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  1. I am in the process of upgrading my pc and could use some advice on a memory choice.. I will be purchasing an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Windsor 2.8GHz and I am looking for a mobo to match, I have also yet to decide on memory so if anyone wants to throw a recommendation in on that as well. I want to go the 2x1gb route so I would appreciate any recommendations anyone may have. I will be keeping my vid card and a couple hard drives. My current/old pc specs are listed below. Edit: I should probably also put in that i would like to go Nvidia chipset with SLI. I have no intentions of going SLI..but hey you never know!
  2. Im leaning towards the OS area based on my comparison between my XP overclocks and my Vista overclocks. Its seems that Raiderfan001's comment concerning Vista being more sensitive stands to reason at this point. To reach a more stable o/c in Vista required higher voltages compared to XP pro. For some reason to reach higher stable overclocks in Vista is taking much more work and trial and error than it did in XP. Im thinking that something in the way Vista loads or what its loading during the boot up process is more sensitive to overclocks than XP was/is. Or possibly the sequence of drivers being loaded etc. I am able to get by the Vista "non-gui" splash screen each time..i hear sound drivers being loaded (slight pop) then poof..BSOD. When I back off o/c settings it loads like a champ..to me this definately seems o/s related.
  3. I am currently using Vista Home Premium and attempting to do some o/c'ing. It seems to me I was more successful overclocking XP Pro than Vista. I cant seem to get vista to go over the 2.87ghz mark before it starts to BSOD. Normally when it BSOD's its usually one of 2 problems..win2k.sys or dxg issues. Now this generally leads me to believe its a video issue. Im currently using the most updated Nvidia drivers..100.65 and the WHQL 15.00 for the chipset and Realteks updated Audio codecs since Vista complains about the Nvidia codecs not being compatible. I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing "odd" overclocking behavior in Vista as opposed to XP pro?
  4. Well..the Tmods did it. I had to format and "reset" the MBR for XP to be able to even touch the drives. Whats odd is that I have already had the o/s installed at one point and working fine until the mem starting crapping out. But either way..Thanks a ton! There must have been something corrupted or missing in the MBR that Xp needed to initiate the format process.
  5. I have all 4 drives on the Nvidia controller. Currently there is only one drive on the Sil controller.
  6. I did try that..even though XP recognized the drives it still refused to format them.
  7. I have an odd situation here and hopefully someone can help. I recently discovered that my nice Ballistix mem was bad..it was the set that Crucial discontinued, most likely due to all the issues they had with them. Anyways..I decided to reinstall the o/s with fresh mem to eliminate possible data corruption with the old mem. I have 2 WD 80gb SATA II HD's running in RAID 0. I set up the raid array and have the pc boot up to the XP disk. I install the NVIDIA Raid drivers and get to the XP setup screen where you setup a partition. I am able to set up a partition on the Raid array using all the space available..but after that where you can format the drive using NTFS (Quick) or NTFS..XP says it is unable to format the drives due to a possible HD error? So..I grabbed WD Lifeguard tools and verified both drives are working properly..I also wrote all Zeros to both drives just in case and repeated the above process only to get the same error. I then seperated the array and attempted to install the o/s on one of the drives only to get the same error. I got this error on both SATA drives. Anyone have an idea why the xp install process will not format these drives?
  8. Well after more testing and frustration it turns out that its the power supply. No matter what I did I was not able to get the pc to boot with the Ballistix. It would boot no problems with the valueram. So I grabbed a Thermaltake 480w ps I had lying around sure it enough it booted right up with the ballistix. I turned the pc off a bunch of times and it booted faithfully each time. Time to RMA the power supply apparantly
  9. All power plugs are attached. Once the pc boots it runs fine until of course i shut it down. Im using the Orange slots for the ballistix. I have also tried the yellow slots as well. Also tried with one stick of ballistix in the upmost orange slot right after adjusting the bios with the valueram. I have some PQI Turbo Mem lying around I tried but that didnt work either. Only the Valueram would faithfully boot every time. Im using only 1 Valueram stick in the upper orange slot. Its an old stick that I had for an Nforce 2 chipset. Havent tried the Ballistix in single channel mode. Will do that when i get home in a couple hours.
  10. The voltage on the Ballistix is 2.8v. In the bios is tried all but 2.9v. I will up the voltage in the bios to 2.9v and see what happens.
  11. I posted some time ago about the cold boot issues I have been having with my SLI-DR where it refuses to boot up after a full shutdown..unless I let it sit for like 3-4 days or so...after doing some tests last night, I have an update that maybe someone can help me resolve. I did some searching and found a thread that said to try and place some type of valueram in to get the bios and set the bios settings according to the mem you will be using. Well..This works for me..if I use valueram I am able to boot successfully each time..when I change the Bios settings..shutdown and replace the mem with my ballistix..i end up with the cold boot issue. I then have to clear the cmos, place the valueram back in to get back into the bios..then rinse and repeat. I cant seem to get the pc to bopot successfully with the ballistix. I am wondering if their is some magic setting in the bios or possibly a modded bios that may help resolve this issue?
  12. Are you saying that I have a bad PSU? Or is the board just THAT picky? I purchased this PSU based on the fact that it was one of the few recommended psu's compatible with the board.
  13. OK...I have read some other posts concerning cold boot issues and i think my issue may be slightly different and maybe someone will have some advice. I have already RMA'd the board once..I am now on my second board. For some odd reason my pc will not always boot from a cold start. Once its up and running its a champ, as long as you dont turn it off. Once I use either the power button on the front of the case or the power button on the board itself everything will power up..ie. fans, front display etc, and all of the Diag LED's are lit. Sometimes it can take hours of fiddling to get it to boot instead of just looking at the fans spin. I have discharged the CMOS multiple times. Unplug the power cable.waited...plugged it back in..I have flipped the power switch off and on etc. I have pulled the cmos out for a few hours only to yield the same results. I have also switched memory slots seeing if that would help..nada. However..I have noticed a "trend" of sorts. Hopefully someone can confirm this for me. I have noticed that when the board is in "standby" all of the LED's on the board that are standard lit during standby are lit..EXCEPT for the LED next to the ram slots. Once I power the board up that LED comes alive..yet the pc will not even post, let alone boot to windows. After multitudes of shutdowns..cmos resets etc...I will eventually see an LED by the RAM slots that is now lit during the standy mode. Usually when I see that, the pc will boot up at that point..sometimes not. Whats also stange is that the power LED for the case will not light up during my attempts to boot the pc but the HD light is lit. Sometimes when the RAM led is lit when I attempt a power on the Power LED in the front of the case will stay Solid as well as the HD lights but.again no post. Hopefully someone has suggestions or maybe this has already been the same case with other people.
  14. If i did not do the F6 during windows install the o/s did not recognize any drives available. I also attempted to change the bootup sequence from SATA RAID to SATA and all i kept getting was blue screens after the o/s was installed. I would assume that by changing the SATA RAID drivers to non-raid it would improve my disk i/o. Specially since i would not be using the onboard sil3114 raid controller that has known slow disk perf.
  15. I am currently running one SATA drive set to boot to SATA Raid. When i loaded the o/s i did the ole F6 and installed the sata raid drivers and have been running that way since. I am running a modded bios with the Sil 5.025 bios. Now i wish to reinstall the o/s and run it as boot to SATA and not raid. The question I have is will this benefit me as far as disk i/o is concerned? What driver will i need to use? Do i still need to hit F6 as windows install for the o/s to recognize the SATA drive using the new driver? Do I need to reload the o/s?..or can i just install the non raid driver and "fix" things without a rebuild? Thanks in advance for any help.
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