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  1. You don't come across as harsh, you just come accross as a little condescending. The thread is labeled "Chipset", because I was under the impression that it was my chipset that was so hot. After receiving sone help from this forum, I now know that it isn't my chipset. I "don't want to" download the free upgrade because I can't- it's not an option. I appreciate you helping me maximize my rig, but I don't understand how I am providing any erroneous information. I have posted screenshots of programs for you guys to help me further analyze my system. I have not posted any real information besides me saying the voltages will be fluxuating because I am overclocking the chip and my current processor has a weak stepping and requires a lot of voltage. I'm trying to find the optimal amount, which is why the voltage differs from screenshot to screenshot. THIS part of your post isn't condescending, it's arrogant. You don't know ANYTHING about me, except that I back out of deals (Which is apparently not a very good quality). We've settled things without a problem, and he made back his $15 shipping fee off of me. I'm not bitter about it in any way, I'm glad he was kind enough to give me my money back after the way I treated him. Now back to this post. If you KNEW me, and were not just making assumptions, you'd know that I paid for this rig out of my own pocket. I'm 16 years old, and I've got a summer job working from 9 to 6 Monday through Friday. The only thing I didn't pay for out of this rig was my video card which was given to me as a christmas present. butthole. If you are so "old", why don't you go find something better to do then talking . on a 16 year old kid over the internet. @wevsspot: That is a great idea, thanks for the advice. People like you make up for the **** ups in life like soundx98. -DarkStar02, over and out.
  2. I run x64 in raid0 and I'd like to tell you it took me 3 days to get it installed. The last 5 minutes of the install took about 12 hours and I had to do it multiple times because sometimes it would freeze on the last couple seconds. XP x64 really does lack a good AV, so for now I'm stuck using Avast! Antivirus. Other than that, everything seems to be covered (drivers, etc).
  3. I've seen the voltmod many times, I was just wondering if I could do it without using conductive ink.
  4. Any way we can look at it without it being 3.01?
  5. http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/7272/untitledmg1.jpg EDIT: I'm still messing around with the voltages btw, so it's going to be changing a lot from picture to picture.
  6. I have everest ultimate. That is what you were looking at in the pictures on the bottom right hand corner.
  7. I downloaded a different version. Am I safe to use my computer or will I damage my motherboard?
  8. So I'm fine then? Also, what could I use to cool those down? They seem to be plenty ventilated...
  9. Can you use that program to mod a 7900gt?
  10. That is a picture from this morning while I'm running p95. My temp is up to 65c now, btw. Also, I don't know why the CPU fan even shows a reading- there's nothing plugged into it.
  11. Ignore the last part, I was trying to get the phone under the tubing but it didn't work so you can only see if for a split second or so.
  12. That seems like a project for next week. The chipset is idling at 48c, which should be do-able IMO as long as I'm not gaming. I recorded a video on my razr phone to show you guys kind of what the chipset/video card situation is looking like. It will be uploaded in a minute.
  13. Look in the bottom right hand corner. P.S. 59c and dropping!
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