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  1. Does that require a floppy drive? LOL But thanks for the advice Tao
  2. Updated my specs in the sig. I built this rig about two months ago, when the X1900XTX came out. When I first got everything hooked up and I pressed power the rig turned on fine. After setting up and installing windows and rebooting things were still working fine. It stayed on until I needed to turn it off to move locations. The computer is connected to outlet power through a surge protector. I have tried multiple outlets. I am not about to consider the outlet power being the problem. Like I said, when I cycle the PSU power repeatedly sometimes the single blinking status LED will go solid and the computer will start. This takes several cycles. Almost totally random. A friend of mine was able to get it to start by basically unplugging the mobo 24pin, holding the power button down (with PSU on) and quickly plugging the 24pin back in. When he does this it starts immediately, though I have to admit, I'm a bit weary of the method. Any ideas?
  3. Hey, This is a weird issue, which I am hoping is just a PSU problem? But when I turned off my computer and tried to turn it back on, I noticed that just one of the mobo status LEDs was blinking. When I press the power button nothing happens at all. The LED just sits there and blinks. Well, I turned the PSU on and off several times, probably a hundred, and one time the LED stayed solid. What does one blinking LED mean, and should I order a new PSU or a new mobo? Thanks P.S. Looks like my specs image is a broken link. I have a 600 W Seasonic PSU and the NF4 Ultra-D, and can answer any other questions about the system if they are germaine to the issue.
  4. Incredible, I got the same PSU coming. So from your sig I assume it works pretty well, any problems that I should know of? Thanks, Tao
  5. If I just purchased an Ultra-D a week ago from Newegg, which bios does it ship with? Or is there no way to tell until I get the board? Tao
  6. Good to know, I'll definitely be goin with the Raid 0 raptors then. So anyone else have a SeaSonic 600 or have heard of anyone that does?
  7. Ok firstly, before I knew about this forum, I bought the DFI board and a SeaSonic 600W S-12 PSU. I read the PSU list and see the PSU is under there, basically at the bottom, where it says if you want a quiet PSU etc etc get this. So does anyone have this PSU and an Ultra-D? Would be interested to hear how it worked out. Another question. I got two 74gb Raptors which I plan to put into a Raid 0 config. Knowing (now) that these are actually just adpated to SATA and not in fact native SATA, I shouldn't have any problem installing Windows XP Pro fresh on this array? Or should I buy a third HDD that is PATA and install windows on that drive and use the array as my performance drive for gaming? Furthermore, I looked at the raid performance thread, a very nice thread I should add, and I was wondering, how does the performance of a single raptor compare to the RAID 0 performance? Particularly, does anyone have HDtech (I think that's the program?) scores for the single drive? Thanks for reading, Taosin P.S. The reason I am asking all these questions is that I am at work (I work in a remote location for 2 weeks at a time) and I want to be fully ready to build the system when I get home in a little over a week.
  8. I think that is sound advice, pun intended So I will remove the soundblaster from the order. Hey, if I find that integrated sound is not good enough I can always buy a card later. Functionality first, definitely true. Thanks for helping, Tao
  9. ....Money on a sound card. Does the integrated sound with the Ultra-D sound good, or is there a noticeable difference between it and a 'high end' sound card? Just trying to justify spending another $100-150. Thanks, Taosin
  10. Ahh yes I have the sig with the Radeon, that is true. Sorry to cause confusion on that. Yea I was wondering if the SLI mod would be worthwhile. Now that I read the potential for space constraints I will go with the X1900XT over the SLI mod. I orginally bought this board for a single-card solution and when I saw it could be modded I figured it would be worth checking into. As long as the X1900XT poses no compatibility problems with the Ultra-D (which I don't imagine it would) I will go with it. So I think with this system I should be good to go for at least a couple years. Sounds good, now, just need to get on Newegg and order the beast. Thanks, Tao
  11. Ok I decided to go with the X2 4800+ due to the possibility of an Operton 175 simply not working. The 4800+ can be OC'd a bit anyway, so that's good enough for me. However, I would like to hear from people with the X1900XTs and people who have modded to SLI (and subsequently USED the SLI) on the Ultra-D. If anyone has done both, man would I like to hear from you! Thanks, Taosin
  12. Quick question, why are you RMA'n your Ultra-D? I just bought one for a new system and I hope that wasn't a mistake (I'm going with a high end processor, probably Opteron 175ish or X2 4800+ if I can just figure out which is the better choice for the Ultra-D) Tao
  13. Ok, I've been reading this forum for a while now. Been trying to figure out what I need to get. Long story short, I bought a NF4 Ultra-D My main questions are: Should I get an Opteron 175 or an X2 4800+ and why? and Would modding to SLI be better than going with an X1900XT? (I would likely get two 256Mb GTX instead if I modded to SLI) Thanks in advance for the thoughts, Tao
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