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  1. Can you shoot me a pm with the price AG? Thanks guys. G^T
  2. Looking for a NF3 250 board PM with price and any references. Thanks!
  3. I just had a good friend tell me his 754 board fried yesterday. Can you shoot me a Pm on the prices Angry? Looking for 754+agp only. He's not an overclocker so anything will work. EDIT. He just emailed and the board that fried was a Lanparty UT NF3 250 so thats what he would be interested in. I just need a price with shipping! Thanks! -GT
  4. Go with the 640mb for sure. Its around $340 after rebate now at the resolutions you are gonna run i would highly reccomend more ram.
  5. Then change that SIG! What CPU? 4300?
  6. (with his current 939)
  7. 4300 650i 2x1gb 667 ram Thats my opinion. Thats a very budget system but should have no issues hitting 3ghz. All of those can be purchased for about $400 bucks. If you have the extra cash put it towards a better GPU in my opinion. If you want to get an off the charts OC then i would spend a little more. http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=T6UX2GC5 $123 2x1gb http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-P5NESLI $129 Asus 650i http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-P5NESLI $170 e4300 $5 coupon code "ewizbucks" $417 total.
  8. Since the OP has a 1900xt he would roughly see a 35% gain just from moving to a C2D (based on personal exp with the same card and moving to a c2d). Moving to a 170 or an 8800xxx (with his current 939) is not going to give that kind of increase.
  9. I would personally build a C2D system. For around $400 you can get a e4300, 2x1gb ram, and a 650i board. Of course that is the budget route, but it can easily do 3.0ghz on air and much better perfomance than the opty. Putting a 8900xxx or a r600 in a 939 system doesnt make any sense to me. On that note putting a 8800 series in a 939 system doesnt make much sense to me. I really dont think there is enough cpu power to fully utilize the GPU. I guess it would also depend on what the system is used for and what resolutions you prefer.
  10. I wasnt basing may opinion on any reviews. I was basing it on personal experience. My point was that unless he's running super high res a C2D might be a better upgrade than another 939 chip. I got about 30k higher in Aquamark with my C2D @ 3.4Ghz over my OPteron 148 @ 3.ghz with my old 1900xt. I really dont think there will be that kind of jump moving to a 939 dual core.
  11. I really hate to chage the subject but is SLI 8800's in a 939 system really worth it? Wouldnt there be better performance with a C2D and a Single 8800GTS?
  12. i have the benq 20.1 and love it. I used to run a 21 CRT. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824014105 Personally i would go somewhere and look at the resolutions in person before buying online. Like others have mentioned the 22's you are looking at have bigger pixels and support the same native resolution as a 20 or 20.1. To some people bigger is better. its all personal preference if you ask me. 2 inches is a decent amount when dealing with a monitor that is only a few feet away.
  13. If you have over $400 usd (by my calculations you do) i would sugest a budget C2D build. However i am not sure about prices that you have to pay in scottland. e4300 $160 usd 650i MB $120 usd 2x1gb 667 $120 usd In my opinion going to a dual core 939 is not going to increase your gaming performace over your 148 @ 2.9ghz. I am a long time AMD fan but after using the C2D i dont think the 939 can compete. My girlfriend is in a very similar situation with a Opty 146 and a 7900gt. I plan on getting the parts i mentioned above for her rig (used mostly for gaming).
  14. Since you are going with a e4300 ram speed and having high end ram isnt important. 667 ram should be fine especially for a budget build. http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=T6UX2GC5 you arent going to beat that for a budget build... use "springwiz" for 5 bucks off. thats $118.60 got 2 gigs + SH I would personally go with a 650i based board over the DS3. (thank xtremesystems for the ram info, not me)
  15. I would go with the 4300 for a true budget build. for $400 bucks you can have a 3.0ghz+ system with 2gb of ddr2 with SLI capabilities.
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