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  1. What programmes are you using to take the temps off the devices just out of interest?
  2. Hi Guys Now this could be a multitude of things but i thought id start off asking here as last time i had a problem your help was invaluable Pretty much what is happening is that whenever i am gaming. be it WoW,Company of heroes or BF2. In fact anything graphic intensive My Machine will randomly reboot. Sometimes i can game happily for hours and not have an issue but other times it will repeatedly restart. one thing though i have found out will almost definately make it restart is to run a game in window mode, minimise it to desktop, browse web pages for 5 minutes without opening the game back up and then it will restart the PC. While having it minimised i watch the graphics card temperature using the Nvidia temp monitor and notice the vid card temperature will climb and climb and climb then the PC resets. Every time i come back into windows it informs me that "a device driver error has occured" and there is no fix for it. So does anyone have any ideas as to how i can go about diagnosing this further? Or had any similar issues?
  3. hmm welll I just flashed my bios again with the 2005/12/07 and same thing still occurs Surely there must be someone out there running a 3500+ on this board who has had no issues or the issues they had they resolved
  4. Hi Guys well i tried that but still no joy. I can still get the pc booting into bios, change the multiplier to x4 on the CPU/FSB ratio so cores running at 800 mhz (4 x 200fsb = 800). Save exit bios it boots go back into bios and change multiplier to 11 (11x 200fsb - 2200) save and exit and it wil boot and run fine. I am typing this on the machine as i speak It does not matter if i change my voltages or not but the moment i power the machine off it will not reboot unless i clear the bios and go through the process again. ANy other ideas?
  5. temperature is fine, hovering around 30 in windows so it aint a lack of thermal paste or anything I was changing the CPU/FSB multiplier to 4, it boots into windows and when you bring up CPU-Z it shows core speed of 800 mhz. When i change it to 10 it shows 2000mhz. On the odd occasion i have gotten into windows at multiplier 11 it is showsing at 2200 mhz when its in windows it is rock solid and has no issues, it is just getting it to post which is the annoying part. i will try upping the VDIM when home and see what happens
  6. wouldn't it automatically detect what it needs from when you load optimised defaults? another thing i have just discovered is that if i go into bios and set the multiplier to x4 save and exit, go back it, change multiplier to 11, save/exit the machine will reboot and ru, once, When i turn it off and repower it wont post. i have to clear cmos and do that again. i have changed PSU/RAM/RMAd the board so it seems the issue was the chip all along
  7. Hi guys At the moment im having a really annoying issue with my 3500+ getting to run on my Board. i beleive it is a faulty CPU but would just like to double check. The 3500+ chip is supposed to run at a core speed of 2.2 gig which is achieved with a FSB of 200 and a Multiplier of 11 in the motherboard bios. Unfortunately on my board and it will only boot running at 2 gig core speed (achieved with a 200mhz FS and a multiplier of 10), anything more and the machine wont Post. Also on the board when you select “load optimised defaults” which queries your hardware to see the default speeds and settings and applies it in your bios it should use it will not post. Thje only way to get the setup to post is to underclock the chip to run at a core of 2 gig. I have tried multiple sticks of ram and am not doing any OC'ing at all. Is my assumption right?
  8. hi guys For previous case history see here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43364 Essentially i changed the CPU/FSB CPU Ratio to 4.0 instead of leaving it on optimised defaults and now i am happily booting multiple times and it seems to have fixed the Issue. What i am wondering is that will that slow down my system? or is that a perfect match for my DDR 400 Ram which i have the other idea was that i had a ****** cpu that could not run at normal speeds so any feedback would be appreciated. Cheers!
  9. well, i do not have any registered ram, I tried it with my god OCZ ram, and some generic DDR333 Ram, still no luck
  10. any ideas here at all? you guys have been a great help so far
  11. Hi guys I RMA'd my board and got a replacement as the manufacturer did find an issue with it,The manufacturer sent me one which they tested and made sure would work. Received board back plugged in and followed the guide as posted by lowboy and got to step 10, where i go in and set the bios to load optimise defaults. I save settings and restart then the board just sits with all 4 led's lit solid until i power it off. If i clear the CMOS it Posts once, informs me there has been a checksum error I used another psu (Enermax Noisemaker 485w) and the exact same result occured, the only thing i have not changed is the memory, but surely if it was the memory it would boot up until it gets to the ram lights and had an issue. I see people mentioning about registered ram required for this motherboard, how do i check to see if mine is capable of running on this board? ALso when i bot up and do not go into BIOS it informs me of a checksum error. Could this all be to do with the ram in the end?
  12. hmm still no luck I unplugged everything so it was just CPU RAM GFX and now it wont get past 2 lights, which now means my ram not being detected i now have no idea
  13. hmm i missed a few steps in that guide, i will try that and report back
  14. Hi, have a bit of a strange problem here I received my new cpu,vid card and motherboard this week (all included in sig) Plugged it in and would not post with the vid card/mem/cpu in it, had the 4 led's of lit and not much else, cleared cmos on advice from your forum and it posted, . so i go change boot priority to the sata as thats what i use for my system drive leaving everything else the same, save bios and reboot, 4 leds lit again. so i cleared cmos, power it up, it then runs through its boot process fine, detects all my drives all my ram and everythings looking good, so i let it run through the whole process to see if it will boot off the HD,it gets past the automatically saving cmos then get non system disk as it is trying to boot off the floppy which is cool.. I Reboot the machine and then it has 4 led's lit again. i then try single sticks of ram in all ram slots after clearing the cmos and it does exactly the same thing, posts once, saves cmos then 4 led's of death appear. Does anyone have any ideas. To me it seems that it maybe saving the cmos settings wrong or perhaps a corrupt bios chip. but am i overlooking anything here at all?
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