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  1. I have a expert board and want to put this http://www.syba.com/product/43/02/06/index.html cheap raid card (PCIE X1) in a PCIE X4 slot will that work?
  2. mm...what ram are u using? If you are using the same ram as my try use voltage between 2.6v ~ 2.74v, they should like those voltage.
  3. You should not. But you can use C n Q when overclocking. Here few things that might help. 1. Do NOT enable 'Odd Divisor' 2. Max voltage = auto voltage * VID special control voltage. 3. Max Ram speed. When multiplier change your ram speed also changing. Eg: Normal: 311hz * 9 (multiplier) = 2799 hz with 5/6 Divier ==> Ram speed at 255 hz when C n Q on: 311hz * 5 (multiplier) = 1555hz with 5/6 Divier ==> Ram speed at 260hz 4. 'Max FID' (<== can not remember the full name): when Max Fid on CnQ would not run CPU multiplier higher than this value.
  4. Did you guys try a diff "DRAM Drive Strength" ? Eg: 2, 4, 6...
  5. Big Water SE ==> 2800 Mhz @ 1.35 v full load 38C (Expert bios read out) when voltage at 1.45v the temp is around 48C.
  6. ''CPU VID Special Control - None'' Maybe try put some number in VID Special Control can help.
  7. After 8 hours of clear cmos his board still no go, so my friend are looking for a RMA the Board. Thus, here the new question: What procedure he have to do in order to RMA DFI board in CANADA? Thanks.
  8. Hello, my friend just flashed the new offical bios 4/6/2006 for his SLI-DR. and the computer can not boot up only 3 led on the board on. So he did a clear the coms by jump, try only 1 ram in the slot (he did try it on ALL of the slot) however, his board still no go. ONLY 3 Led light on. Anyone have any idea for help?
  9. i think no, because opteron support SSE2, SSE3, 3DNow
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