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  1. Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. I need a new case. I have a LianLi PC60 right now and it's just full of stuff. Wires everywhere, bad airflow etc. It was a nice case til I filled her up. I want a big case. Lots of room for optical drives + hd's + room for expansion. It also needs to be transportable (on occasion, no more than once a month). I am going to be moving all the hardware in my sig to this new case. I have heard great things about the CM Stacker series so I was looking at this for a possible choice: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811119103 I also am a fan of LianLi so I was thinking about maybe one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811112057 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811112061 Silverstone TJ07 looks nice too: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811163057 All these cases are very expensive, but I guess you have to pay this kinda money to get everything you desire in a case. I really need some good suggestions. I just wanna be able to easily get my hands in the case (if I need to) to make a change/modification. I want good cable routing and excellent airflow. Thanks.
  3. I think I figured out my problem. I dont' think my chip is stable at 2.7. I knocked it back down to 2.5 and it's running smoothly so far. Got prime going now on both cores.
  4. It is a fresh OS install, and I'm using some newer beta drivers (83.90). I'll install the newest official nvidia drivers and see if that changes anything, but I don't think it will. I am only running one video card, not SLI. My videocard is OC'd from the factory. I have not tried to oc it any further. But you are right. My card is huge and the end of it covers the chipset fan and sits over top of it, so that could be why it's getting very hot. I didn't plug any settings over from my Asus board, but I think my chip might not be stable at 2.7 :/ so guess I need to go back to the drawing boards on how to get my sys stable
  5. First of all I think this is kinda weird. Do DFI boards supply more power to PCI-E cards? I was running an Asus A8N-SLI Premium board with the same setup in my sig and the temps of my GPU at idle were usually 47-50C. Now with the SLI-DR, my GPU temps at idle are 55-60C. Why would my video card be hotter on this mobo? The second issue I have is stability. I am running at 300x9 now with 3x LDT. My memory is at around 245 (5/6 divider). I can't run 3dmark06 without getting a device lost error (I'll post a screen shot in a few min). Just wondering why everything would be stable, but it seems my video subsystem isn't. Is there a setting I am missing in the bios? I have run memtest for 9 hours stable now. I prob should run a long pass of prime as well which I will do here shortly. I just run the default 3dmark benchmark. It runs for about 1.5 tests then gives me this error:
  6. Nevermind about this. It's normal. My mobo temp is my PWMIC sensor temp which is usually pretty high from what I can tell. I'll see if I can't put a fan around it to cool it down some.
  7. I mean Is it normal for my motherboard temps to be so high? My cpu is idling at 32C and my mobo temp is at 44C. This just seems crazy to me. Usually the cpu temp is higher than mobo.
  8. Hmm...I wouldn't be able to mount 120's where the 80's are supposed to go without modding the case which I don't wanna do. Does anyone have any recommendations for a larger case than a lianli PC60? Maybe not huge like a full tower, but something in between, with 120mm fans standard, and just lots of room to work with.
  9. So....is this a sensor issue? Or is something in my mobo really getting hot? I think I need a bigger case, because I think my airflow is being affected by how much stuff I have in there now.
  10. I have a lianli pc60 case with pretty much stock cooling. 2x80mm intake fans in front, 1x80mm fan exhaust in back, and 1x80mm exhaust fan at top. I am using a Zalman 9500LED hsf. My cpu temps seem to be ok. But my reported motherboard temps are crazy high. While I am running dual primes to stress both cores, I get around 59-60C in Everest for my mobo temps. Is this something I should worry about? My cpu temps are around 45C. Now my case is pretty full, and I also have this huge video card in here which runs around 55C idle. This is kinda weird too though. My video card ran around 48C idle in my other mobo (Asus A8N-SLI Premium). What could cause the increase in my GPU temp?
  11. Excellent news. Great to hear Kekambas What made me order the G.skill was I found their support forums on ExtremeSystems.org. Looked like good service. Reminded me of the RamGuy forums.
  12. Just bought everything at newegg.com (hehe got 6months to pay for it all). I decided to go with the G.skill Seems like a lot of people on this forum use and like it. I would assume they have decent support as well.
  13. I am thinking about getting on the G.skill bandwagon, but I would like to know about their support. I have always been a big fan of Corsair because their products have always worked well for me, and in the 1 rare case where it didn't, they helped me out. Their support was excellent. How is G.skillz support? Will they leave me hanging if my set dies?
  14. What kind of support can I expect with this memory? If it should go bad etc.
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