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  1. Wevsspot, I tried your recommended settings and found two things: 1. Testing the entire memory for all tests for ~8 hours has produced 0 errors for 12 passes. 2. Testing a select memory range (encompassing a location that produced errors before) for test #7 for ~1 min has produced ~30 errors for ~30 passes. (roughly 1 to 1). The errors are infrequent enough that when I test the entire memory range, I'd have to keep Memtest86+ running for such a long time to actually see anything pop up (see first post concerning ~160 hour test). Yet when I concentrate the test on that location, errors pop up immediately. I'm beginning to think an RMA is inevitable.
  2. Logan & Kobalt, The gskill ram is rated for 250 Mhz, but I'm only running it at 200 Mhz. I'm not overclocking at all, just trying to get a stable system. I've also taken a look at the stock settings database to get a feel for some of the timings for my ram. However, running timings that are 250Mhz-stable for others (using the same brand/model ram) @ 200Mhz for me 'should' produce something stable for me I would think (correct me if I'm wrong). The settings reposted from Tasr aren't too off from what I've been testing, but I'll give them a go and report back in a bit.
  3. For quite a while now, I've been dealing with random in-game and out-of-game crashing (BF2, Firefox, plain Windows XP). Due to my lack of dedicated time, it's gone on for several months, but during that time, I've been slowly trying to narrow down the cause of the problem. For the record, I have had the video card and motherboard replaced (with the same model) to no avail. Running stock settings (all G.Skill's RAM timings on their website - except for RAM frequency, which is 200 MHz), I've run Memtest86+ for about 160 hours. During that time, it completed 181 passes and produced 19 errors at 3 distinct memory locations for tests 2 & 7. Seeing this, I find myself asking the question: Does RAM tend to produce different 'patterns' of errors depending on whether it's bad or just improperly configured in BIOS? Will improperly tuned RAM tend to produce large blocks of errors? On the other side of the coin, are sparse, disjoint memory errors an indication of bad RAM? Without knowing the answers to those questions, I've tried to move forward and retest the RAM with more relaxed settings in hopes of removing the errors. I've gone through some memory related threads here trying to learn some more about all of the different ram settings to facilitate this. I can provide additional information about RAM settings, but loosening parameters such as CPC, Tras, Trc, DRAM Drive Strength, DRAM Data Drive Strength, and R/W Queue Bypass in the direction of stability have not removed the errors (In these later tests I focused Memtest86+ on the suspected tests 2 & 7 for small memory ranges around the 3 memory locations - actually producing a larger error/pass ratio). I'm trying not to initiate another RMA needlessly, so I would like to get some input to determine whether or not I've tested my RAM properly/enough, if the current errors are an indicator of bad RAM, and if not, what are some recommended courses of action for further testing? Please don't hesitate to ask for more information. Thanks!
  4. Hopefully the attached pic shows up... To mitigate the space issue, I reversed the lower chamber fan & plastic mount so that it locked on to the front side of the metal divider (fan orientation changed to provide same direction of airflow). Since I'm not using the lower chamber for any drives, tis ok for me, but for anyone else using the space it probably won't fly. Though you might be able to squeeze a little more room out of it by doing as the dougster suggested and ditching the plastic mount in addition to switching sides.
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