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  1. I am upgrading to a AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Toledo 2.2GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 and a EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 320MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI-e. It has been a while since I touched the inside of my box. Is there anything I should change like my bios version. Any changes to the bios settings after I install them or will I be good to go once its installed? Aside from a cmos clear before I install.
  2. I guess it was the 250 htt. It seem its just to much for my winnie's mem controller (2gs att 250). I dropped it to 245 and I can put it on x10 multi with no bsods. 250x8 even started to cause some boot issues. It would just hang at different points in boot up, besides that it would pass all test (mem & prime=20 hr+,3dmark,etc) with 250 htt at x8,9,10 but bsod'd in games after a few hours. anyway after getting the bsods with different video cards, and then the boot issues i figured it may be the cpu so i dropped the htt to 245 and it works perfet now (oh & i tried uping the cpu vid etc also b4 dropping the htt but still got bsod). just wanted to update my thread. i guess it belonged in the amd oc forums not here sry. thx for the help <3 dfi. *sent the 7900gt back going to wait and get a new cpu / vidcard after vista/d10 etc...
  3. still getting bsods going to try 84.25 betas edit: 84.25 still no good for me...
  4. well so far so good with these changes below in red, still testing but no bsod's yet in game. passes prime and mem test also. although i thoufght it was weird that mem settings would cause a bsod that refers to nv4 disp driver but as long as it works im happy 250 auto 16 16 8 100 disable 1.425v 1.425V auto 1.20v 1.50v 2.6V DRAM Config 200 enable 3 3 8 2 10 16 3 3 2 3 3120 auto enabled auto 0 Level 8 level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable richiec77, do not use the xfx cd driver for some reason it does not reconize the card as an xfx product thats why it crashes my sys, but if i pop it in while in windows safe mode( or in any other pc) it just says the card is not an xfx product.i also had a friend get an evga 7900gtx and his driver cd said his card was not an evga product...lol
  5. no bsod on defaults bios settings so may have been a memory timming causing it. these are the settings i use... 250 auto 16 16 8 (or 10 with 1.4v + 110%) 100 disable 1.425v 1.425V auto 1.20v 1.50v 2.5V DRAM Config 200 enable 3 3 8 2 (tried 3 here and bsod'd in about 10 mins in wow) 10 16 3 3 2 3 3120 auto enabled auto 0 Level 6 level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable any suggestions....
  6. well my card is 7900 (81.98 does not reconize 7900s))and the 7800 and 6800 work fine no bsod's. also the driver cd works in other pc's just not mine which makes me think it may be winders. i am going to update to the 704bta bios and format tonight
  7. Well i had bought a 7800gt for 299.00 then the 7900gt came out and was 299.00 so i returned my 7800 and got an xfx 7900gt extreme 520/1500 for 315.00. well i unistalled the old card and driver, switched cards booted into safemode and ran drivercleaner, rebooted and poped in the driver cd in, since nvidia had not release any whql drivers, and bam bsod nv4_dis.dll error plus sys does not reboot on its own. so i dl the 83.91 and 84.20 from guru3d and i get the card installed and its fine it passes 3dmark06 & 05 4386 & 8896. so i play wow for an 1hr and i get the nv4 driver bsod this time it reboots so i have to look fast at the blue screen. i finally get the official driver release from nvidia 84.21 and i get the same thing. i put my 6800gt back in and play wow for a few hrs with no problems. i put 7900 back in and bam bsod after an hour. im on the verge of a format but the driver cd crashes my pc no matter what card is in it, which i found weird. should i maybe update to 704-2bta bios. i have about a week b4 i cant rma it newegg anymore. i was just hoping for some ideas here. BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 8764C7A0 BCP2 : 879296F0 BCP3 : BACDBCB4 BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1 http://oca.microsoft.com/en/response.aspx?...36b30d53&SID=11 http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=293078
  8. just a quick noob question here, can i use a 4400 x2 stock hsf (the one whit heat pipes) on my 3200 winni? it will fit, right? my friend is not using his so i was going to grab it from him, thought it might be a lil better than my stock hsf.
  9. they dont get erased, but you will not want to use them after a bios change, reset your settings manually. then you can save them over the old...
  10. well, so far so good, i reset my oc, and have not been able to reenact the cold boot issues. i rma'd my 6800gt, but i think ill keep this 7800gt :shake:
  11. switched out the video card with a 7800 gt and it booted right up & it was off all night, put my 6800gt back in and 1 long 2 shorts(it will work with a reboot)i switced back and forth a few times to test. bad video card? what do you guys think? aslo im on 623-3 bios and defaults setting for now....
  12. i forgot mention the leds on pwr up show 3 LEDs with 4th blinking. for a few seconds then 3, 2, 1, then i get the vid beeps 1 long 2 short. fum, if i reboot it posts then hangs at dmi pool, and yes ifi i enter bios & reset my bios settings it will boot in to windows and all is fine. i tried uping the voltage on cpu as we talked about last nite & same boot issues, there is no 123% in the 704-2. forums said 123 could kill the cpu w/ 704 bios anyway...
  13. ok tried the other psu & same thing 1 long 2 short(also tried another monitor/ cables/ dvi output / vga output etc), then i reboot, reenter bios settings and its fine. i have to leave it off for atleast 30 mins to reenact the cold boot probs default bios settings or ocd settings....
  14. Hello, I have read numerous cold boot issue threads, and I am having my own cold boot issue. I bought this system about a yr ago and let everything run at default speeds etc. then I decided to finally try and get my vx ram to do what it is supposed to. After some trial and errors and a post over at ocz it turned out I had 1 bad stick. so I rma'd the ram and popped in 2x512 corsair 2700 value ram I had, everything was fine until I shut it off. when I turned it on i get 1 long beep 2 short beeps but if I hit reboot or ctrl alt del, it posts and then hangs at dfi pool or boot from cd depending on bios settings. I have to reload my settings or load optimized defaults to get past dmi pool and into windows. I got my ocz ram back and same problem whether im on default settings or my ocd settings. This also only happens if the pc has been off for a while. Everything is fine once it’s on... I tried setting defaults and putting 3.3v jumper back. I have tried with just 1 stick 1 hd etc, clear cmos over night, tried to flash back to the 623-3 official bios. I have tried the 2nd pcie slot. I have tried unplugging USB, extra hd, fans, etc. I am trying to find another video card to use and will try another psu when I get home(antec tru 550w 20p w adapter):/ Although I think it’s really a bios / motherboard issue. any ideas, links, or suggestions? (*this happens if use defaults also) Settings: In Genie Bios 250 Auto 16 16 9 or 8 100 disable 1.450v 1.300V Above VID * 110% 1.30v 1.70v 3.3V Dram Config 200 enable 2.0 02 08 or 06 02 10 16 02 03 02 03 1168, enabled auto 0 normal 4 Level 2 8ns normal 6ns 256 disable 16 04 disable ............. these are the sttings i use, stable 12hrs prime / memtest. just cant turn it off :/
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