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  1. I tested the ram with memtest as soon as i got it, and slected optimized aswell i un-overclocked it and resotred everything to factory settings when i reinstalled windows could there be a problem with the motherboard? cuz i switched the ram into another computer and that computer has yet to have problems (im typing on it now)
  2. This comp was running fine with an overclock of 2.8ghz (over the usual 2.2). Then i changed my generic ram out for some OCZ Gold so that i could overclock it. At the same time i also had a problem where the connector to my hard drive (the sata cable) broke and suddenyl all hell breaks loose and the system barely runs. So I cahge out the hard drives (maxtor was my primary then i bought the WD and set it up) I formatted it and clean installed with all overclocks reset. Still the system is extremly unstable, windows didnt install properly and now my system is not detecting my graphics card. What is the most likely explanation for this? MoBo problem? or ram or cpu or soemthing else entirly? any help would be greatly appreciated. -Matt
  3. Lol i see what ur sayin hawkeyefan, thansk alot ppl
  4. Would it be more beneficial for me to run my RAM at 270mhz and cpu at 2.7ghz or run the ram at 255mhz and run the cpu at 2.8ghz?
  5. Neone ever gotten OCZ Dual Channel Gold GX 2048MB PC4000 DDR 500MHz Memory to go up to ddr600 speeds, just wondering b4 i start overclocking, no use spending hrs upon hrs trying to get it to go that far if there is no track record of it getting ne where near it thanks pn: ocz5002048elgegxt-k runnin amd3700 on a dfi infinity sli
  6. I hit the same barrier on mine and i read the guide aswell
  7. I have the same ram as u but i managed to get mine up to 230mhz not sure how stabel it is tho im still in the middle of overclocking, have u tried going above 2.8v found 2.9 worked rather well on mine
  8. I just got a temp display and i checked to make sure it works properly, it is almost dead on with true temperature, but i am unsure how to mount the temp probes, i have 3 of them. Where would i mount the tmep sensor for the CPU? and as for the other 2 ne suggestions as to where to put them would be appreciated. Thansk in advance - I hope i posted this in right section Matt
  9. Thansk alot for the help and i think i got my sig within accpetible limits
  10. Has neone gotten OCZ Platinum EL REV1 PC3200 (2-3-2-5) to get to ddr500 speeds?
  11. Thansk alot, ill make sur eto use photobucket
  12. THis is prob the mos tnoob-ish questionbut i never seem to be able to geta pic in my sig to work, soemne want to lend a hand and give me a little tutorial? lol
  13. Im trying to OC my 2x1gb OCZ Platinum Edition Dual Channel Ram (Pc3200 2-3-25 v1.0, s# OCZ4002048EL DCPE-K) from its origional 200mhz to 255mhz to match my cpu which runs fine at 255 x11 = 2805mhz. No matter what i try, no matter how loose the timings i still cant get it to reach that, has anyone ever had this ram go that high or should i be aiming much lower? If anyone has had this ram go that high coudl u plz post timings and volts, i know no two sticks of ram are the same but its worth a shot. Thanks in advance Matt
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