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    4x256 1T

    @theycallmeMR: See my sig (which is outdated now): 4 x 512 MB ran 24 hours Prime stable at 1T Command Rate and DDR400 speed. Had it like that for about six months, gaming and everything was completely stable (after that I sold the entire system). Would not go above 203 MHz during overclocking, to get higher I had to switch to 2T. Thing is, I had to raise the voltage on my Ballistix to 2.91v (which is a lot for Ballistix) to run stable at 1T and 200 MHz...
  2. Quadrifoglio

    How Many Are Using A Raid Array

    No RAID for me, because the performance gain of RAID 0 is only marginal for a typical desktop user like me. RAID 0 gives a higher transfer rate, but not necessarily much higher I/O's per second. So, I'm pretty happy with single drives. As for RAID 1, could be worth the trouble and money. But for the time being I have no issues backing up manually to a second drive AND an external USB2.0 drive.
  3. Quadrifoglio

    What car are U driving?

    I'm in awe of you (my favorite car).
  4. Quadrifoglio

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    Scythe Ninja on a s939 3200+, no fan. The perfect passive cooling solution, and with a 120 mm fan it definitely beats my XP-120...
  5. Quadrifoglio

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    That should do the trick... :nod:
  6. Quadrifoglio

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    I understand and I agree, but what about the ATI chipsets for socket 939? Or were they introduced after the creation of this poll?
  7. Quadrifoglio

    754/939 Users - What CPU COOLER are you using?

    Thermalright XP-120. Why is this poll addressing NF3/NF4 users only?
  8. Quadrifoglio

    What car are U driving?

    Here's my car : It's a 1993 Alfa Romeo 33 with a 1700 cc boxer engine. The car only weighs about 950 kilograms. Nice torque, very agile, very light and very stiff which makes it a fun car to drive (especially on those deserted curved B roads on a sunday morning ). Great sound also, much like an Impreza boxer rumble. And, before anyone wonders: off course it sits on Pirelli P5000 tyres... Almost forgot, it was named after this famous Alfa Romeo T33:
  9. Quadrifoglio

    AMD 64 how many volts on your CPU?

    Running @ default now, but had the 4000+ SD running at 2805 MHz and 1,64v under a XP-120 with Papst 120 mm/55 CFM for a while.
  10. Other: Seasonic S12 500W & loving it... :nod:
  11. Quadrifoglio

    will it equal my ultra-d?

    I do think it should not be overlooked; for me it's the reason I bought this board. Mine works 24+ hours Prime95 and I never had a crash during gaming or other 3D apps. Turning to 2T is definitely slower. I guess the mem controller and mem chips have to be right too to get it to work at 1T. But I see what you're getting at, so I guess I will stop repeating it then...
  12. Quadrifoglio

    will it equal my ultra-d?

    Although I'm pretty happy with the RDX200 CF-DR layout, I'm not convinced it is better than the Ultra-D layout. On the RDX200 the CPU cooler and the PSU intake are slightly offset, which doesn't benefit case cooling either. No big differences, but it might be better otherwise. Anyway, I wouldn't spend this much money just to change layout. The RDX200 has other pros (and cons), you might want to consider those (4 x 512 MB @ 1T for example). Layout comes a distant second (or tenth)...
  13. Quadrifoglio

    best power supply

    Buy a Seasonic S12 500 or 600; good pricing, efficiency is as high as it gets and a nearly inaudible 120 mm fan (runs @ 740 rpm 99% of the time). Around 400 Watts capacity @ 12v only. Slightly better even powerwise could be an Enermax FMA 535, but it's not as quiet as the Seasonics.
  14. Quadrifoglio

    Can't Power PC Up At All

    Hmm, strange, never heard of that one before. What happens if you follow the ATI Tool instructions for enabling monitor output and such? Could be that the R580 isn't yet supported by ATI Tool, I don't know really. Does it detect default clock settings and so on?
  15. Quadrifoglio

    SATA Raid?

    Flashing the latest BIOS has helped some people using a RAID array on the ATI controller. You could try that too, if you haven't already...