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  1. Well to know if you should use the "old generic PSU" I need to know how much juice it puts out and what kind of connectors it has. If its not at least 400 Watts id say no, just buy yourself a decent powersupply off of Newegg or something.


    Value ram is still up in the air for me, I think that some of the expensive RAM is overhyped a bit, but you do get what you pay for.

  2. Rob..


    Dont worry too much about flashing the BIOS, I built a comp with the exact same board as you did and have the 4800 version of the AMD dual core. When you get it to post and load your OS it will run off one of the processors while the other will be an "unknown device." Once you get to this point its easy to download and flash the BIOS which will instangly fix it to recognize the dual core setup.


    It sounds to me like you just had bad luck and got a DOA motherboard, so i guess all you can do now is wait and see if the new board fixes it. Everything else seems to have been covered by the others. As long as your work area is clear of things that can short out the MB, sounds like you did everything right.

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