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    eVGA's step-up program

    Very good point. I may hold off, and hope, but I really doubt my finances will improve enough by then to be able to afford it. It looks like it's the 7900 GT CO, or nothing...
  2. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    New, Build Suggestions needeD!

    eVGA offers their 'Step-up" program, which will give you full purchase price towards the purchase of a new eVGA card. It is only good for 90 days, from date of sale, but it is a nice option, if you think you may want to upgrade your card shortly after building. I have been very pleased with my 7800 GT CO so far. eVGA's Step-up program
  3. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    evga 7900gt upgrade

    Is this through the 'step-up' program? I am prolly gonna put in my request for the 7900GT CO as well. That seemed the best 'bang-fer-my-buck' up-grade. Now I might have to figure out if they're gonna make the same offer to me, if I want to go with it (Superclocked) The specs are better, but I am always suspect of someone offering something for nothing. Maybe they have a bad batch of Superclocked they're trying to unload? I guess if it's bad, they'll have to RMA it, then maybe I'll get an even better replacement. I may be cynical, but I can still be optomistic Shout out to Uncle-D, my MN brotha!!!!
  4. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    eVGA's step-up program

    No, it has not. I have until May 20th to decide. I already went through the application or whatever, and it will be about $40 for the 7900 GT CO. (Shipping included) How cool would it be if someone was running SLI and did this? You can only do it once per card, but they will do two (or more) if you bought that many. :nod: *edit* Someone over at HardOCP forums suggest that the price difference is because the 7800 uses a g70 core, and the 7900's use a g71 core. g71 is cheaper to make appearently, while running cooler, and requiring less voltage. More/less stable for oc'ing? Does it need to be, if I'm already gaing 30mhz on the core, and a whopping 400mhz on the mem clock?
  5. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    eVGA's step-up program

    yeah, if it weren't so common, I would be even MORE skeptical. It seems a no-brainer, but I am to old, to not be a little cynical. Keep the opinions coming!!! I want to hear 100's of people telling me how stupid I am for not jumping on this offer as soon as I heard of it. I have another 20-30 days to decide so I am in no hurry. Maybe by then, I will win the lottery, and just go for the 512 card then (of course i would buy Angry a new rig, or hockey stick or something)
  6. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    eVGA's step-up program

    Sorry if this has been discused before. I did a quick search, and didn't come up with anything. First off, I wanted to bring to anybodies attention, who didn't already know, that eVGA has a 'step-up' program for their brand video cards. They must be eVGA brand, be in re-sellable condition (no undo-able mods, if you can put the stock heat-sink back on, appearently it's no problem) you need all original packaging, and accesories, and it needs to be within 90 days of purchase (as shown on receipt). There are a couple other hoops to jump through, but if you qualify, you can get full purchase price towards un upgrade card. More details, frequently asked questions etc... eVGA's Step-up Program The other reason for my post is, I am considering upgrading to a 7900 GT CO, from a 7800 GT CO There are other cards available. Since I paid $300 for my 7800, and the 7900 GT msrp is $300, I could upgrade to it, for shipping charges only. My stocxk clock speeds are 470/1100, and the 7900 GT is 450/1320. Nice gain in the mem clock, but a slight drop in the core. Hardly seems worth the trouble, and money for a small gain. On the other hand, the 7900 GT OC speeds are 500/1500. So for $20, and about $15-20 shipping, I could upgrade to that. $50+$20 shipping get me the 7900 superclocked, but again, the improvemnets over the 7900 GT CO are minor. Otherwise, I could go all out, and upgrade to a 512 card, but now were talking about $200. For that kind of money, I would probably just buy another 7800 and go SLI. What I am wondering, is this truly a step UP? I know, by the specs, the 7900 seems like a much better card. So why is my old (7800) card showing so much higher MSRP on their website ($450) while the 7900 GT CO is only $320? Is there something in the hardware (electronic hardware, capacitors and such) that make the 7900's so much cheaper? Is one made in Japan, and the other China? By the specs, it seems a no-brainer. I did some research, but found no comparisons of eVGA 7800's vs. 7900's. The only real way of knowing would seem to have both cards in my system, and run some benchmarks, but that is improbable.
  7. WE never left. Where YOU been 'G'. =HPSF= is still as strong as ever, though our members don't have the game 'solidarity' we used to. Some still play CSS, and vanilla BF42, but BF2, and gay games (sorry for those of you who like it) like WoW have split us up onto many different servers. We just don't compete, and play the same game anymore. FH2 might change that. Most of our members are REALLY looking forward to that mod for BF2, and some of the older guys are waxing nostalgic, for the 'good ol days'. Games come and go, and many clans with them, but =HPSF= has been around since the original counterstrike, and we are more like a family, then a clan. Thanks for asking BTW, RESOLVED! I don't know what I did, but I think my lose wire idea was right. I went in, undid some cables, re-seated my vid card, and replaced a SATA cable I thought looked questionable, and VIOLA! I was also optomistic, and switched the jumpers back to SLI postition. Now I'm gonna get this data backed up PRONTO, so I can do a clean install. I want to get my feet wet, with the O/Cing. Think I am safe to go with the settings in AG's tutorial? IIRC, he claims they should be fine for any system. Or should I get some temperature readings first? I am using stock cooling, but think my temps are fine for now. *edit* PHWEW! Glad I didn't have to do Ex-Roadie's way. That is alot more involved, although I do sense this type of CMOS clear in my near future...DAMN! Oh well, I just wanted to get some hardcore Sunday gaming in, before the hard work starts, and the workstation just doesn't run Forgotten Hope the way I like it. Can't wait to get some benchies on my setup now that I got the pipelines unlocked!
  8. This is really still a new build. I havn't even done a clean install on it yet, as I was reinstalling my workstation first, to back-up data onto. Space restrictions forced me to use #4 SLI slot, and after reading that the SLI jumpers need to be moved, to open the pipelines to 8x, I did just that. As soon as I did, and went to start up, my system started freezing on the Windoze load screen. Also, my monitor was REAL dark, I could almost not even see the windoze logo. My first instinct, was that I bumped a wire lose, but I have checked all the connections at least twice. I also moved the jumpers back to the non-sli configuration. I tried reinstalling drivers (both mobo, and vid card), tried booting from floppy (it seems to lock up on that too) If I try ASR from floppy, it asks for another disc (my Windows XP only has one disc, so I don't know WTF they are talking about) Tried loading optimized, and checking for anything in BIOS, that needed switching. Also tried clearing CMOS, but I am not sure I did it properly. I followed A_G's guidelines, but with the battery out, and power disconected, how does that clear the CMOS? I am leaning towards a lose cable somewhere, but I swear I have checked them all. I am gonna "go in" again in awhile, and see if I overlooked a cable somewhere.
  9. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    temps, and OCing

    Well, the manual lists either NFII Ultra-AL, or Ultra-A, so I suppose it's one of those. Layout is like the top picture, except it isn't red, it's green, with gold cicuit paths. Manual shows socket 'A', 3xddr slots, 1xAGP, 5xpci. Now that I look more, it seems the Ultra-A, does NOT support onboard LAN, and as far as I know, mine does, so it must be the Ultra-AL. Also, mine has the 20-pin power, on the other side of the ddr slots, and only one SATA, where it looks like the Infinity has four SATA. Battery would be in the upper left corner (as the board is oriented in the upper photo). This board also uses a 2nd 4-pin 12v connector, if that helps. Prime95 is also good for 'maxing out' your system temperature wise isn't it? I was under the immpression, that it was good for that too. Now I MUST learn how to do it! And like you were saying, this is a great place for help. I havn't gotten any elitist attitude, you might expect from people who have spent years learning their craft. Everyone seems very helpful, and willing to teach others. I think that's SUPER. :shake: I'll reset MB5 for celcius, and get some different temp readings. I suppose I could convert them, but that would take extra work. The kind of work I got a computer to do for me...
  10. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    temps, and OCing

    I am in the process of reinstalling on my workstation, and thought this might be a good time to learn overclocking. Are there any good sites/tutorials, to learn the basics? Everything I find is way involved, and over my head. I figure, since this is my workstation, it would be a good rig to practice on. First, also, I wanted to make sure my temps are safe at the 'stock' speeds. MB5, with the proper pluggin (? data file from MB5 thread) shows... case 84 cpu 89 cpu diode 89-95 (fluctates a little) chipset 82 these are farenheight, and pretty much at idle. They seem a little high, and I was planning on getting a CPU cooler (air) to help get them lower. I have not rum Prime 95 too much yet, as I am not completely sure what I am suppose to do with it. I also had the NF4 data file, which gave me a very high reading on the chipset temp, that scare the hell outta me for awhile. I can add my temps from prime 95 now. How long should I run it, to get a proper temp reading? I am not sure if I am running an NF2-a or B, but I think it's one of those two. I know it's an NF2 chipset. The bios has not been flashed at all. Thanks for all your help guys. These forums are great for nOObs like me, and everyone here has been really cool, with stupid questions.
  11. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    two computers, one modem?

    Wow, thanks guys. This definatly gets me on the right track. I really just want to be able to get my son's computer on-line, without any additional expenses. Since the router was offered for free, I do not feel right pestering the guy to ship it to me. I have asked him about it once already, and he said he'd ship it. I think next time, I will just insist on paying him for it, or not be such a cheapskate. This info is also nice, as I am trying to learn more about computers in gemeral, and I have found the best way, is by doing. Thanks again! To sparticus, this is a cable modem, an is always on (no password) through Comcast(ards).
  12. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    two computers, one modem?

    What about the physical connections? Just run an ethernet cable from the second (unused) ethernet plug on the main computer, to the other computer? My modem only has one ethernet plug, but it does have a USB also. Yes, I am using XP btw.
  13. In reading other threads, it sounded like I could use the two LAN ports, to run both my computers, with one modem, and no router. Can someone point me to a thread, that would explain the process for setting this up? My connection is always on type. I realize getting a router is the easiest way, but I don;t want to buy one, since I am suppose to be getting a free one from a friend, and don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.
  14. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    =HPSF=Roadrunner's Stupid nOOb questions

    THATS the spirit!!!!
  15. =HPSF=Roadrunne

    sound problems/rebuilding system

    Ok, I have started a new thread. My hope, is that it will serve as a good starting point, for other building nOObs, that it will be a good place for all the great links, and other help here, that it will answer other questions for other people, and that others may learn by doing. =HPSF=Roadrunner's Stupid nOOb Questions