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  1. Hi, im going to upgrade my computer in a few months and im going to get myself a Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1,8GHz or a E6400 2,2GHz and im thinking of this motherboard: " ASUS P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP Socket T (LGA 775) Intel 975X ATX Intel Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131025 I read in a review it only got up to 420 FSB? 420x7 = 2940, since its locked at 7x and motherboard supports 420? FSB..since you can go higher than 2942 i really dont want to be stuck at it.. Well what motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo do you recommend?
  2. Priority List 1, Highest: Sit in front of computer. 2, High: Sit in fornt of computer. 3, Normal: Outside. 4, Low: Kitchen & Bathroom 5, Lowest: Sleep.
  3. It costs like $46.32 .. his 400w works fine so why should the 520w not work fine? I upgraded 2 computers not long ago to friends, cheap, and they both have ColorsIt 520w and they work very good, (DFI, 6800GT & MSI, X850Pro)
  4. Tried to clock the Core from 520 to 600 but the computer died (ColorsIt 400w), we are going to go buy a ColorsIt 520w today, its going to work then right?
  5. fixed now.. so shut up and help me with thread instead.. dosnt seem like it want to boot at 9x266.. DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D AMD 64 3000+ Venice 2x 512MB DDR PC3200 Powercolor X850XT ColorsIt 400w i tried to clock his X850XT core from 520 to 600 but the computer died.. i think his 400w is to slow, we are going to go buy a ColorsIt 520w today..
  6. Cant get my signature to get below 50 kb without it looks like ... (Photoshop JPEG @ LOW Detail = about 48kb and i can barely read the text)
  7. Hi, i have a friend who got a Powercolor X850 XT and i want to clock it for him, but to a stable level so he dosnt get any trouble, i dont have any idea of how high it can reach on for example air without volt mod.. any of you knows about how high it can reach without getting unstable? Thanks!
  8. Hi, i have a friend who got a AMD 64 3000+ Venice 1.8GHz 512kB 1.36v S939, and i want to clock it for him, i dont want him to have trouble with it so i want to clock it to a very stable level, i belive i can reach 2200MHz (3500+) without problem, but can it reach 2400MHz stable? I think 2200 is a little slow since almost every processor can reach at least 2600MHz ? 2200 or 2400.. is it going to be stable at 2400? 2200 is very stable right? 9 x 266 = 2400MHz, but i dont know how much volt i should give it? Should i try? Do you know what volt it wants at that speed? Thanks!
  9. I want.. I NEED.. AMD and Nvidia, Intel and ATI can burn in hell!
  10. http://www.incrysis.com/ Check it out, daily update!
  11. Yes, looking forward to play with friends.. for free.. without stupid cr***s
  12. Thanks, didnt know new version had come out, i dont think its worth that much money.. meaby a 1/3..
  13. I just found this on some Crysis site and i made a signature background of it, but it also turned out to be the perfect wallpaper.. try it, you will love it! How To
  14. Why dont you want to sleep, its warm and cozy in the bed, especially with a hot girl by the side of you. Well who dosnt love to sleep (rest)?
  15. What's up with the black box? You hiding a Sniper Rifle?
  16. Well you arent Worthless.. You know.. You just wrote 5440 letters.. Hockey is not my thing.. to violent.
  17. Hello, im about to buy a DFI Lanparty UT nF3 Ultra-D to my friend, but i dont know what its worth, so i ask you since you are the best and know everything. How much is a DFI Lanparty UT nF3 Ultra-D worth today? Thanks, Moscow.
  18. That means a lot of stuff and work so, no thanks.
  19. My father was wondering and in a swedish dictionary it said: Co-habitee
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