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  1. exactly. I don't think there are really any mass produced hard drives like this right now. And by RAM, I think you are thinking of basically large solid state hard drives. I am sure reboots will be minimized, but there will always be instances when you need to. They have been preaching of less reboots since Windows 2000 came out. Uh, we have that right now. It's called hibernation. MS TechEd this year is going to have A LOT of Vista talks, as it should. I plan to attend as many as I can.
  2. :confused: It's not about what's wrong with XP it's about the fact that if you don't move in the industry you are dead. That and usually if a company wants to make money, they usually have to actually produce something on a regular basis :shake:
  3. With RAID 1, possibly. Check the options when you are configuring the array. Maybe it will give you an option to mirror an existing drive?
  4. I have found that this might have something to do with Remote Desktop. When I logged in to my machine remotely, the GPU temp was gone. After that, if I log in to the console it is gone as well. Interesting..
  5. Wow, you actually reinstalled windows because of that? OK...
  6. True, the ram is rated that high, but is the on die memory controller? Not to my knowledge.
  7. How do you see that his PSU is going bad from 3 readings that are marginal at best? Use a multimeter to get accurate voltage measurements.
  8. Lunchbox


    License mode doesn't matter. As long as it's valid, they will help.
  9. I'd take what you read here with a grain of salt. Truth be told there is a lot of "Bad" posts around here period. Typically, I find that the problem isn't necessarily the equipment...
  10. Lunchbox


    If it's a legal copy, call Microsoft PSS. They will help you
  11. Not a typo. He is saying the difference between the 600W and the 700W is 20 USD.
  12. All the Antec supplies I have used have served me well. See sig for current one.
  13. There is such thing as a USB->Serial adapter. In the past I have seen them come with laptops that don't have RS-232 anymore. Not sure where you would buy one, though.
  14. Is the Windows load on the raptor fresh? have you loaded the drivers for the raid controller ?
  15. 20 bucks? Damn. Did you buy it out of some guy's trunk?
  16. Chkdsk is designed to find FILE SYSTEM inconsistencies. Any drive diagnostics you would get from a manufacturer really isn't file system aware. It tests the drive at a lower level. Check this thread: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-72388.php
  17. 115V is the sort of residential standard in the US. I thought everyone knew that?
  18. If you uninstall and reinstall nTune then the GPU monitor comes back. No need to reinstall the OS.
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