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  1. Exactly, thats what I'm asking, does the RAM's "lowest setting" include going 2T and CAS3, because many guides just tell you to do the 100 divider.
  2. So I've recently read that despite putting RAM on a 100 Divider, it won't take RAM completely out of the picture when finding CPU max. I belive I read that someone couldn't get past 2.6 no matter what volts to the CPU or what divider, but when changed the RAM timings from CAS2 to CAS3, got a much higher OC to 2.9... Is this true? For finding CPU max would you suggest CAS3 (or even 2T) in addition to setting it on the 100 divider?
  3. Same stepping here too, stuck at 295x9 at 1.48volts, seems like these are consistently maxing out right around 2.7... no complaints here either =)
  4. Hey...this is kind of a newb question but uh, after you remove the IHS and get to the point at the end of Angry's video, do you clean off the black crap around the sides with nail polish remove/alcohol ? And then do I put AS5 on the small chip in the center then placing my Zalman9500 over it? Kinda confused heh. Just want to push my opty a bit farther than 2.52, my load temps are already at 50~52 so thats really my limitingn factor atm.
  5. hey, I've got the same ram as you, the GeIL pc4000, the timings are rated at 2.5-4-4-7 I believe at ddr500. I've got an opty165, its currently 12 hours prime stable at the following settings: htt 280x9(2.520g), ldt x3, vcore 1.425 (1.39v CPU-z & Smart Guardian), mem divider 9/10 running at 252mhz with 2.7vdim, so DDR504, my timings are set at the rated 2.5-4-4-7. I've read some reviews and such after buying the RAM, apparently these won't go for much past 250htt, 255 if you're lucky. With those settings above I ran memtest86+ from the board's Bios(6/23) and got like 2 errors over 10hours, and I think I'm willing to live with that heh. Also I found out that these seem to have Hynix chips and apparently don't work well with AMDs/DFI.
  6. Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong here, can't you mod the nf4-d for both sata2 and sli? right now I'm not interested in the SLI..but SataII..hmmm... maybe I should just get a 3gb Sata HDD heh
  7. hey guys, first time poster but I've been reading up around here a lot anyways I'm trying to put together an Opty165 o/c machine but my dealer is having trouble getting me an Ultra-D, and instead offered just the regular NF4-D. now is this going to hurt my o/c'ability with GeIL DDR500 Ram? (2x512) I'm hoping to run the ati 1900xtx, so my other option could be the xfire mobo, but I haven't seen many people o/c on that, mostly Ultra-Ds...and the NF4 SLI experts. I guess, all I'm asking is, would be it worth it to scavenger hunt for an Ultra-D(probably costing me a bit), or is it ok to just go for the regular NF-D? I am also open to other choices such as the RD200 or the SLI-expert. Or...is it worth it to upgrade ram to OCZ or G.skill? I don't want to "waste" the Opty165 o/c potential here with a non-optimal mobo or ram, I want to get the m ost out of the 165...any help or comments much appreciate it!
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