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  1. no, it was just an extra drive before. Was just hoping to use it again
  2. Unfortuantly its already plugged into that port. raids are in nforce ports
  3. I was trying to add an old 80 gb SATA hard drive that has info on it already and everytime I connect it I get unhealthy stripe error. I have 2 250 sata hard drives raided and have used this hard drive on this system before. Only thing that has changed would be the power supply and cpu heatsink. I dont want t raid this drive, just use it as an extra drive.
  4. I candt seem to get this memory stable at any oc speeds. I went and even looked through other setups and I can boot with this profile and even pass mem test( makes me think something is fishy) but when I try to run super pi and occt but both failed rather quickly. I am wondering if I used mem test right or not, I followed directions and and loaded 858 into 2 mem tests at smae time and ran them. It said because I have 1gb memory that I had to use 2 applications of it. I ran the test to 5000 coverage with no errors. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. I have no extra cpu to try and the power supply is brand new. I tried to clear cmos exactly as show and that did not work either. Any other ideas? I also took the board out of the case to see if it was shorting out and that did no good. I just tried jumping the power supply now and it didnt work. The light on the motherboard lit up the other day and now it doesnt.
  6. The video card I have uses a molex connector for power.
  7. I jusst finally replaced my power supply and hooked everything up and nothing happened. I do have on little light on inside but as far as anything else is dead. I tried using the power switch inside on the board and that didnt work. I lost my manual so I am not sure on the front panel connectors but I am pretty sure I have everything else right. I hooked up the FDD connector and molex on the motherboard. The new power supply is a OCZ gamerextreme 600 sli. I used the 20 +4 pin connector and cpu 1 connector directly to motherboard. Does antone have any ideas?
  8. Thanks all for the help. I found a forum the ocz reps hang out on and they sent me an rma form. The name of forum is bleeding edge if anyone else ever needs it. Thanks all!
  9. Switch is off when I insert jumper but it is on when I try. I dont have any of the 3 lights on the power supply.
  10. Power supply will not jump, does this mean its toast?
  11. How do I check psu? I know there is a way to jump pins of of the atx connector so that you can run power without having to power board but I have no idea which pins.
  12. I was putting on a big typhoon heatsink and took my motherboard and everything apart. Now i cant get any thing to work. My standby power led on the motherboard doesnt light, fans dont turn either. None of the leds light up.
  13. i did all the test in windows with memtest. The version I downloaded one from the internet. I have one that is on motherboard but I have run both with no problems I have run n-tune to track the temps and iit does get up to 55 if I am burning a dvd but I almost expected that.
  14. Computer will be running fine in windows and i will be playing a game and it will spontaniously reboot. When it comes back on it goes post and normal bootup. Then it goes into windows just like normal. No problems with led's or anything. I dont know if its the power supply or what. I even took all oc off cpu.
  15. Ok, I have run mem test for almost 24 hours with no errors, does anyone else have any other ideas on why my computer would spontaniously reboot for no reason I could find. When it reboots it goes through all the same steps as if you just turned it on. No blue screen of death or anything.
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