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  1. I have been trying to find out what chips are in these ocz titanium sticks i have, but none of the identification threads here seems to say, nor have I had any luck on google. Everyone listsl platinum and gold versions, but not titanium. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Sorry, I looked through that thing a lot of times, didn't see anything about the x2's being locked at 10x multi's.
  3. after DLing the CD and looking at all the bios's, I am having trouble finding one that apply's to mine. Looking at the box its a LanParty UT nF4 SLI-DR, none of the bios's in the lanparty subsection are of the SLI variety. The ones that i can get to load do not seem to, at all, have a cpu multiplier field, 10x is as much as the stock one will go. It looks like i'm gonna need to go higher to get much of a gain on this system, ram seems very touchy to clocking increases.
  4. Sorry for the easy question, but what is this? It doesn't seem to be a ethernet connection, even though there are two ports on the motherboard. All it seems to be is a x'd icon in the tray bar.
  5. When I go into the bios where everything is set, and select the CPU multi, multipliers over 10x are not available. Is there something i need to set to allow more freedom? Also, FSB speeds over 250 mhz are also not availble. What gives?
  6. To be honest, i did think it was a little wierd that the temp would jump that fast. I figured that was just the temp on the chip (didn't know how it was measured). The chip could heat up that fast, while the heatsink is still heating. I don't know where or how its measured, so maybe i'll just water for my laser thermometer.
  7. Something like this http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=92350 Might solve some problems? Cheap enough and i'm sure its accurate enough. Maybe i'll pick one up and answer a question instead of asking them. EDIT: I was looking around some more, and just bought this. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=91778 I do a lot of work on my own car and friends too. Plus I'm an engineer and always wanted one of these thingies. I'm sure it'll work for OC'ing too.
  8. I downloaded mbm5 and followed installation guide from the thread. Now, it is cold in my room, but it seems that 25C idle and 36C with prime95 running is too low. Everything is at stock speeds for now (ram gets here this afternoon). Do I have a faulty sensor? Chipset is running at 44C, and i didn't have chance to set up the GPU sensor before i had to leave in the morning.
  9. Hi guys, You'll have to excuse me if i'm asking noob questions, but I am an overclocking noob anyway so... My first question (there will be more) is in ram speed. Most ram is at least pc3200 which means 400 mhz. In the overclocking guide it speaks of running the ram = to the HTT speed at 200 mhz (up on to 250-275 of course). Is this where the double data rate comes in? I was under the impression that it was more bandwidth, not double frequency, although i suppose that is pretty much the same thing. Does this mean that for every tick you raise the fsb, your raising the ram 2? Thanks
  10. After I booted, my FHZ bus freq was defaulted to 100 mhz, and several other things were at speeds i find suspect. Is there a thread detailing all nthe initial settings used for the basic setup? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I am new to DFI motherboards, although i have a lot of experience building and troubleshooting computers. my question is that i just recently bought http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136159 and just now realize that it is not an SLI board. The reviews say that it is easy to mod the board to SLI mode. What does that consist of? Or should i just suck it up and return this to get the real one? Thanks in advance. EDIT: okay, sorry, just saw the sticky on the mod. So all you have to do is short the connection between those two contacts? This seems a bit too easy..
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