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  1. i'm using the exact same settings as per rgone/happy games recommended settings thread except the vcore 1.25x109.25% i noticed that my core1 always fails within 20mins yet the 2nd core can go thru 1hr of priming as we speak
  2. bios version at 5.2.16 ? dated 17 jan 2006 are tehre any other settings i shld use other than the rgone/happy games recommended ?
  3. mbm showed i am running at 3055mhz..cpu z shows 2.9ghz correctly anyway a reset settled it.. thanks
  4. there's another issue. the cpu speeds it shows is wrong. it states 3055mhz???? i am certainly running at 2.9ghz
  5. guys, i am using 1.425x109.25% (cant remember the exact vcore on my venus) and 290x10 simply fails sp2004. my 2nd attempt at sp2004 crashed 1min 29secs and 28mins for core 1 and 2 respectively. need some help here.
  6. i tested my 290x10oc and tested using sp2004 briefly for a litmus test and it seems to have failed for core 2 only. core 1 was fine. currently using settings as per happygames or rgone's recommended settings. dram 2.65v chipset 1.6v ldt 1.3v
  7. i installed mbm5 last week but everytime occt tries to use mbm5 as a sensor, occt hangs and happens repeatedly despite reinstallation and reboot. so i tried using speedfan while i was running occt without any vcore etc readings. then when speedfan tries to read the sensors, my com simply shutdown! completely shutdown!!:eek:
  8. i remember seeing someone posting a 4 step procedure when overclocking. something like raise the mhz bit by bit then test with superPI or something. then keep trying until there's a failure lower 1-2mhz until the test is a pass can anyone help me with this?
  9. thanks. i tried running at 240x10. timings are 3-4-4-7 but within mins, i get errors. 1:1 dividers what's wrong?
  10. guys how come my OCZ gamexstream has 12.23V for 12v 4.91V for 5v 3.23v for 3v ?
  11. i was thinking of using the dividers to raise the ram mhz/ cpu speed was 200x10 so i set dividers at 250mhz instead of 200mhz
  12. thanks guys... got my ocz gamexstream psu...the 1 at the top of the list. the tone of blue lights is simply......attractive....
  13. yeah i was wondering do i plug them both in or just 1 into the other socket. thanks anyway
  14. another question, i am running memtest for the new rams i've got but when i set the dividers to make the rams run at 250mhz and cpu at 2ghz, memtest doesnt show that it is running at 250mhz, it shows rams running at 200mhz. normal?
  15. what i mean is the rails for the CPU plug. there's 2 CPU rails of 4pins each. shld i plug both of them into the 8pin plug on the venus or just 1 of them into the 4pin plug on the venus>
  16. i've just got my OCZ psu and it has 2 4pin power plugs for the CPU and my venus board has both 4pin socket and a 8pin socket. shld i plug both 4pin plugs into the 8pin socket or just the 4pin socket?? cant really explain this well..hope u guys can understand. thanks
  17. YES!!! gotten the gskill 2gbhs rams yesterday!!!!!
  18. yeah i know my gskill rams are coming, one thing weird happened yesterday, while i was installing XP (i had some software issues) the com simply powered down after a while out of no reason. at first i thought it overheated so i checked the rads and bios. temps were normal and shutdown wasnt enabled. ???
  19. the ide drives are for my cd-roms i wasnt intending to flash the bios. just finding the recommended settings
  20. what abt settings for venus ? i mean somethings are different for venus like the raid options, difference in volts for rams, LDT etc. isnt it slightly different from the NF4 settings thread by rgone? new to thsi venus board so need abit of help guys.. thanks
  21. funny. first boot it tells me the sata hdds arent detected but they are fine once i changed the sata ports ? wtf ? and at the same time i unplugged my cd rom drives(ide cable, power) then when i just plugged in the ide cable and power, it doesnt give me a beep, just refuses to display anything. so i reset the com many times before i plugged the ide cable back to the original position BTW where can i find the bios thread?
  22. ok it finally worked with the 2nd gfx card. but now there's an issue. while booting up outta the case, it was fine, but the moment i placed it inside the casing. it just screws up. beeps at the last LED. tried a few times but the problem remains.
  23. i just got my new venus board and somehow i couldnt get it started. i tried the new build guide down to a T yet the board simply refuses to boot. the rams are in the orange slots. all power connectors are plugged in. fans are spinning. board outside the casing. i noticed that when 4 leds go to 3, it flashes and goes back to 4leds several times before finally becoming 1. and the last LED remains there for quite sometime before it disappears. i've tried swopping gfx cards, hDD but still doesnt work. there's nothing on the screen nor beep sound at all.
  24. me too...i bought this. coming this weekend i think guys how long does ZZF takes to process and deliver this PSU? my cousin ordered it for me on the 02oct. hopefully she can get it before she boards the plane
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