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  1. I remember when I finally got my fsb to around 300, that I couldn't run 3dmark without crashing, but I could run prime 95 for hours...strange. But, i've read this is common, just no 100% sure why.
  2. airflow from the GPU should be toward the vent in the back of your pc. I have a fan blowing from my front of the case to the graphics card, which takes airflow outside the case in the back.
  3. hehe, just get an opteron Not exactly sure about your problem, but you can see everything ok in the bios of his board?
  4. did you try the orange ram slots? I notice you also have value ram..that could be an issue.
  5. I use this ram in my DFI setup, works great 280ddr no problems.
  6. I'd like to add my ram, in my sig, it'll go 280 so far.. :cat:
  7. Hitandrun is right, 290 is pretty much the limit now, check out this http://www.anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.aspx?i=2676&p=16 1gig sticks compared
  8. you could use a boot disc and copy the windows cd to the hard drive and install from that as long as it's partioned and formated. Sometimes it isn't possible to install Windows XP from the CD. But with the assistance of Windows 98 you can load Windows XP quite easily. Follow these steps: 1. Create a boot floppy on a Windows 98 machine. 2. Boot your new machine with the boot floppy using the "boot with CDROM support" option. 3. Place the Windows 98 CD into the CDROM and at the c: prompt navigate to the Windows 98 directory on the CD. 4. Start smartdrv.exe and copy the xcopy.exe command to the c:root. (If you can't find it you can easily download a copy from the Web.) 5. Put the XP CD in and xcopy the installation folder (I386) to the C: drive. 6. Switch to the copied folder and type winnt.exe (the XP installation command). 7. Windows XP will now install itself.
  9. no problems here and I have 5 drives, 2 pata and 3 sataII.
  10. A 3 gig and 2T choice versus 2gigs of Ram at 1T? Not even a choice, go for the 2 sticks at 1T.
  11. mine is all stock, 35c, not even AS5 yet. So, I say no, just make sure you have good flow in your case and opt for some nice fans that pull and push more air than standard.
  12. its either the drivers like I suggested or the powersupply, most likely the psu
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