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  1. ok guys i have 2 7800 gt's runnin in sli and have the newest nvidia driver for media center, i would like to overclock them and need some advice for which app to use and where i can get it thx.
  2. ok u got same board same cpu and practically same vid card, u said u had problems simalar probs too, was that with ur current psu or no, if that psu u have works with no probs let me know where u got it and how much pls thx
  3. ok i got amd 64 4400+ X2 cpu, DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX mobo, i am havin a problem with turning my comp on after i turn it off, i turn it off and when i go to turn it on, it turns on then shuts off before it starts into loading, i have to manually turn off all power to comp for a few sec then im able to turn comp on by pushin power button, it restarts fine just the power button thing, thought it might be power button itself so i swaped it out and thats not it, my power supply is http://www.pcdirect.com/product.asp?Sku=680WCHIEF%2D24P i called dfi and they said it was power supply, and i need 1 with dual + 12, i dont get what that is, and before i go and buy a 200$+ power supply i wanted to know if any1 can help me out here thx
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