidia released a new 91.33 driver just today. Here's the release notes. Issues Resolved in Version 91.33 The following are changes made and issues resolved since driver version 91.31. Single-GPU Issues Resolved • GeForce 7950 GX2: Blue-screen crash occurs when running 3D Mark 06 with an Intel i955XBK motherboard. SLI Technology Issues Resolved • GeForce 6 and 7 Series: Added an SLI profile for Prey. • NVIDIA Control Panel: “SLI multi-GPU rendering has been disabled” pop-up message appears on non-SLI capable systems. • NVIDIA Control Panel: The digital display cannot be set to its native resolution when the analog display is set as the primary display under nView Clone or Spanning modes. • NVIDIA Quadro FX 5500: With four monitors connected, from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Workstation->Synchronize Displays page, the server cannot be set. • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4400: Under the NVIDIA Control Panel->Workstation->Synchronize Displays, the secondary display is unable to be set as the client. Bolded seems to be the resolution to the two main problems voiced in this thread in regards to 91.31. Download here. EDIT: I almost forgot - they also released a new PureVideo Decoder today: PureVideo Decoder 1.02-223 OEM
  21. 84.37XG is where it's at for me... almost 5% better scores in Aquamark and 3Dmark and easier to tweak... Links: X-treme G 84.37 Full Driver Package Xtreme-G 84.37 "Tweakerizer" (adds XG optimizations to existing 84.37 drivers) EDIT: XG also makes a tweaked 91.28 & 91.31 that removes the SLI popup and defaults to the classic control panel. Still waiting for a more stable release, but here are the links for those that want to try the new drivers right away. Also added a link to 84.56v3 - similar results to 84.37, but for me doesn't overclock as high. 91.28XG 91.31XG 84.56XGv3 Plus here's a basic comparison of 84.22 - 84.56 from TweaksRus, including both a performance comparison and a subjective analysis of each drivers quality. Forceware Driver Comparison
  22. P.S. I went across the street *again* and bought more. MORE! That's 10 so far and counting... Somebody stop me. Can't wait to play Elderscrolls IV!
  23. Well, yeah, thats just me being an idiot, now isn't it.... 51178 bytes is probably <50kb, no doubt. So, apologies all around.
  24. Yeah, TGCSS is an extension of our big grocery chain, called Loblaws. They got bought out a while ago and changed names. Not as big as Walmart, but then again, the one across the street from me here in Ottawa is a whole city block long... So Happy... How come MY signature gets axed for being 52Kb (ie. >50kb), but Technodanvan's sig is 51kb + change and his gets to stay? Do I smell unfair favourtism? I thought Canuckistani's stuck together
  25. For anyone in Canada - The Great Canadian Superstore across from where I work is selling off Xbox and Xbox 360 games on a buy one get one free basis. Plus their price on regular Xbox games is already discounted. Might extend to the Loblaws chain as well, but not sure. Noticed this yesterday and bought a bunch of games! Cheers!
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