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  1. have 2 x1600xt's installed and when i go to bios and enab;e the other pci express slot it loads real slow and get a ton od dll not found errors and its dog slow...I resorted to buying a new psu .. and it still does it ..bought a antec true power 500 and still messes up ..turned overclock off and still nuttin .//.any ideas?
  2. ok i can boot into windows and all is good ... i have the two dimms in dual channel mode 2-4 but i had to disable cas (i think) first option in dram setting ...here's what cpu-z says my timings are 3,3,3,8,11,16..... if i set auto on that first option and set the speed down to 166 it boots with faster timings ..i think 2,2,2,5,7,14 so what do you think is better ?
  3. i cant start up computer with this memory!!!i have to slow it down to 166 x's 2 cleared cmos and still wont boot ..had to put in a different stick to start it to bios then turn down speed and then put sticks back in then its fine ....crappy memory ?? or normal?.
  4. ce32mx8x8-5del is what is shown on the chips..running 2X's 512 dual channel ...i dont have a floppy drive so i cant do the memtest thing ..just woindering if any one has a idea how fast these things can go ?what divider do you use in bios to overclock ? 2/1??? thanks...
  5. tried it but getting only steroe ...no 5.1 or 6 channel
  6. ok can i hook a coax cable from spdif out to reciever? and is it capable of throwing 6 channel to my surround receiver? thanks
  7. wondering where do i go to findnewest/best bios for this board? maybe even a thrid party ?
  8. going with 2 512 dual channel ram..... but wont post //so i changed tref to secong 2064 and still wont post . changed fsb to 166 and it works fine ? whats the best thing to do in this situation?want best performance... 1.5 gig of non dual channel or 1 gig dual channel ..and whats best way to get dual channel working ?
  9. the in/out pdif ports???? what exact;y do they do??? if i have a 7.1 receiver would this cable be the only one needed?
  10. can i use sata drive as just a regular drive... i only have 1 250 gig... how do i do this ? ati or image chip do i use? 1-4 or 5-8?what is it considered when i just use one drive?do i sill need floppy? for this install?
  11. got a 80 gig eide and a 250 gig sata drive...1. question : i dont have a floppy drive are the drivers on the cd. I will be doing a new/ clean os. 2.i dont want raid just to hook up sata drive for more space .. is that raid 0 and what sata slots do i use?how to set up? 3. what would benefit more...winxp on ultra eide 80 gig hard drive or sata drive???Possible to load drivers without floppy????/
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