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  1. Uunker...no one knows wtf is air levels or pree lims unless they are frm SGP..........like me.. goot lark
  2. i am getting the ocz gamextream 600w frm monarch. just asking, shld i get the "90 Day Standard Replacement Warranty w/ 15 Day DOA Advanced Replacement " though i am in singapore ?
  3. i am looking for rams and psu sourced frm the nf4 guides and i have 2 options 1. buy both frm newegg (1 site is easier to manage than 2, but more expensive) 2. buy frm newegg and monarch( cheaper by USD30 but 2 stores to deal with) 30USD comes frm the sales tax*diff in cost what do u guys suggest? monarch ok?
  4. thanks.i found the other thread that detailed the x8 and x16 after some searching.;.
  5. when i am just using 1 gfx card. reason being i am modding a casing for my system and, to cut the long story short, i can only use the 2nd pci-e slot unless i am willing to do extensive mods.
  6. guys what;s the diff between usu2 and phu2 for the rams F1-3200USU2-2GBHS, F1-3200PHU2-2GBNS? and would the both of them work nicely on a venus board? thanks
  7. guys, i'am torn between gskill's 2GBHS at 230USD, OCZ 2048ELCTE-K at 224USD, and team xStream's TXDR2048M500HC3DC-S at 201USD all except ocz(using TCB3?) are using UCCC chips. my reason for changing is because my corsair might have compatibility issues with my ultra D thanks. btw, any pref between zipzoomfly,tankguys and newegg?
  8. which website selling rams, psus and other stuffs offer free shipping within US? my cousin is coming back to singapore frm the US. so i hope to get her to bring back stuffs
  9. will a OCZ PS 620w support my specs as per below ? and also whether can it support a 1900series?? thanks
  10. i mean is the silverstone 500w able to take the load ? it;s hard finding the psus on the list in singapore. they either cost way too expensive or they dont exist.
  11. is 500w sufficient for the following 1 laing D5 pump 2x120mm papst fans 3xHDDs x850xt GFx card (possibly upgrading to a 1900xt series or 1950) 2xDVD-roms
  12. here only modstream and powerstream while looking for PSUs. here are some info i dug out. maybe useful for u enermax liberty, 339 at storage studios noisetaker 285 at SS ocz PS 520w 269 at potterhouse 261 at SGX 238 at DAT fortron 550w 329 at SS silverstone 750w 328 at SS antec TP 550w, 216 at PH, SGX 248 at SGX *eps version 179 at fuwell. 178 at dat 174 at HWP 200 at bestbytes
  13. *currently testing the setup now. i got a question re: PSUs and power rails. i was thinking whether plugging in of HDDs, water pumps and other equipment onto which rail has an effect on the stability. as in, does it matter if i plug in all my cd-roms and water pumps together ? if it's matter of amps per rail, i cant tell which rail is which because i've got 3 rails for my 12V and 2 support 12A and the last one supports 6A. can i plug in other devices on the same power rail that is connected to the board (the 4 connectors) ? i understand wht u mean by the bios part but my monitor doesnt display anything and i am quite sure my monitor is fine as i got it back from repairs a few weeks prior to the recent spate of problems but waht am testing if i get a multitester to the psu? i tested my rams when i was at the distro so it's safe to say it's not an issue? thanks for the prompt replies guys
  14. *update. i cleared the cmos for 8hrs but the problem remains. i've tried single ram at top orange slot, single gfx card, no sata drives, no cd-roms. still wouldnt work. and it keeps beeping while being stuck at 1 led i just got back another board frm the distro and the showed me that it is indeed working but when i got back fitted in my stuffs it refused to boot at all. remains stuck at 1 led and keeps beeping. already tried clearing cmos but problem remains. i tried with 2 graphics cards and the problem remains. seriously, pls help me. i simply dont get it, both graphics cards tested, m/b proven to be ok at distro. now what ?
  15. i have rma-ed it like 4 times already. i heard abt the power supplies list. but why would the CM 550w cause issues> thanks for the prompt replies
  16. i am thinking of getting a venus to replace my ultra D which is plagued with problems like boot failures and NB hsf issues. i mean i am not sure if the new board would cause incompatibility issues with my specs below.. i am going down later to make my decision so need help guys...
  17. remember my previous thread on non-booting ? i cleared the cmos as per the guide right down to the T and the clear lasted close to 72hrs because i was away frm home. didnt help the prob at all. then suddenly decided to boot with 1 stick, previously nothing could make it boot.
  18. i memtested the rams individually for 200 rounds for 1 of them and 400 for the other because i left it overnight both were fine. when i did memtest, it was with single ram stick on top orange slot. (the only way it could boot, it wouldnt boot with both sticks on orange or any slots) i used the settings found on the stickies( nf4 critical info)
  19. my dfi board which had quite abit of problems suddenly decided to work on a single stick of ram on the top orange slot. but everytime i insert the 2nd ram, it just beeps and beeps.:confused: the moment i remove the 1 stick, it;s fine?:confused:
  20. another thing i realised is that, while i keep facing reboots with 1 stick of ram, if i put both sticks in the orange slots, i get the same beeping sound while stuck at 3 leds
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