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  1. yeap the corsairs will hold me back. now trying various settings to optimise them. got my opty 2nd hand from a forumer(back home) damn close close to a brand new opty's price. but worth it.
  2. as mentioned >>>>.CONGRATULATIONS !! LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio (LDT Multi) to 2.5x or 3x. Setting this lower right now will make sure that your total HTT speed doesn’t cause instability. <<<<<< after i find my max cpu oc, can i reinsert the original value of the LDT multi ? thanks
  3. hmmm this is sometime i've nvr thought of. thanks man, will try later.
  4. no actually. i've changed the parts but forgot to update the sig 170 ccb1e 0550vpmw Cm 550W
  5. i previously ran at 2.80ghz at 10x280, 1.424v core and 5/6 dividers on my corsair VS rams. i managed to boot into windows but i frequently get errors on firefox, BC, etc. even ati drivers are not spared. before i left the hse to book in, i tested with prime95 and this is what i got. [sun Apr 09 21:09:47 2006] FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was 2055721661259852, expected: 2055721745708615 Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file. now running at 2.6ghz i reckon the overstressed components causing the software errors? my UCCC rams are struggling at 230mhz.
  6. guys i maxed out at 2.8GHz which wasnt prime stable(failed damn fast), at 1.454Vcore. rams are corsair VS uccc rams 2x1gb at 2.5 5 5 7. prime tells me something is stressed out, the rams or the opty ? then how to go pass the 2.8ghz roadblock. the opty's a ccb1e 055vpmw
  7. i realised my NB fan isnt spinning most of the time,it decides when it wants to spin, how fast and when to stop. many times i have tried to 'prod' the bloody fan to spin but it stops after a while and temps have rose to 68degC in an aircon room(25-26degC) enough to burn my fingers i cant get a 3rd party 1 because (depends on how u see it) my gfx card overlaps the fan or the fan is too close for comfort. does it affect oc?
  8. need some help here. heving some weird oc'ing a few attempts ago, i was at 280x10 @1.424V divider at 5/6 (all values taken frm cpuz). Superi time for 1M was 32 secs, ram timings are, 2.5,4,4,8 iirc at 2.80V subsequently i hit a brickwall in OC then after repeated attempts i realised it was the rams taht were causing the brickwall in oc'ing so i changed the settings to 280x10 @1.424V divider at 5/6 (all values taken frm cpuz). Superi time for 1M was 33 secs, ram timings are, 2.5,5,5,7 at 2.90V and cpu z displayed the freq as 233.4mhz at 1T yet bios showed me ddr333, 2T timings ? at the same time, the vcore on cpuz was initially 1.400v but suddenly jumped to 1.424V, Questions is cpu z or bios accurate ? how come the superPI times decreased despite no change in clockspeed(cpu)?
  9. hi guys, was wondering whether waht are the reputable online stores in the US and aust that sells vapochill and prometia phase change stuffs. apparently over here, the market is so small they couldnt fit a screw in it. so those who have it either built their own or buy frm overseas. it's ok if it doesnt accept singapore cc because there's this postal service that will do us the favour, thanks!
  10. i left the com running for a week and when i came back the problem remained. it took ages to even get past the LP logo and i decided to clear the bios. after clearing, i noticed the marvell lan port isnt there at all when i did enable it. anyway now i am wondering when is the next time it will just crash or something. is the prob with the PSU or the HDD ? (new hitachi 80GB)
  11. thanks for the tip. it's hard abt this data recovery and backup thingy. seagates do have 5 yrs, but that doesnt mean it wouldnt fail during the 5. dont tell me i have to resort to raptors to solve my problem
  12. i heard some clicking sounds on my HDD and i was installing some stuff so i decided to reboot the pc but when booting up it remained at the lanparty logo. i rebooted at least 2 times but the problem remains so i attempted to clear cmos and it worked! so i tried loading the dfi optimised settings i took frm this nice place and the problem remained, the com hung at the LP logo. this time round, i cleared the cmos again but changed the time and boot sequence and i am fine! *seems the clicking sound is gone too. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  13. does anyone have data on newer batches of 146s and 165s?
  14. nvm the connectors. plug first talk later. :nod: btw, the pics aint clear abt this. those connectors are coming frm the PSU to the board right ? dont think i can find someone who's willing to loan. plus my schedule's damn tight to even test the system fully. think i better buy 1.. :eek: more money spent.. :sad:
  15. will try that tmr (it's 1am here) got a question, i noticed the 4 power connections and there's this 4 pin smack in front of the cpu and a 4 pin molex. what's it for ? are they supplying power to the floppy etc or drawing power (i doubt so) my PSU is some Xenac 400W thought it shld be enough cos i checked with this psu calculator site and i only required 380+W max
  16. does anyone have a 0603 146 cacje ? there seems to be only 1 shop here that sells s939 optys and they are VERY expensive. i checked the shop and noticed they have this opty 146 stepping. tried digging thru this thread but the closest anyone has is a 0601 cacje 146. wonder how is this o/c like ?
  17. i used the optimised bios settings frm the sticky and after that i realised only my dvdrom is detected. i reconnected the stuffs and still my OS drive couldnt be detected. then i changed the molex for the os drive and rebooted. now the dvd-rw couldnt be detected and i decided to ignore the bios message abt unable to detect this dvd-rw, then it told me OS drive error, and refused to load windows. i rechecked the connections many times but still ended up with the same prob. current bios settings shld be stock (except i changed the boot devices lineup, and set the vcore to 1.45v, multiplier to 9) it was only after i tried loading the "safe defaults" feature (which failed) and reset the cmos then i managed to load into windows(which took damn long) till now my dvd-rw couldnt be detected. so i tried installing the dfi drivers using the cd but i keep getting bsods machine_check_exception 0x0000009c and whenever i tried to boot into safe mode to uninstall msi drivers plus install dfi ones i get this prob. i get this prob as long as the dfi drivers disc is inside the dvd-rom drive
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