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  1. Congratz on the first shave, chubbyfatazn. The razor you grabbed is pretty cool, but the refill cartridges for it are freakin' outrageous. I just grabbed one last week and I like it pretty good. As far as electric shavers go, they have their place, but it isn't on my face anymore. If you have a beard or moustache that you want to keep nice and tidy, leave the electrics alone. They don't like longer facial hair )like a beard or moustache hair) very much, and only rip them out buy the root if you get too close. And while that feels great, I am tired of it. Stick with a good razor. They are the best way to go.
  2. You betcha. I just did the same maneuver, but due to different circumstances. I ruined mine because I was being retarded when replacing the chipset cooler. I left everything in the case, and didn't quite have the room to get the work done, so I chipped the edge off of the chipset as a consolation prize. heh heh. But, I ordered my new eXpert and just plugged everything back into it. Just like it never happened.... except the $150 my wallet didn't have to carry anymore. Good luck. It'll work out nice for you.
  3. You're replacing eXpert with eXpert, right? If so, you are ok. Actually, anything with the same RAID controller will be fine. If your array was on the nF4 controller, it will work on any board with the nF4 RAID controller.
  4. I think they could probably speed up the whole mess by re-allocating the time, effort, and funding to getting flash drives (or a similar technology) to a usable state. No moving parts at all. That's the key. The stuff holding us back on the hard drives today is that they are mechanical. Mechanical parts have a limit. But in a solid-state drive, electrons move at the speed of light. Now, I realize that is oversimplified and shoots way past the stars. But the basics are true.
  5. Wowee. I was just inclined to check on the prices of these drives.... why in the hell would anybody pay that amount for a single drive when you could buy 3x 250's and RAID'em for 1/3- 1/2 the price? Do these drives perform better than a 2 or 3 drive RAID array? I don't know. I must be missing the big picture. IMHO, they need to quit focusing on making the drives bigger, and put a bigger effort into making them significantly faster. I can see that a more dense data on the platter will be smaller (and thus a little faster), but they have made very little headway with this strategy of shrinking data on the platter in the last several years.
  6. I really ain't sure where this one came from : I edited this because I'm a bonehead. I hope you mean the flow inside the radiator when you say that, and not the flow over the CPU block. I can understand if the idea is to cool the fluid off a little more, and slow it down in the radiator. But, as the rad's size has been doubled, this is most likely not the issue.
  7. Sounds to me like you already have your mind made up... so what are you waiting for? Go buy something so that we can get excited about having something new, only by proxy. LOL
  8. I'm pretty proud of my Fortron FX700-GLN. It's a good PSU, but sometimes you can find the OCZ GameXtream for a few bucks cheaper. It's the same exact PSU, but with a different finish and OCZ on the sticker instead of Fortron. Both are awesome choices.
  9. MCP650 = Laing D4. Laing D4 with less noise is a Laing D5. These pumps just draw too much power for a fan controller if you ask me. You could definitely try, but I'd be real careful and super wary of any funky sounds or smells. These pumps can draw about 33watts at full load. Most fan contollers are rated for 20 per channel. You could try a lower voltage straight from the molex (switch it to 5V power instead of 12V), but I'd be afraid that trying 7 volts in that fashion would be too much backfeed on the 5V rail. But, regardless, if you can find a fan controller rated at 33+watts, you should be in good shape. Or, you could grab a D5, they are alot quieter than a D4 (MCP650).
  10. It couldn't be that hard to solder a new pin in there, could it? It would still have a voided warranty, but at least you could rest a little knowing that the internal fan header is back in operation.
  11. Unfortunately, mine doesn't have a manual. It's an automatic. LOL... been wanting to use that one since the last time I wet the bed. Ok, so it was yesterday. Don't laugh, I was only 30. Seriously, I do like reading the manuals.... I even keep all that crap. I may not keep everything in perfect shape (I keep the stuff in my closet, so it gets crumpled every now and then when I have to clean up my room in a hurry), but I do keep and read them.
  12. I always get confused when someone is talking about Zerex. There's a performance additive they make, and also, they make regular antifreeze. If you mean the regular antifreeze, I use 10% antifreeze and 90% water. that amount of glycol in the water will help stop any galvanic corrosion that might occur if you have mixed metals (copper waterblock, aluminum rad.... etc...) in the components. As for using a pump on a fan controller, it's possible as long as it's a DC pump, and the controller can handle the amount of load that the pump will take to run. A D5 pump? Probably not. A Danner Mag, DDC 12V, or something similar? Sure, as long as the controller can handle it.
  13. Hmm, my satellite connection is a little wonky this evening. Must be due to that supreme ping. I thought it was supposed to be 1.5megabit service, not 1.5 minute latency.
  14. Where do you guys get that style of prop cone in the proper size? The only ones I have been able to find leave about 1/8" of the fan hub showing all the way around (so I guess almost 1/4" too small in diameter). The fans I was using are the Evercool 120mm aluminum frame fans.
  15. First, the alcohol just scares me. Automotive antifreeze and a couple drops of algaecide from the aquarium aisle will keep you in good shape. Just mix it up as 90% distilled water, 10% anitfreeze, and just put a few (5 or so) drops of algaecide in your loop when you get it close to full. As for the evaporation, that's a good question. I have never really thought about it. But, suffice it to say that every loop I have ever run has lost certain amounts of fluid over time. As long as you are sure that all fittings are tight, all your tubing is up to par, and your reservior and pump aren't cracked, then it's probably fine. You are on the right track by inspecting the system thoroughly. That's the best precaution you can take right there.
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