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  1. good to see your results. my vf900 dropped my idle temps by about 10C and my load temps by about 15C. zalman makes some very nice coolers!
  2. sweet!! i really like my 9500. but i dont think that a 9700 would give me 7-9C better cooling. maybe 2-3C at the very most. my 9500 is not hot to the touch (no matter where i touch it) at all. i will wait for some reviews to see if that is really the case.
  3. i recently ordered a bunch of different kinds of fans just to see how they sounded (coolermaster, globalwin, vantec, thermaltake, artic cooling and scythe). i ended up using the scythe s-flex models (high rpm) with a fan controller for fine tuning. they seemed to offer the highest CFM, lowest motor noise (none really) and low wind noise. i am also using coolermaster fans in my case (not as great CFM, but very quiet) and one ixtrema silenx fan as my main exhaust fan (regardless of what others say, my fan pushes a lot of air very quietly, i am happy with it).
  4. check out this page on SVC.com. i am currently using these Thermaltake copper ramsinks on my radeon and they work really well.
  5. i just ordered a bunch of 120mm quiet fans. i just couldn't make up my mind which would be the best, so i just sampled a few (i will eventually use them somewhere i guess). coolermaster, artic cooling, globalwin, and scythe. i previously had some coolermaster, vantec and thermaltake. i ended up using the scythe s-flex (high flow model with a fan controller). they provided the most CFM while still remaining quiet (both wind and motor wise). i use two of them in the front of my stacker, so they needed to be quiet yet provide plenty of CFM. they work really good.
  6. did you edit your original post? i dont see any mention in it of case fans. how much do you have to spend? for about $50 you can get the VF-900 (non-LED) and a VC-RE at jab-tech.com. good case fans will be about $8-15 each depending on what you get. what "fans" (case fans i assume) are you thinking of getting?
  7. with $50 you can get both the VF900 (non-LED) and the VC-RE at jab-tech.com. although you might want to think about saving another $50 and getting a Soundblaster X-Fi or something like that.
  8. i assumed that is a given. there is nothing here cooling the front side of the graphics card so your memory will need seperate cooling.
  9. i dont think i would ever run a modern graphics card with any kind of passive cooling (no matter what the manf. claims). but put a silent 120mm fan on this and it would probably do really well. notice the two "outside" heatpipes, they come from the block, through the heatinks, curve back around and go back through the outer part of the heatinks. that is a pretty long heatpipe!
  10. Thermalright HR-03. Looks very interesting!
  11. there is nothing on the arcticclean site that i can find that says not to use it on the pin side of a cpu. just says not to use it on styrene-based plastics. in fact it says this... i would say get a q-tip and carefully clean the pins. then let it sit for a few hours to dry.
  12. now that makes sense. after the AS has broken in (100-200 hours) it basically bonds the HSF to the CPU/chipset/etc. if you ever break that seal at all, the AS will need to be re-applied.
  13. two holes in the top of the case isn't really neccessary. you really want your air flow to come in the front and out the back. if you have alot of air coming out the top, it could come right back in the front. the only reason i have/use the hole in the top of the case is to exhaust any hot air that might be lingering up there. i have my 80mm fan running at it lowest possilbe speed (about 5-6V). i dont want it to interfere with the rest of my air flow through my case.
  14. yeah, i run AS5 on everything and have never had problems. just need to be careful when any "overspill" could possibly damage other components. i learned my lesson years ago when i applied AS to a P3-450 and to its exposed L2 cache. the AS leaked off the side of the cache onto the contact wires and killed the cache. the processor still worked fine, unless you did anything compute intensive (like playing Tribes), then it stuttered really badly. i have been really carefull ever since then
  15. i have never heard that :confused: where did that come from? i can't find any mention of that on the AS5 website. on my previous system (a P4), i used AS5 on my CPU for years probably without reapplication (it was probably AS3, but still...)
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