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  1. we figured out, what we screwed up. the memory was in slot 1&3 instead of orange 2 & 4, made it boot up. Now working on Raid 0 issue. will try picture tutorial tonight. Drives are new Maxtor Diamond Max 100gb SATA DRIVES, connected to SATA 1 & SATA 2 PORTS.
  2. Trying to set up 2 Maxtor Diamondmax 100gb SATA DRIVES ON DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI ( SEE SIG). I looked at the picts, looks pretty good. I see where I made one mistake with on page 2 (3 of 9) I hit "b" for boot and it threw me into a partition loop again and again. I'll give this a try tonght. Thanks great picture tutorial. it helps keep us on track and heading towards the goal line of a fully built and up and running gaming rig....
  3. we are going to use them as in RAID 0,. we'll give this a try, thanks, out
  4. mem test says 1 gig ok. we installed entire sig rig. both mems, both hard drives, cd rom dvd, floppy. all fans, the big typhoon sure keeps it cool. I know it seems like we are in over our heads, but what the #@%*. Please don't tell me we just have to acquire a boot disk and install windows and then all the drivers etc...Any assist would be appreciated. Thanx, F-N-FL
  5. I hate to sound like a Dumb A%!, We followed it pretty close. We get to the 1 led and it stops at the dfi lanparty screen then rolls on to the BIOs screen. The date on the BIOS screen in the lower left corner is 11/02/05-NF-CK804-6A61FD4EC-00. Above this we get the Warning Now system is in safe mode! Please re-setting CPU frequency in the CMOS set up. Whats next or what did we do wrong!!
  6. just assembled the sig system below, did as DFI manual said to do, MB LED lights, go from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 and stop at video, system ends up in a repeated loop of going trying to boot but stops at LANPARTY LOGO SCREEN. What the #@!* did we do wrong.. Frantic in Ft laud
  7. I have every thing set up on my rig in my specs shown below, and im currently trying to install windoes.My problem is that it will boot up and detect every thing and end up in the pci listings.The LED's never have been completely off (o lit up) which tells me that its not trying to boot, right? Well i have every thing configured i have a windows disk (not shure if its a boot disk or not) and i have tryed using a MS-DOS start up disk but that wont work either.Another thing i tryed is using the 4-6 floppy disks to get in to the windows install, incase my disk is not a boot disk.My problem is it never gets to the boot stage where it will look for stuff to boot off of.Can someone please help me?
  8. Brand New Build With Above Hardware, Floppy Drive Appearss Not To Be Recognized, 4 Prong Small Power Attached To Floppy, Does Not Boot, Cmos Done,
  9. Yea cause i dont wanna kill my 165 Nice OC on yours BTW . I might return it (riiiight) and get a venus which is prolly gonna be 205+ so... STILL DFI FIX THIS! im not gonna kill my $300 CPU cause you cant fix the product you put out you launched.But please, can you fix this?
  10. Ok the DFI-SLI-DR-EXPERT has a bit problem with temp reading sayes CPU is 25C when i take a temp probe and put it next to the little plastic cpu lock its 30C Is there any fix for this? I really need help with this, its driveing my crazy. DEADRAIN
  11. It's detecting the CD-ROM i think the disks arnt boot disks wll have to use my floppy drive to start it.
  12. Ok the Boot up drive order is as such CD-ROM,Removeable,HDD.(it does see that my NEC is 3550A Basically theres not a screen that comes up that sayes "press any key to start installing windoes" And well, how would i fix this?
  13. Serioulsy RAID on the EXPERT is well, self expanatory.
  14. Hi guys, hows it going? Any ways i just built this new rig and its in my specs but.... its rather unfortunate that its not working to great . Basicaly Its all put together but see i already set up RAID 0, and im trying to set up windoes and i know its a good disk because ive reformatted with it.But when i start the computer with the disk in the drive it would do the same thing as if the disk was not there.Which is POST,Show the post bit, shows the RAID set up (sayes press F4 or ctrl X to set up sil raid) Then it showes the pci listing.Can any one plese help me with this?
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