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  1. If the only wrong with the NF4 board in the cpu fan header Ill buy it, check PMs.
  2. I am interested in your mobo, could you possibly retake a picture and add your name and date as its shown in the item verification thread? http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58838
  3. Sorry I should have said that I dropped them into another machine to determine if they had died.
  4. First, I'll describe the situation. Starting maybe a couple weeks ago, compy began locking and rebooting itself. Because this happened after windows loaded, generally, I assumed that the trouble had something to do with my install. In the past couple days the machine would reboot and lock immediately. Now, I don't even make the post screen. I have disconnected everything from the board and ran through the protocols regarding reseting the CMOS and also flashing the BIOS. I have reset the BIOS using the jumper and Tmod's BIOS utility CD more times than I can count and it still hangs before post. I'm not even receiving correct post codes. Because I know the RAM and CPU are good I'm only down to one option. Can a BIOS chip fail to the point where flashing the thing has no effect? As I said I have flashed it many times and there seems to be no change. I figure I should ask before I scrap the thing. I assume the board is borked. The CFX3200 has a poor track record and I've really been running on borrowed time while it worked.
  5. Gir, are you worried at all about the weight of the Noctua cooler?
  6. probably the best review on all of newegg
  7. I know that DIY-Street no longer has any ties to the DFI brand, aside from the large repository of DFI info lingering on the forums that is. I read on another forum that DFI as a company was going down the toilet. (I suppose that would explain why they could no longer support a forum.) Is there any truth to that statement?
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