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  1. THe power supply in my sig actually works, I was using an aspire before and that was the janky one, the hiper type-r is amazing
  2. yea so I just wanted everyone to know that DFI is the absolute worst effing motherboard company on the planet and I am going to be the future happy owner of an asus a8r-32 mvp deluxe with the 3200 crossfire chipset and dual 16x pci xpress graphix processesing OMFG! SCREW YOU UP THE A DFI YOU F#*(IN LAME PEICE OF S#*# BASTARDS FOR RUINING MY LIFE AND TAKING MY MONEY! <3
  3. I'm almost positive I got lifetime manufacturer warranties on my 2 seagates I got from newegg. Maybe I read that wrong :nod: or I just read what I wanted to see...hmm
  4. Artifacts in every game nonstop as I've mentioned thoroughly in my one other thread http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43227 And yea the serial number is on the gfx card itself but ATI keeps telling me it's wrong so idk.
  5. Yea, I'm RMAing this card, and it's asking for the serial number, and I have typed in every number on that card and it's not right...It's supposed to be the 12 digit "S/N" number right? or the "X1900 XT-X PCIE 512M" right next to that?
  6. I had a problem like that as well, reformatted and it was all good
  7. the HD, I had errors almost exactly like those, I was in the same position you are although my HD wasn't sata. Come to find out it went corrupt. Good thing Seagate has a lifetime warranty.
  8. ok I installed the beta 10 version of ati tool, and it works as it's supposed to. But I get artifacts nonstop, like you can "find max core" or "find max memory" and it scans for artifacts as it's raising the core and memory, but for me...it decreases because the artifacts don't go away. So I will be RMAing my video card asap
  9. doubt it, the psu would cause more hardware problems rather than windows errors, could be your copy of windows or the hard drive itself, I suggest formatting your harddrive with norton partition magic, or try installing windows on a different harddrive
  10. doesn't matter, just update it from DFI.com everybody has that same problem
  11. You could get a 4-pin 12 v. to 4-pin molex adapter at a local computer shop like I did, btw 6-pin is for pci-express graphic cards. So don't use that as technodanvan said.
  12. I use everest ultimate edition, it's a really sweet program that will show you everything about your system including temps and voltages. It'll also keep those temps and voltages and speeds. in your tasktray, including the cpu, gpu, gpu ambient, and all your hard drive temperatures. Plus you cpu fan speed, the chipset fan speed and the cpu voltage.
  13. weird because I have that same OCZ ram too, and it only boots in yellow and won't boot in orange
  14. got my new ocz ram today and benchmarked, got 5622 3dmarks
  15. I've done everything it says, but it's the same error no matter if I try to get clock settings or 3d view or artifact finder or whatever.
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