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  1. Hey, Just noticed this on the www.overclockers.co.uk website. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Onl...ek_Only_25.html Ultra-D's for £70.44! Approx 8quid delivery, but still beats other sites I checked for the UK. Low supply of 300 or so, still good deal They also have the DFI Infinity nF UltraII-M2/G for the same price. Not entirely sure if this is a good price or not though. Just thought Id let you all know ^^
  2. Got mine today from Shiny, £11.75 inc delivery. Fitted, running and cooling perfectly
  3. 2 x 80mm Enermax at front 1 x 80mm Beantech (stock case) on side panel 1 x 80mm Enermax at rear 1 x 120mm YS-Tech on XP120 Chipset is stock atm, soon to be Evercool VC-RE Thinking about customizing case to fit some 120's instead of 80's, maybe add a top fan too
  4. Just got an email saying my orders been processed, woo
  5. Ok, 31st now.. still nothing for me. Anyone else have any luck? Says this on the website now:- Will ship 18th July. Approx 5 - 10 days until dispatched in the UK. /sigh
  6. Interesting, they say mine wont hit 2.7 till i pump 1.5-1.55v through it. Volts in my sig and its stable. Guess I got a better one of the bunch. Seem to have hit a brick wall though. Might try to acquire a better stepping!
  7. Guess ill get the Opty running it soon Gotta love dual core!
  8. Speaking of which...might take the drill and dremel to my acrylic case! *cackle*
  9. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Spa...r_Supplies.html They also have the Epsilon's 600/700w
  10. Lian Li PC V2000/2100 series are over 600mm, G70/S80 are 590 ish. No idea if these are stylish enough though!
  11. Id love to come see you lot for a few days in Vegas... However, I live 5000 miles away, cant afford the flights AND I suck at gambling :-p
  12. Ordered mine yesterday. Shipping was 25th - 30th iirc from the site. Will find out when I get home to see if it came today!
  13. Im positive I had an issue like this when i went from a 3500+ winnie to my opty 165. I thought id toasted something in the process. It would boot once into Windows, then consistently reboot or not boot into Windows at all. In all honesty I cant remember how I managed to fix it. I think i upgraded from 2x512 to 2x1gb RAM and flashed the bios to 623-x? This was back in March ish time though. System is now pretty solid save a few issues. All specs in sig.
  14. Mine should be on the way soon. Pre ordered from the only UK supplier (as pointed out by one of our very own DFI Street members!) Should ship between now and the 30th. Better prep the cotton bud, alcohol and AS5
  15. Think iv only got one of the 2 dual core updates installed. Will install tonight and retest to reconfirm stability.
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