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  1. Thanx xjedi.. I'll try it out..
  2. Hi.. Is there anyone out there that has successfully installed any linux dist on the RDX200 CF-DR board. On FC5 it hangs on UDEV directly after installation and Ubuntu 6.06 I just can't get the onboard ALC882 soundcard to work.. I went through all the guides and drivers on www.alsa-project.org.. please, need help!
  3. I am currently tweaking my board and read about the rdx200 board has destroyed alot of CPU by using the "CPU VID Special Control".. how safe is it and how do you recommend using it?.. I heard thats it ok if you increase the main VID first to max before adding the percentage.. Just OC my rigg to 2.8Ghz 1.525 w. 107.5% (44C load), multiplier x11, HTT 255, Memory devider 9/10 (180) 230Mhz.. funniest thing is that in CPU-Z it says 215Mhz?!.. must be a bug.
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