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  1. I can't exceed 375 fsb what so ever. i have tried a 6300 a 6400 and a 6700. All have around the same 375 limit. I have plenty of volts going thru.
  2. Are the 7950 dual gpu cards suppose to run at 8x instead of 16x? Thanx
  3. Sure did. Like a charm. time to get to some tweakin thanx again fellas. I shall update my specs too! doh
  4. yes its posting as dual channel 128 bit. Im using hte two orange slots.... i tried the 2 yellow and still the same thing.
  5. K i just built a 1900xtx and a RDX200 CF-DR and some ocz gold ddr500. I noticed it was sluggish. So i ran Sandra and only got 3400mbs I know thats not right. i thnk 6400mbs was around my normal b4. I havnt oced the system yet and the the memory is set at 1:1 Its driving me nuts. Been trying to figure it out for hours. Some1 tell me whats up!
  6. ty so much.. seems fo be working fine so far. Thanx again.
  7. The link for the NF4 & NF3 Data File is not working. Any suggestions?
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