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  1. I am beyond the RMA limit for my CFX3200 I think, I will check on it. My ram started acting funny a month or so ago, started limiting my OC from 2850 to 2700. I didn't think anything of it because I messed with a setting or somethign and just never got around to fixing it. (i mean like reducing idle cycle from 12 to 11 clocks, nothing major) Thanks for the reply I will see what becomes of it.
  2. Well as the subject suggests, that is the error I get as soon as I boot up my computer. I turned it off to switch out my DVD drives from one computer to another (long butt explination but just got with it). So I turned off my computer, unplugged the DVD drives, switched it, plugged the new one in and hit the power button. Oh wait it didn't feel like booting. All it did was prompt me with a BIOS ROm Checksum error and said detecting Floppy A disk... and nothing. So I pulled out the old dusty floppy drive and plugged it into my 2nd computer and created an updater disk for the BIOS and proceeded to try updating the BIOS since that is what it appeared to want to do. Nothing. Not a damn thing happend, and yes I got the right bios version. the rig is my sig rig, im on a backup P4C atm. let me know your thoughts. No hardware or bios changes have occured in at least 1 or 2 months.
  3. SuperFly03

    Trouble installing WinXP

    You think thats a problem, I have spent the past 2 days trying to decrypt the 12 diffrent BSOD errors I have been getting on OS install. I am not saying your's isn't a problem, just trying to say this is a picky picky butt board. As a write this I finally got into windows after the 12th attempt at installing it. After alot of googling (yes that is now a verb) I found that all the errors basicly came back to the RAM. Since I had just gotten the board I left all the settings on Auto, intending to change them once I got the OS installed and stable. However, that idea didn't pan out. What I had to do was go in and up the voltage on my chipset by one notch and manual configure my ram. Not all the settings for the ram, just the major ones like timing, Command rate, DRAM:FSB ratio and things like that. Once I did that the next time I tried to install windows I got it to work. I previously had a DFI LP UT Expert and this board is much much buggier and pciker than that one. This board will take some effort as you already know. Just stick with it, if I can get mine to work, you can.
  4. SuperFly03

    Expert Locks and/or Crashes Randomly

    So i upped the chipset voltage and memory voltage some and I got the game to boot stablely, but now my screen blacks out once in awhile for 1/2 a second then comes back. I am so confused.
  5. SuperFly03

    Expert Locks and/or Crashes Randomly

    Alright I finished a Memtest 86 run @ DDR400 and I passed, I know its nothing difinitive because its just 1 run but I'm fairly certain the RAM isn't bad. Edit: I am on test 2 of Prime95 which is where it crashed last time Edit 2: passed Self-test 1024k, passed 896k section, passed 786k section, proceeding to next section (furthest it has been), I think I have a bad Pci-e 16x slot.
  6. SuperFly03

    Expert Locks and/or Crashes Randomly

    Edit: it seems to have failed Prime95 this time through. I may pull one 7900GTX out and see if its stable then I am going to run 1 pass of memtest via bios and pull one card. Ill post back in 45 (time it takes for 1 run of memtest)
  7. SuperFly03

    Expert Locks and/or Crashes Randomly

    Yes, it passes prime95, [email protected] I am a little reluctant to run 3d benchies.
  8. Alright lets see If I can't get yall up to speed on my issues. About 10 days ago I was playing Lineage II and one of my 2 7800GTX's started going bad with artifacts color distorions and the whole 9 yards. So I broke down the system and sent my 2 7800GTX's into eVGA for upgrades to 7900GTX's. While the system was broke down I found a leak in my watercooling loop that I couldn't fix. So today when I got my new 7900GTX's I used a Thermlatake Big Typhoon to cool the CPU and left the stock coolers on the 7900GTX's. Seems like my system should work right? Nothign has changed. Yeah right... that would be too easy. I thought my CPU might lock up due to heat so I clocked it back to stock and reset to base settings. Booted it all back up and I still got a lockup when I fired up LIneage II. So I scanned my system and I saw that the 2 slot design of the 7900GTX cooler was covering 65% of my NB fan so I positioned a 80mm fan between the 7900GTX and the rotated HDD cage to handle it. It helped but the next time I fired up LIneage II my system locked up again, then when I let it spaz for 2 min it came back and the graphics were becoming distorted so I turned it off. So I let it sit for 5 min then turned it back on, loaded windows and came here to post. As long as I stay in windows, w/o firing up a game I am ok, but that defeats the purpose of having this system. All my temps are within the norms. CPU tops out at 35C GPU tops out at 55C or so NF4 monitor says system is 42C I am betting my NB is in the 55C range, give or take, but idk how to monitor it from windows I uninstalled my X-FI in case somehow that was the problem but that didn't help. I need some suggestions. Maybe my mobo has gone bad?
  9. See FSP makes bad butt PSU's I love my trusty little Epsilon 600w, lots of cables I dont use though lol.
  10. I just hope I won't crash when i get my 7900 GTX's evga step it up program ftw! Bump also hehe
  11. Well I advise first before you change any setting off Auto that you know what the setting is doing, some of the Expert settings can be very tempermental with regards to stability. I mainly went through the First two Bios categories and just turned off all unnecessary features like RAID, Onboard Audio, and all the IDE channels that I wasn't using. As for the RAM, its in Genie Settings, then find the first option inside the Genie Settings section and hit enter. RAM is possibly the most complicated part of the whole setup. I used CPU-Z to determine what my Timings should be (read them of the SPD bc i forgot what they were on the package lol). Then I read the A64 overclocking guide to understand what each option did and then i just started trial and error. Beware there were alot of errors, lots of reezing, 2 corrupt windows installs (my OC was insane for a little bit hehe). the trick is as long as you don't apply too much voltage its damned near impossible (but not impossible) to fry your hardware, it will just lock up b4 it dies.
  12. I just threw mine together and let it rip... either I got lucky or all the bios tweaking I did before i ever installed windows helped. I am stricly against Auto settings, so where I can I put in my choice of value. Its a control issue I have lol. As for the FX-60 the only thing you get with the 12/07 bios (that I'm aware of) is a line in the bios that says FX-60 instead of Unkown AMD (or whatever it says). Thats about it, sad aint it? On another note.... I hate you all who can get to 3Ghz, my venice just won't have it :confused: Anyone want to come beat on it a bit maybe get it to loosen up?
  13. Just a bump to keep it at the top
  14. Ark, not to nit pick, but aren't diamondmax 10's 7200 RPM's Side note: Sad to see the venus crashes also, that looks like an amazing board
  15. Just FYI I hate you and your Vapochill LS, you lucky bastard lol Nice setup