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  1. My friend uses an Tagan 500w. His was fine. This has been a progressive problem. My system has been unchanged and working for months before this crap started, which indicates a gradual deterioraton with a component.
  2. This may be my last thread on here, cos im buying an Asus. (Only because im in the UK and I cant find any retailer that supplies a DFI board I need!). Just to bring anyone unfamiliar with my last thread up to speed, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69358 After taking all the advice Ive been given I tried all my components in a friends DFI system and evrything worked fine. Someone recommended a CMOS clear and trying a fresh windows installation before i buy a new motherboard. I did so. And when reconnecting the power to startup machine a recieved no post! The four dignostic lights flash on, then three remain, two and finally one (system startup, cpu, ram, vga detected), then the machine reboots. Or im guesiing it is because all four lights flash back on and repeat this cycle indefinitely until i power down and i can see/hear the chipset fan starting and stopping. I tried placing the RAM into a different slot out of desperation, and in all three other slots the four leds flash on then the first three remain on. I recieve no display during this and I have to power the machine down. I have performed CMOS clears before so im not operating from a point of ignorance. I am about to place an order for a new non-DFI board (reluctantly....because this forum rules), i really cannot think of anything else this can e other than the board was dying anyway. Can anyone offer any opinions before I leave DFI for the forseeable future?
  3. Nah...sorry. I should have said it worked fine without the soundcard for a couple of days afetr a new windows install. Then it started again (no sound card present). I have tried every single component of my computer in a friends DFI SLI-DR system and all is well. It IS the motherboard without a doubt....i think.
  4. Hell no. One of my sticks had at least 80 errors at whatever timings. TRhe other was fine after 12hrs of memtest. Mine is either a motherboard(unlikely), PSU(hopefully) or CPU problem. Im willing to accept any half-arsed fixes for my sytem now. I seriously doubt you have the same problem as me, cos my BSODs and other issues defy logic (hence the headind of my thread). but this is your thread...back to trying to help you!
  5. Sounds like how my problems started. Bluescreening at random times on the net and then it spread to when i was watching videos and eventually began to happen while idling at the desktop and loading windows. At this point i get bluescreens when coping windows setup files to a freshly formatted HDD!
  6. update.....my system will not allow me to use a any HDD diagnostics or reinstall windows. Ive tried Tmods BIOS CD to run Seagate Diags (cos PowerMax wont detect my drives!) and Hirens Boot CD. Each time it tells me it 'Could not create 50mb Ram Drive, invalid drive specification' and then fails to respond. Ive tried my DVD drive in my friends computer and its fine....ive also changed all the cables.
  7. Bit of a pickle this one. You could always try a different monitor. In all honesty though...my PC is not even working for moe than 10mins at a time and i think its my motherboard...so i cant set mine up again to advise you.
  8. In answer to the first question, Im using the BIOS version that came with the motherboard in January. I'll find out the exact revision name and post back. in all honesty, BIOS flashing intimidates me. If it goes wrong i have no motherboard. In answer to the second, I thought of that too. I ran memtest again for 12 hours a couple of days ago with the stick in the top top orange slot and it passed without error. If a ram module shows no errors, could it still be failing in other ways?
  9. Damn. Tried having only the HD connected that i would be installing to and proceeded to boot up windows. Bluescreens all over again. I tried changing all the cables in my system, thinking it might be the SATA cables or power cable. The system ran ok for two days (albeit with no soundcard). then randomly it blue screened again.Grrr!!!
  10. Not evryone is willing to spend 1000 on video cards. Besides, my two 7800s run everything at max settings at 1600x1200
  11. 1. Remove the old drivers and install both cards. 2. In the BIOS; Set PCI-Express configuration to '8-NC-4-8'. Enable 'SLI Broadcast Aperture'. And also....if your BIOS is similar to mine theree will be an option labelled 'Enable dual 6600GT support'. I know you have 6800s but if evrything else fails....try it. 3. Install drivers in safe mode and reboot. 4. Enable SLI in the Nvidia control panel. 5. Your monitor may need to be connected to the second card if the screen goes black.
  12. Ah right. Thats helpful, cheers. I'll install to the other HDD and only use that one. I'll see if this crap still happens and get back.
  13. I have. This is a really confusing problem. The fact that everything on my comp, despite fresh installs is buggered except when i play a game. Where is the method in this madness?
  14. Right....Its not the ballistix. Like I said, memtest stable after 8 hours and I tried it in my friends DFi machine and it works fine. I have tried each of my HDD connected alone with an operating system and still the problem continues. I can think of only two things it could be; the PSU or the Mobo. Im going to try another PSU in a couple of days but I dont see how I could have this problem for the past month and yet still manage to play Oblivion and Battlefield without error if I was recieving an inconsistent power supply. Im really baffled!!!
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